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January 30 : Eric Carr song on TED POLEY's Greatest Hits 2
TED POLEY - GREATEST HITS VOLUME 2 (2014)From : Kiss Related Recordings
Danger Danger frontman Ted Poley has released his second 'Greatest Hits' collection, that is being sold exclusively on

The follow-up to 2009's 'Greatest Hits Vol. 1', originally released as 'Greatest Tits', is limited to 2000 copies and features re-masters of some of Poley's favorite songs that didn't make it onto 'Vol. 1' plus four new tracks not available on any of Poley's CD's until now.

The new songs appearing on 'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' include the single "Breathe" as well as a rare track by KISS drummer Eric Carr called "Just Can't Wait". Taken from a lost, then found, demo cassette tape, the exclusive remastered version of "Just Can't Wait" had Poley's vocals added later.

"Just Can't Wait" was first released as an instrumental on Eric Carr's "Rockology" album. Originally this very arranged song from 1987 was never finished with vocals.
The song has been remastered using Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick's drum and guitar tracks. In addition Ted Poley (of Danger Danger) adds his vocals using lyrics written in 2006 for the November 2011 release
of "Eric Carr - Unfinished Business".

The disc also features songs from Poley's solo albums 'Collateral Damage' and 'Smile', as well as his Bone Machine, Melodica, Poley/Pichler and Poley/Rivera projects.

'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' will not be available anywhere else, including iTunes or other digital sites, and no retailers will carry the album. The only place the get the new collection, other than at one of Poley's live solo shows, is through

Since you will be buying this directly from Ted Poley, he will be happy to autograph it for you on request and he will be also donating a small portion of any profits from this CD to local Animal Shelters.

'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' will begin shipping in about 10 days, as they will take time to autograph and package. Please remember to add a note with your PayPal payments letting Poley know the name to autograph on the CD. If no note is received with a name the disc will remain sealed.


TED POLEY - Greatest Hits 2 (2014)

January 26 :  KISS cover version section updated
From : Kiss Related Recordings
Less news on Kiss Related Recordings and Releases, so a good moment to update KRR's KISS cover version section. Album details are added of the following releases;

- Rock 'n Roll Al Nite - Dan Wos Project (2006)
- God Of Thunder - American Dog (2009)
- Rocket Ride - Electric Frankenstein (2012)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You (as "4. decembris") - Labvēlīgais Tips (1997)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You - The Indigo (2004)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You - Gioia Bruno (2004)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You - Maki Nomiya (with Dimitri) (2005)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You - Jasmin Paan (2006)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You  (as "Aguas Wey") - Tropikal Fever (2009)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You - Audrey Howard & the Misters (2009)


January 23 :  FLASHER video featuring Eric Carr on YouTube
From : Kiss Related Recordings
A promotional video of
FLASHER performing "Frustrated" showed up at YouTube earlier this week. While updating the KRR site I found out it was already listed here a long time ago, even I forgot. In 1980 three promotional videos were recorded ‘Live’ by FLASHER's  management, The Rick Morgan Agency, to showcase their talents for the Long Island, NY club scene. These promo video's can be seen at the website of FLASHER guitarist Art Laindauer.


Eric Carr FLASHER details


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