April 22 :  The SWEET covers "New York Groove"
The SWEET - New York Connection (2012)From: / Kiss Related Recordings
The legendary The SWEET will release a brand new studio album entitled "New York Connection" on April 27.
The album is a kind of cover album, including songs originally penned by other artists, for example the Russ Ballard penned "New York Groove" (previously covered by HELLO and former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley).

The track listing for "New York Connection" is as follows:

01. New York Groove (written by Russ Ballard)
02. Gold On The Ceilings (THE BLACK KEYS)
03. It's All Moving Faster (ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN)
04. New York Connection (originally the B-side of SWEET's "Wig Wam Bam")
05. Shapes Of Things (THE YARDBIRDS)
06. You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) (DEAD OR ALIVE)
07. Because The Night (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, also recorded by the PATTI SMITH GROUP) (Lead vocal: Tony O'Hora)
08. Sweet Jan (THE VELVET UNDERGROUND) (Lead vocal: Andy Scott)
09. Blitzkrieg Bop (RAMONES) (Lead vocal: Bruce Bisland)
10. Broadway (written by a team including Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller)
11. Join Together (THE WHO)

The SWEET's "New York Collection" is available for digital download @ iTunes.

The Sweet official website

April 22 :  Doug Aldrich interview ... about his 1982 audition for KISS
Rockpages' Sakis Nikas and Yannis Dolas recently interviewed Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich. Among the topics are Aldrich's audition for KISS in 1982. An excerpt follows: In 1982 you auditioned for the replacement of Ace Frehley in KISS. Describe to us the whole experience and do you remember which songs did you play together?

Doug Aldrich: I remember meeting the drummer (ed.note: Eric Carr) and he invited me to come down the rehearsals and meet Paul (Stanley) and Gene (Simmons). I was a kid…
I was only 17-18 years old. I was nervous because no one had ever seen them without their make-up…they were really protective about the whole thing. I remember being afraid of looking them at their faces when they were speaking to me (laughs)!

Read the interview, including the songs he had to learn for his audition clicking here.

Doug Aldrich interview

April 9 :  KISS Tribute 'Music From The FAQ V' free download
From: / Kiss Related Recordings
The latest KISS Tribute of the Music From The Faq series  "Volume 5" contains 12 tracks and is available for free download right now.
KISS TRIBUTE - Music From The Faq Volume V - (April 2012 digtital download)
The final tracklisting is :
The Wildflowers - I Was Made For Lovin' You
Ypke & Willem - Crazy Nights
Travis Humbert - Strutter
Shawn Fox - Doncha Hesitate
Shandi777 - The Oath
Kameron Duty (LoveGun07) - Who Wants To Be Lonely
Lespaul & Eriksen - Kiss The Girl Goodbye
Andy Samphord - Almost Human
Yahoo & the Beaters - She
Jim and Andy - Parasite
Mbroz - Love Theme From Kiss

Music From The Faq is an online creative and unique creative self-produced KISS covers project, spanning all different eras of the band. While the songs were not produced with the benefit of a big-budget recording studio, the creativity, quality of the material and unique performances shine nonetheless.

In 2008 some members of the KISSfaq forum, who were also musicians themselves, conceptualized an idea for a KISS Faq tribute CD and posted a thread to gauge forum interest. The response was overwhelmingly positive and began receiving many submissions.

With participants having retreated to their respective home studios to polish their tracks, the first compilation was completed and assembled on May 5th 2008.

Music From The Faq (released May, 2008) contains 23 tracks of creative and unique self-produced KISS covers spanning all different eras of the band. While the songs were not produced with the benefit of a big-budget recording studio, the creativity, quality of the material and unique performances shine nonetheless.
A second compilation
Music From The Faq II was put online August 2008 and contains 19 tracks. Music From The Faq III followed February 2009.
The last tribute compilation
Music From The Faq IV is dated from September 2009.

Visit to download the previous 4 KISS tribute compilations.

MUSIC FROM THE FAQ V album details

April 9 : GARY MOORE (with Eric Singer) :
Wild Frontier Tour - Live At Isstadion DVD + CD Due Out this month ?

From: KISS-Related-Recordings
GARY MOORE - Wild Frontier Tour VHS 1987March last year mentioned that the long deleted GARY MOORE's Wild Frontier Tour - Live At Isstadion 1987 DVD featuring the all-star line-up drummer Eric Singer, bassist Bob Daisley, guitarist/ keyboardist/ vocalist Neil Carter would be released by EMI music May 10th, 2011.
But this release was postponed again.

