SILENT RAGE : Four Letter Word    
Four Letter Word

Released : July 4, 2008
Produced by : Gilby Clarke
Time : 41:40

01 You Could Be The One (4:02) Damon/Curse/Hawkins
02 Four Letter Word (3:08) Damon/Curse/Hawkins
03 Man Or Machine (3:21) Damon/Curse/Hawkins
04 Feel My Love (3:18) Curse/Hawkins/Damon
05 Close Your Eyes (4:03) Damon/Hawkins/Curse
06 Sinister Man (4:25) Damon/Curse/Hawkins
07 Hard Habit To Break (3:38) Hawkins/Curse/Damon
08 Nobody Knows (Ballad of Andy & Glory) (4:37) Curse/Damon/Hawkins
09 Bona Fide (3:26) Hawkins/Curse/Damon
10 I'm Not Lonely (3:57) Hawkins/Curse/Damon
11 Trouble (3:45) Hawkins/Damon/Curse

(FR CD 378) released 2008 by Frontiers Records

Europe :
Frontiers Records - compact disc - FR CD 378

Band line-up : 
Jesse Damon
(lead vocals on 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 11; 
                     lead and rhythm guitars; background vocals)
Mark Hawkins (lead vocals on track 04, 07, 09, 10, 11; 
                     lead and rhythm guitars; keyboards; background vocals)
E.J. Curse      (lead vocals on track 06; bass
; background vocals)
Rodney Pino (drums; except on track 03, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)

guest musicians : 
Gilby Clarke (slide guitar on track 01; guitar on track 04, 06, 09; piano on track 02, 04;
                   keyboards on track 05;  percussion on track 03)
Bruce Kulick (guest lead guitar on track 03)
Brian James Fox (drums on track 08, 10, 11)
Bobby Blotzer (drums on track 03, 09)
Dave Sprock (drums and cowbell on track 07)
Cleto Escobedo (sax on tack 07)
Dilana Robichaux (background vocals on track 04, 06)
Heather "Pinkie McFly" Lounsbury (background vocals on track 04, 06)

, Mixed and Engineered by Gilby Clarke.
Recorded at Redrum Recording Studios.

Except Tracks 08, 10 and 11:
Produced by Silent Rage.
Mixed by Gilby Clarke.
Engineered by Mark Hawkins.

Extra NOTES :
Silent Rage is known for their multi-captivating vocals, the unmistakeable blend of Melodic and Hard Rock and signature songwriting reminiscing of the glorydays of 80’s Arena Hard Rock. “I think our sound can be described as Classic Arena Style Hard Rock” says singer and guitarist Jesse Damon “that's what we're considered in Europe!”
'Four Letter Word' is another fine example in the tradition of the band's classic production. “We had a great time staying within the natural progression of our 1989 release "Don't Touch Me There" & mixing in the sounds of modern hard rock” continues Jesse Damon, “all of the tracks, whether lighthearted or serious in nature, have deep meaning to the band members. There's no hidden agenda, just melodic-hard-rock with contemporary production, written from the heart & soul of four veteran rockers”.
Silent Rage's 2008 album was produced by former Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke who is also credited on the album for his contribution on guitar, keyboards and percussion. Another very special guest is Ratt's Bobby Blotzer on drums and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, who plays a guest solo on “Man or Machine”. “We met Bruce while working with Gene Simmons on the "Don't Touch Me There" CD” explains Damon, “Bruce co-wrote one of the songs for that disc. Kulick has always been in our circle of friends & a supporter of Silent Rage. We always admired his guitar virtuosity plus, he's a great guy. Knowing he lived nearby our recording studio, we had to ask him to do a jam on the CD. We thought it fitting to have him perform on "Man or Machine" since originally, that song was an idea that Gene Simmons & I started a few years back”.

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