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Various (unreleased) demo tracks

1966 - 1970 ; Paul Stanley - various demo's 
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1976 ; Paul Stanley - Rock 'n Roll Over demo
Around the time Paul Stanley wrote "Hard Luck Woman", he also wrote a song entitled "So Long". Nothing was known about this song until Paul Stanley performed the song live November 8, 2016 at his private acoustic performance at Kiss Kruise VI.
01 So Long  (0:00) Stanley

1977 ; Paul Stanley (Kiss) - Love Gun demo
Recorded at the Electric Lady Studios, NYC. 
Paul Stanley (bass, guitars, lead and all backing vocals) and Steve Korff (drums)
01 Love Gun  (3:20) Stanley

1986 - 1988 (?) ; Paul Stanley demo's with Paul Sabu
After Paul Sabu had released his 1985 "SABU - Heartbreak" album, he started writing and demoing new songs. One of these songs is "Screaming Until You Like It", which track made it into a few movies, and in one (1986's "Trick Or Treat") Gene Simmons played the role of a DJ, and actually spins the song. 
Around that time Paul Stanley came into Arista's office one day, looking for people to write with.
He heard "Screaming Until You Like It" and decided he'd like to write with Paul Sabu.
According to Paul Sabu, they wrote several songs and started even more... 
At the end none of the songs were used by Paul Stanley, Kiss or Paul Sabu himself.
A cassette of these demo recordings still exists.

In 1987 W.A.S.P. had their version of "Scream Until You Like It" included on the soundtrack of the movie Ghoulies 2, while Paul Sabu's own version of the song ended on ONLY CHILD's  1988 debut album.

In 1987 Paul Sabu produced (and co-wrote 3 songs) SILENT RAGE's debut album "Shattered Hearts". The release took Gene Simmons attention, and in 1989 SILENT RAGE's second album "Don't Touch Me There", produced by Paul Sabu and Gene Simmons, was released on Simmons Records.


1987 ; Paul Stanley (Kiss) - Crazy Nights demo's  
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1989 ; Paul Stanley - publishing tape  
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1990 ; Paul Stanley (Kiss) - Hot In The Shade demo
01 Love Makes You Crazy  (0:00) Stanley/ Beauvoir/ Poncia

1990 ; Paul Stanley and Bob Held -  demo
Recorded at Track Recording Studios, Los Angeles. 
Demoed with Eric Carr (drums) and Bruce Kulick (guitars).
In 1998 Bob Held would resurrect this demo and overdub additional parts to complete the song, as it is released on GARBO TALKS self titled 1998 album. 
01 The Game Of Love  (0:00) Stanley/ Held

1990 ; Paul Stanley and Jani Lane demo
Paul Stanley co wrote "If You Could See Through My Eyes" with Warrant's lead singer Jani Lane, when  Warrant were working on their "Cherry Pie" album.
01 If You Could See Through My Eyes  (0:00) Stanley/ Lane

1991 - 1992 ; Paul Stanley (Kiss) - Revenge demo
Originally written in Los Angeles by Paul Stanley and Skid Row guitarist Dave "the Snake" Sabo. Kiss recorded the song during the "Revenge" album sessions. The song would be refined in the studio with input from  Bob Ezrin.
01 Do You Wanna Touch Me Now  (0:00) Stanley/ Ezrin/ Sabo

1995 - 1997 ;  Christine Lunde  (recording sessions) 
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1997 - 1998  ;  Paul Stanley (Kiss)  - Psycho Circus demo's
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2000  ;  Paul Stanley  - Folgers Coffee Commercial
The Folgers coffee company made a commercial in 2000 featuring KISS frontman Paul Stanley, but reportedly it was never aired.

2004 - 2006 ; Paul Stanley - Live To Win (unreleased tracks)
Andreas Carlsson (ASCAP song writer of the year 2001) is better known for his "Boy" band song-writing contributions. However, his pop/rock sensitivities have also resulted in his working with the likes of Def Leppard. Some known Carlsson/Stanley collaborations include "Impossible" (Warner-Chappell #856444500; ASCAP), "Ready To Rock Your World" (Warner-Chappell #859488800), and "Bloodtype R" (Warner-Chappell #855881400; ASCAP). "Bloodtype R" was recorded by the German band Silbermond as "Mach's Dir Selbst" on their 2004 self-titled album. You can hear a sample from the song at

A Dutch girl pop band, Bad Candy recorded the English language original version on their self-titled album released in April 2006: “Bloodtype R is for rebel / You’re in bed with the devil / I throw my fist in the air / What they tell me I don’t care / Call it all stupidity / Well that’s just me.” According to the band’s PR, the song was “Written by the absolute world top of songwriters Paul Stanley and Andres Carlsson. This edgy song represents the rebellious nature of the four girls”.
It's not clear whether the other two songs have been used by other artists or were geared towards any particular project, Paul's or some other artists...
00  Impossible (0:00) Stanley/ Carlsson
00  Ready To Rock Your World (0:00) Stanley/ Carlsson
00  Bloodtype R. (0:00) Stanley/ Carlsson

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Folgers Coffee radio commercial


Neal Teeman (KISSfaq 2003)

Jean Beauvoir (KISSfaq 2010)


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