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Hollywood Stars "King Of The Night Time World" (original version)
Ruben de Fuentes, the former guitarist of Hollywood Stars, has streamed the original version of "King Of The Night Time World" at The song was originally written by the band's manager Kim Fowley and Hollywood Stars guitarist Mark Anthony. PAUL STANLEY and Bob Ezrin later rearranged the song when KISS recorded it for Destroyer.
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January 29, 2009 : Gabe Reed Secures Deal for Rock Legend Paul Stanley of KISS to Guest on new PUSHKING album
Gabe Reed secures deal for rock legend Paul Stanley of KISS to guest star on Russian rockers Pushking's new album to be released in late 2009. Gabe Reed actively represents clients in the music, film and sports entertainment businesses. 
Based in Dallas, his clients are spread across the world.

Pushking is one of Russia's most popular metal/rock bands and have released over 15 albums. The band's new album is a tribute to their music heroes. In addition to Paul Stanley, the album features guests spots from Alice Cooper, Bonnie Tyler, Andrea Bocelli, Dan Mc Cafferty (Nazareth), Jon Lowton (Uriah Heep), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow-Alcatrazz), Glenn Hughes (Trapeeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) and Ian Gillan (Deep Purple).

For more than thirty years, Paul Stanley has reigned supreme as one of the single-most recognizable frontmen in the history of rock and roll. He’s the principal songwriter, driving force and the unwavering voice of KISS, one of the most successful and influential bands ever born on American soil. Employing equal parts hip-grinding rhythm, full-tilt glam and guitar-driven slam, Stanley single-handedly penned such escapist anthems as “Love Gun,” “God of Thunder” and “Black Diamond.” He was the golden throat that throttled “Detroit Rock City,” the charismatic swagger behind “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” and stripped of makeup, was the unmasked troubadour that breathed vocal life into the ballads “Reason to Live,” “Forever” and “Every Time I Look At You.”

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January 25 : Video Montage From Monster Circus In Vegas
From: Bruce Kulick
A great montage from the Monster Circus show has been put together... enjoy!

Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER), Bruce Kulick (KISS), Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE, DIO) and Dave Kushner (VELVET REVOLVER) are among the musicians who took part in the first Monster Circus performance in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hilton on December 9, 2008. The band played a set of some of the greatest songs of all time with a "Las Vegas twist!"

January 15 : New KISS Album To Feature 13 Songs  (???)  
Although unconfirmed from the band, is reporting that the new  KISS album will contain 13 tracks ready to be worked out and mixed later this month. 
Out of the 13 tracks, nine have been composed by Paul Stanley, three by Gene Simmons and one by Tommy Thayer. 

"It's going to be very much a vintage, classic, '70s KISS album without much regard to what's happened since then; it's back to the roots," singer/guitarist Paul Stanley who will produce the album. 

January 14 : Steve Lukather (TOTO) joins Bruce Kulick " BK3" 
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, Days 46)
What an amazing day in the studio! I asked Steve Lukather from TOTO, (anyone who  knows guitarists knows he is a guitar legend) to do some dueling guitars for my  instrumental that I told you all about back in October. He is simply hard to watch cause his fingers fly and the tone and ability that he has on the guitar is a wonderful to experience right in front of your own eyes. The song is in Eb tuning and his signature model guitar was in concert tuning so he told me he could play one of mine.

My trusty red ESP vintage plus from 96 was the weapon of choice and as I have always told players, the tone is in the guitarists hands. Jeremy set up a cool sound from my Marshall head (which I love the most), and with nothing but a distortion pedal he  brought along from Steve Vai, that he occasionally stepped on, it was straight ahead  guitar into amp. If I play the set up it sounds like ME. If he plays the same gear, it sounds like Lukather. So lesson to all of you.

We worked on where he should play in this song... as there were spots in the verses  and some empty solo sections for him to fill. He played great of course, and again I  was blown away looking at fingers fly. He can capture a Jeff Beck tone easily which is quite a treat for me to hear. He has worked with Beck before and knows him VERY  well. It shows. Once we said our goodbyes to him, Jeremy went ahead on picking the parts we could use and fit it into the sections, to give me room to answer him and play with him in harmony. The chorus sections of this instrumental were done weeks ago on my old Les Paul so that was done. By the end of the day we knew we had something very special. 

