NEWS UPDATE : August 2016

August 12 : Bruce Kulick to appear on Sky Of Forever`s debut album!
From :
Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick will appear on
SKY OF FOREVER’s upcoming debut album. Bruce’s exquisite guitar playing can be heard on the album opener, ”Carry On”.

SKY OF FOREVER is a Helsinki-based melodic hard rock group, featuring musicians from Stratovarius and Tracedawn. Their music is influenced by 1980`s hard rock, melodic metal and the masters of film music – the orchestrations are made by Risto Kupiainen, the conductor of Helsinki City Theatre. The group is led by singer and songwriter Lauri Hannola. Their self-titled debut album will be released worldwide via Mighty Music on the 14th of October 2016.

Tracklist :

1. Carry On (featuring Bruce Kulick)
2. One Of These Days
3. Wild Heart
4. Tomorrow
5. Vagabond
6. Summer Rain
7. Divine
8. Sky Of Forever
9. Under Everlasting Sun

SKY OF FOREVER album details

August 11 : TOMALO's "Demon's Side" tribute to Gene Simmons
From : Tute Tomalo
TOMALO presents the second video from their new album "Adando".

Tomalo is an Argentinean Hard-Rock band formed in 1998 with influences of KISS, Def Leppard; Van Halen, Twisted Sister among many others. "Andando", is the 8th album release of Tomalo. "Demon's Side" is a tribute song to Gene Simmons, featuring some recognizable KISS guitar licks and lyrics. Some of their previous albums features a KISS cover version: "Beth" (Play It Loud - 2001) and "Reason to Live" (Tomalo Con Calma - Acoustic versions, 2011), while their previous album "Live To Rock"(2012) features the song "
The Hottest Band in the World", which song is dedicated to KISS.

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