June 23,  2011, Dutch label Immortal released "
Gary Moore - Live In Stockholm 1987" as a digipack CD - IMA 104180.
This CD is probably a kind of bootleg that has been going around on Amazon and HMV. The sound  quality is very poor and has been taken directly from the VHS tape of "Live At Isstadion Stockholm - Wild Frontier Tour 1987".

According to the DVD + CD set of GARY MOORE's "Wild Frontier Tour 1987 - Live At Isstadion" is now planned for a April 25, 2012 release ....

GARY MOORE - Wild Frontier Tour - Live At Isstadion

April 9 : GOOD RATS "archives" CD feat. Bruce Kulick out this month
From: Peppi Marchello /
PEPPI MARCHELLO : It is now my intention to get out both old songs of mine that
were recorded but never released, and new songs I've written over the last few months. This music is being made available to you for many more years of enjoyment, and for my legacy as a singer/songwriter. I am pressing the "Blue Collar Rats archives" CD right now which has 20 songs on it, including my new song "Boom Boom".
Its players include the original Good Rats, my son Gene Marchello,
Bruce Kulick, Schuyler Deale, and other great musicians I've been fortunate enough to work with from 1974 to 1984. It has a terrific fold out color poster which I will be happy to personally autograph for you. It is also dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Jimmy Rainey.
"The Blue Collar Rats Archives" CD will be available on April 14, 2012.
Thirteen of those songs will be available on i-tunes, Amazon, and other music download
sites on April 17th. You can place your order for the CD now thru my Uncle Rat Music, PO Box 585, St.James NY 11780. Make check or money order out to Uncle Rat Music, $15 for the 20 song CD plus $5 shipping and handling, total $20. Don't forget, if you want me to autograph the color foldout and have a specific message you want me to write, then include that with your order.
By the way, the first 100 orders will receive a free copy of CRIB DEATH AND OTHER BEDTIME STORIES by my pal, author Clifford Meth. CRIB DEATH was Cliff's first collection before he began selling movies to Hollywood that were never made. Fifteen years ago I wrote the introduction to Cliff's book CONFLICTS OF DISINTEREST. Seriously twisted stuff. But you've all got to be a little twisted........

Three songs from the upcoming Good Rats CD, including new fan-favorite 'Boom-Boom',
have been released on

April 5 : What do KISS and FNA Records have in common ?
From: / /
Actually, Kiss and FnA Records ( have three things in common.

GYPSY ROSE - Prey (Simmons Records 1990)FnA Records is ecstatic to announce the signing of Gypsy Rose.
We are not referring to the Gypsy Rose that featured an early Jerry Cantrell and Mike Starr from Alice In Chains, and we are not referring to the Swedish band that ex-Accept vocalist David Reece recently joined; we are referring to the one and only
GYPSY ROSE that was signed to a major label contract via Kiss' Gene Simmons. In 1988, Gene Simmons (KISS), approached Canadian Rockers by the name of GYPSY ROSE and made them one of his early signings to his imprint label, Simmons Records/RCA (House Of Lords, Giuffria, Silent Rage). Gypsy Rose released two singles, "Poisoned By Love" and "Don't Turn Your Back On Me Now" which were fan favorites. Nearly a quarter of a century later, lead singer Michael Ross has resurfaced, not only with a solid solo career that once again shows off his high caliber songwriting, but with old demos and never-before-released Gypsy Rose material in hand.
For those fans who have always been bummed out that there was one and only one
GYPSY ROSE album, the wait is now over. FnA Records has attained the rights to these early recordings which will most likely see a mid to late spring release.
In addition, FnA Records sent Michael Ross into the studio to record exclusive 2012 acoustic versions of "Poisoned By Love" and "Don't Turn Your Back On Me Now".
Keep your eyes and ears open as Gypsy Rose is looking to reform.