Any fan of mine, or Luke (his nickname in the biz) would agree that this track not only rocks, it moves you without anyone singing. Having that strong rhythm section of Kenny Aronoff and Jimmy Haslip on drums and bass, didn't hurt of course. The next day I did some edit ideas for the song, and we cleaned up the tracks and finalized the edits and guitar parts. Ready to be mixed! So I want to thank Luke for playing as he knows best, amazingly, and Jeremy for working hard on the parts to make it NOT seem like just a "guitar players look at me, look at me" song, but a musical statement from both of us. Can't wait for you all to hear this one and the others.

Some of the songs are already mixed although it is still hard to state positively when I can package and release my CD. But I am very proud and want the music to be the best it can be. More updates on other work coming.

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

January 10 : Gene Simmons on new KISS record and tour. 
From: Classic Rock Magazine
Gene Simmons appears to have confirmed the news that Paul Stanley broke exclusively to us on the Clog - there is going to be a new KISS record in 2009.
In a chat with Jane Stevenson of Canada’s Sun Media, Gene suggests that the band will record the album and release it next summer with Paul Stanley producing. 
There will also be a handful of show to go with this release.

“We’ll do a handful of shows just to keep in the game (next) summer, maybe 10 (dates), some Canadian shows. I know Halifax is one, but before you get out there and start the baseball season, they hold exhibition games, that’s what we’re doing. ‘Cause  once we go out, it’s going to be for a year and a half.”

January 8 : Original version of "King Of The Night Time World"
Ruben de Fuentes, the former guitarist of Hollywood Stars, has streamed the original version of "King Of The Night Time World" at The song was originally written by the band's manager Kim Fowley and guitarist Mark Anthony. PAUL STANLEY and Bob Ezrin later rearranged the song when KISS recorded it for Destroyer.

Ruben Defuentes

January 6 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, Days 40 - 45)
Bruce was able to get back in the studio for several sessions over the holidays, and significant progress has been made on BK3.

Here we go... Last time we left off John completed the song "No Friend Of Mine", but since then there was continued December work for BK 3. After some work in my home on cleaning up tracks, I did a quick vocal session at Stagg Street again to finish up the verses for "And I Know". We knew we just need some backgrounds and that track would be ready to mix.

The following day we had as Jeremy would call it a "Pizza Party" background vocal day! I invited a few friends that I knew could sing, as we had some group vocals to work on. My friend from Guitar Center, Jeremy Lichter, Wally Wingert and his friend Chris, and Ken Gullic came down and we worked on "I Will Survive" and the Gene song "Aint Gonna Die". We did have some awesome pizza and a great time, and Jeremy's girlfriend and her cousin sang along too on the ending part of "I Will Survive". 
Everyone was really enjoying hearing the new BK music and I was very proud of the work Jeremy and I have done, but you know it feels best when a friend really is into it.

Next day, which was XMAS eve, we had a good friend who has a great voice, Cliff Calabro, to do some backgrounds on "And I Know" and John's track, "No Friend Of Mine". Once we heard what Cliff did with John's track we were done with that song for  sure. Except it dawned on me that the intro could use some guitar work, so I used my 2000 RI LP Standard and my trusty Marshall head. Ruby Stone overdrive was in line as well, and it all really made the intro special. And now we were done with that song.

Right after the XMAS break we were in on Dec 28th to do some more last finishing touches on the Tobias Sammet track called "I Am the Animal". I added some riff in the verse, with a 2005 LP Matte finish LP Standard and a new Egnator Rebel 20 head and 
the usual Marshall Cabinet. Next day we did the same to Nick Simmons' song, "Hand of the King". Added a little riff vibe in the verse with my ESP Red Floyd Vintage Plus that was really affected and will be backward sounding. Geek Vibe pedal was in line for that one, and a Wah. Happily that song was finished as well.

On Jan 3rd I had my big string session with 4 talented players. Jeremy prepared charts for "Life" and "Aint Gonna Die" and that was really fun to hear them play along with those songs. I asked Mark, the lead violin guy, to jam a bit at the ending of "Life" and that definitely was cool. After they were done, I added a final touch to the Gene track. We thought an acoustic would work in a few spots, so I had my Elvis Presley Dove recorded and then the day was done.

I am now proud to announce that TWO songs are mixed and in the can! 
My goal is to have all the recording done and mixed by end of January. 
More updates coming.

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

last update : 2009-01-31

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