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Music From The Faq - A Tribute To KISS
(full album - 23 tracks - free download)
Music From The Faq contains 23 tracks of creative and unique self-produced KISS covers spanning all different eras of the band. While the songs were not produced with the benefit of a big-budget recording studio, the creativity, quality of the material and unique performances shine nonetheless. Response from the KissFaq community has been extremely supportive — we can sincerely say this is one of the most original and best KISS compilations we have ever heard!
With participants having retreated to their respective home studios to polish their tracks, the compilation was completed and assembled on May 5th 2008.

Work on Volume II of "Music from the FAQ" has already commenced, the release date is set for August 1st this year.
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May 21 : KISS Team Up With Concert Live for KISS European Live CDS
The legendary KISS are back on the road and this time Concert Live are going with them! 

KISS live performances are renowned across the globe so it’s with great pleasure and excitement that we're announcing the KISS Alive 35 limited edition series of live CDs. 

With 10 dates being recorded throughout their European tour this is sure to be an 
exhilarating few weeks with many a memorable performance captured forever. 

With hits such as ‘I Was Made For Lovin' You', ‘Detroit Rock City’ and ‘Rock & Roll All Nite’ echoing above the streets of Europe you will know that KISS are in town so be sure to get your live tour CD to relive the KISS experience over and over again! 

This series is strictly limited edition so be sure to bag yours before they go! 
Don't miss out! The following dates are being recorded so even if you haven't managed to bag a ticket be sure not to miss out on these truly collectable CDs: 

27/05/2008 Hartwall Arena, Finland 
30/05/2008 Stockholm Stadium, Sweden
01/06/2008 Koengen, Norway 
04/06/2008 Color Line Arena, Germany 
09/06/2008 Velodrom, Germany 
13/06/2008 Download Festival, UK 
15/06/2008 Arrow Rock Festival, Netherlands 
17/06/2008 Bercy, France 
24/06/2008 Datch Forum, Italy 
28/06/2008 Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium 



May 20 : SILENT RAGE - "Four Letter Word" release date
From: Frontiers Records
Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of Silent Rage's highly anticipated fourth studio album Four Letter Word on July 4.

Silent Rage is known for their multi-captivating vocals, the unmistakable blend of Melodic and Hard Rock and signature songwriting reminiscing of the glory days of 80’s Arena Hard Rock. “I think our sound can be described as Classic Arena Style Hard Rock” says singer and guitarist Jesse Damon “that's what we're considered in Europe!”
'Four Letter Word' is another fine example in the tradition of the band's classic production. “We had a great time staying within the natural progression of our 1989 release "Don't Touch Me There" & mixing in the sounds of modern hard rock” continues Damon, “all of the tracks, whether lighthearted or serious in nature, have deep meaning to the band members. There's no hidden agenda, just melodic-hard-rock with contemporary production, written from the heart & soul of four veteran rockers”.
Silent Rage's new album was produced by former Guns'n'Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke who is also credited on the album for his contribution on guitar, keyboards and percussion. Another very special guest is Ratt's Bobby Blotzer on drums and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, who plays a guest solo on “Man or Machine”. “We met Bruce while working with Gene Simmons on the "Don't Touch Me There" CD” explains Damon, “Bruce co-wrote one of the songs for that disc. Kulick has always been in our circle of friends & a supporter of Silent Rage. We always admired his guitar virtuosity plus, he's a great guy. Knowing he lived nearby our recording studio, we had to ask him to do a jam on the CD. We thought it fitting to have him perform on "Man or Machine" since originally, that song was an idea that Gene Simmons & I started a few years back”.

SILENT RAGE - Four Letter Word

May 20 : KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent update
Founding Trixter guitarist Steve Brown has been added to the roster of the upcoming tribute album "KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent." In an oddly appropriate twist of phrase, the man known for the #1 Dial MTV hit "One In A Million" will tackle the underground Kiss favorite "A Million To One." Steve's contribution will be an elaborate acoustic rendition of the song, putting a fresh new spin on the 25-year-old classic. 
A 30-second sample of the song is now available at the SplitScreen Entertainment  website.

Though Vinnie Vincent himself has not released any new material in over a decade, "KISS MY ANKH" will pay tribute to the undeniable musical legacy of the former Kiss guitarist. Vinnie's compositions are widely regarded as a highlight of the Kiss catalog and remain a staple of the live Kiss set list. Included on the tribute will be selections from the three Kiss albums to which Vinnie contributed, as well as the two albums he released with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Additional artists and track listings will be announced as they are confirmed. Further details can be found at the SplitScreen Entertainment website.

"KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent" is scheduled for a Summer 2008 release. 


May 17 : ACE FREHLEY Shooting For Early Summer Album Release
From: /
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has told Steve Palisin of that he's shooting for 12 tracks on his next album, his first in 18 years, with a release in early summer. Studio work has spanned more than 6 months, and some of the songs go back 12 years.

Regarding the direction of the new material, Frehley recently told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "The stuff sounds real good, but everyone's been waiting for this record and I'm just trying to make it better. There are like two more tracks I want to cut, just to round things off."
Frehley said his biggest inspiration and his template for the new record is his 1978 debut.
"It's probably more like the first record than anything else," he said. "Most people cite that as the best Ace Frehley record and I've been listening to it and trying to figure out why. I'm trying to recapture some of that. I want this record to be extra special."

Frehley is currently on the road fronting a band that features second guitarist Derek Hawkins, drummer Scot Coogan (ex-BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION) and bassist Anthony Esposito (ex-LYNCH MOB).
While they all contribute with vocals, most of the burden is on Frehley, who historically has been shy at the mike.
"To me, singing is a necessary evil," he said. "I consider myself a guitar player and a songwriter, and because I write these songs I gotta sing them. I remember last year when I was thinking about putting the band together, some people were saying, 'Ace, you should get a powerhouse frontman.' But a lot of these songs I've been singing for years, either solo or with KISS. What's this front guy going to do when I'm singing lead? Play a tambourine," he said, cracking up.

On how he has improved as a player:
"I think I'm a little more accurate and more focused. When I drink and perform, I was maybe a little more animated, but there were more clinkers and I played sloppier and stuff. I'm just more focused now and more in charge."

On the current state of rock music:
"There are some good bands out there, but some of the screaming stuff lacks melody. I mean, if I have to choose between the two, I'll take something where I can pick out the melody — something where when you walk away from it, you can hum, something that will recirculate in your brain. Some of the best guitar solos are the slower ones. You can't really hum something when you're playing 3 million notes per second."

"I listen to a lot of the old stuff I used to listen to — HENDRIX, ZEPPELIN, THE WHO, CREAM, JEFF BECK — the stuff I grew up on. It still works today, whereas a lot of music when you play it today it really sounds really dated. A lot of the groups that influenced me, they still sound good."

Read the entire interview with Ace Frehley at

Ace Frehley interview

May 16 : more KISS related interviews at
The year-long KISS special article with interviews with a KISS-related figure continues. recently published interviews with Bob Gruen (KISS’ photographer in the 70s) and Jason Ebs (Vocals/Guitar for CRISS in 1995).

Read the interview with Bob Gruen (KISS’ photographer in the 70s) at

Read the interview with Jason Ebs (Vocals/Guitar for CRISS in 1995) at

last update : 2008-05-31

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ACE FREHLEY 12 Juni Tilburg (PDF-poster)

June 12, 2008
013 - Dommelsch Zaal
Tilburg, Holland

Download ACE FREHLEY 013 flyer (PDF)

Arrow Rock Festival

Arrow Rock Festival 2008

KISS is programmed 
as the main act on 
Sunday June 15, 
at Arrow Rock Festival 2008, Holland, Nijmegen, Goffertpark

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ALICE COOPER         July 25, 2008
Along Came A Spider (Eric Singer)

SILENT RAGE - Four Letter Word

SILENT RAGE              July 4, 2008
Four Letter Word (Bruce Kulick)

Music From The FAQ

Music From The FAQ  May 5, 2008
A Tribute To KISS (free download)

KATZ - KULICK - BOIS -  1974

KATZ - KULICK - BOIS  May, 2008
KKB - 1974 (Bruce Kulick)

1977 - Rock 'n Roll (KISS inspired album)

1977 (Kiss inspired album)  April 7
Rock 'n Roll

LICK IT UP -  a Millennium Tribute To Kiss

LICK IT UP                   April 1, 2008
A Millennium Tribute To Kiss

YAYO  - the demo's

YAYO                           April, 2008
the demo's (Bruce Kulick)

CHRIS CATENA - Discovery

CHRIS CATENA       March 21, 2008
Discovery (Bruce Kulick)
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