CREATURE - Too Boldly Sleaze (2012)First there was Kiss, then there was Creature!
It may be said that now days, Gene Simmons is the brains behind Kiss, but that wasn't necessarily the case in the early days. Famed manager, Bill Aucoin successfully guided a fledgling Kiss to superstar status. However within a decade, Kiss and Aucoin would part ways due to creative differences when Kiss decided to take off the make-up. But Aucoin wasn't done exploring the make-up and crazy costumes. Enter the band Creature in 1986, and Aucoin found himself using the same blueprint that led to Kiss obtaining success and fame beyond anyone's dreams. He guided Creatures career carefully, just as he had previously with Kiss. He planned their every stage move and their wild stage show. Honestly, Creature was every bit the theatrical stage performance that Kiss was. From the band literally blowing a whole in the roof of Gazzarri's night club with a confetti cannon to have the oversized Sleaze-O-Matic machine on stage in which a pure, virginal school girl stepped into the machine where the dial was cranked to ten, and a rock-n-roll slutty metal chick stepped out, every show was a spectacle. FnA Records is set to release, To Boldly Sleaze, a 15 track party in a package with a band that was clearly being groomed to be the next big thing in theatrical rock. All the tracks have been fully remastered and many of the tracks have never even seen the light of day until now. This is definitely one of those uncovered gems that you have to hear to believe. Watch your local west coast rags, as Creature may just don the make-up and costumes one more time for a special upcoming surprise show.

The GODZKiss Konnection #3 is a special treat for those hard-rockers that were there in the late 70's and early 80's.
FnA Records proudly signs one-time Kiss labelmates and all-around bad-asses, The Godz. The Godz were signed to Casablanca Records in 1977 and would later that year open up for Kiss on the Love Gun tour. The Godz were sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll...and definitely worthy of the cult status they now have been given. Major tours were nothing new for The Godz, as they warmed the stages for bands like Angel, Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, Iggy Pop, and others. The stories revolving around The Godz are legendary as they quickly became well-known as rebel-rousers. Whether it was starting a bar brawl, shooting up the stage monitors, or doing tons of Jack Daniels, drugs, and women...the band became favorites to the biker crowd. While many cult bands are just that - cult bands whose stories have been written in stone, The Godz have yet to call it quits. Band leader Eric Moore is entering his fourth decade in the music business by releasing three albums and a first ever dvd via FnA Records.
The label will release three albums by the Godz in May of 2012.
The first album will be the legendary 1978 Laredo Texas show. The full show has been remastered and the sound has been enhanced and will surely be a treat for old-school Godz fans. The second release will be the first ever American release of the classic Godz album Mongolians. Mongolians is a highly sought after gem that Godz fans have been clamoring for over the years. Probably the bands heaviest album, Mongolians initially sold well (if you could find it) with very little label support. This album usually commands a high dollar price tag and trying to find a copy in this day and age is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Mongolians, which will be sonically enhanced and remastered, will now be available to fans new and old for a decent price via FnA Records. The last album being released will titilate and stimulate true Godz fans. Chock full of never before released tracks, b-sides, import only tracks, live tracks, and more The Godz - From The Vault Volume 1 is sure to become a collectors piece amongst the die-hard Godz fans. All CD's will be available at a fan friendly price, and a limited number of each CD will come autographed and numbered with an official hologram sticker. Special package deals will be available for those that want to purchase all 3 albums at once. The first ever Godz DVD will be completed sometime this summer as fan material is still being compiled.

John Corabi Sampler CD 2012April 5 : JOHN CORABI new CD Sampler
From: /
John Corabi - former lead singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE SCREAM and UNION - has released a limited-edition two-song CD sampler at
this location. The disc features John's last live performance with THE SCREAM singing "Father, Mother, Son" as well as the track "If I Never Get To Say Goodbye..." from his upcoming unplugged CD.

Corabi's acoustic album will include "old songs, new songs and just a sample of things to come." Tentatively due in the spring, the set will contain two versions of the MÖTLEY CRÜE's song "Hooligan's Holiday" - a stripped-back acoustic version and a more elaborate but still acoustic-based band arrangement - as well as a version of the CRÜE's "Loveshine" and even a song by Corabi's first band, ANGORA, which was originally produced by Steve Vai.

Corabi originally joined CRÜE in 1992 as the replacement for the group's original singer, Vince Neil, who was fired due to personal differences. With Corabi on vocals, MÖTLEY CRÜE released one critically acclaimed full-length CD, which ended up being a commercial failure in the wake of grunge despite a Top-Ten placing on the album chart. When Neil returned to the fold in 1997, Corabi was left on his own and formed the band UNION with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick.

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