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October 29 : KISS inspired album by The SLAM - Hit It !
THE SLAM - Hit It ! (Scarlet Records, 2011)From: KISS Related Recordings
This month Italian label  Scarlet Records released  the debut album of Canadian Rockers The Slam entitled " Hit It !" Fans of 70′s hard rock outfits like KISS, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, etc should take note. The quartet is all about energy, groove, and having a good time. The quartet was put together by Canadian singer/guitarist Serge Simic, and the band really taps into the hard rock feel of the 70s, albeit with modern production.
While The Slam draws on all manner of 70′s hard rock influences the one that stands out most clearly is KISS. Vocalist/guitarist Serge Simic even looks like the bastard love child of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons circa "Lick It Up".
For example the song “Kisser” sounds like the companion piece to the KISS classic, “Strutter”. The KISS influence hits its apex on “90-50-91 Love”. The listener can immediately hear a groove riff that recalls KISS‘s “Watchin’ You” and “She”. Though the chorus of the song is completely its own.
“Saddle Up” is more KISS with a dose of Black Sabbath‘s Tony Iommi.
“Mr. Rock N Rolla” starts off with a clip of KISS Alive! blaring in the background as a pissed off parent bangs on the door yelling for his kid to turn that crap down.
The album closer is cover version of KISS Peter Criss 1978 song “Hooked On Rock N Roll” which sounds like the do wop brother of Van Halen‘s tongue-in-cheek rocker, “Ice Cream Man.”

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October 20 : PodKISSt #51: Eric Carr's "Unfinished Business"
This month we take a look at Eric Carr’s “Unfinished Business”. We interview Eric’s sister Loretta Caravello, Beth Jordan of “Amplified Radio” /, Ted Poley of “Danger Danger”, John Humphey and vocalist Marcia Juell.

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Eric Carr - Unfinished Business album info

October 18 : The KISS Kruise - one big party ...
From: KISS Related Recordings / Jelle Jansen
Wow, just came back from the KISS Kruise… (plus a week Miami prior to the Kruise), and what a week it was.
It’s so bizarre watching KISS, hearing them 3 nights in a row, playing such obscure songs like “Anything For My Baby” (unplugged); “Comin’Home”and “Goin’Blind” the electric way …. or “Love her All I Can”, “Two Timer” and “Getaway”…. Man, I was thrilled during the 3rd night the moment I realized KISS (except for “Ladies In Waiting”) have fully played my all time fave KISS album “Dressed To Kill” … a blast !! Unforgettable … In between I spoke to a lot of friends, made some new friends, … had a lot of drinks … and had a chance to shot a picture with Tommy Thayer … (besides the regular fan-photo shoot).

(L > R : Jelle Jansen, Paul van Geldrop, Tommy Thayer, Robert Venbroek)
Check my FaceBook page for some more pictures ….

October 1 :
"Shannon" - Wedding Song From Gene Simmons (sung by Bill Zucker)

From: KISS Related Recordings / Thorbjörn Brorsson
Today Gene Simmons will marry his girlfriend of 28 years, the actress and former Playmate Shannon Tweed.
Check out "Shannon" Wedding Song From Gene Simmons (sung by Bill Zucker).

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