Robert Haglund - I Wanna Be Somebody
I Wanna Be Somebody

Released : August 19, 2016
Produced by : ......
Time :

01  Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (4:29) Whitesnake cover
02  Enter Sandman (4:13) Metallica cover
03  Don't Believe a Word (3:15) Thin Lizzy cover
04  The Price (4:27) Twisted Sister cover
05  Holy Diver (4:12) DIO cover
06  Ace of Spades (2:47) Motorhead cover
07  You Give Love a Bad Name (3:39) Bon Jovi cover
08  I Wanna Be Somebody (2:57) WASP cover
09  Love Gun (4:17) KISS cover
10  Ice Cream Man (3:22) Van Halen cover

Sweden : MMS Records (Distributed by: Universal Music AB) - compact disc - ROBHAG999

musicians  :

Robert Haglund (lead vocals)
Erik Mjörnell (guitars, bass & strings almost on every track)

additional guest musicians  :
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 02, 03 and 09)
Kee Marcello (guitar on track 04)
Tommy Denander (guitar on track 05)
Andreas Passmark (bass on track 03)
Magnus Rosén (bass on track 09)
Rudy Sarzo (bass on track 09)
Magnus Fritz (drums on track 03 and 06)
Fred Coury (drums on track 10)
Svante Thuresson (vocals on track 01)
Tony Harnell (vocals on track 03)
Jan Johansen (vocals on track 10)
Jonas Fritzson (backing vocals on track 08)
Jacob Huddén (keyboards on track 03)
Mikael Renliden (trumpet on track 01, 07 and 10)
Jonas Thander (saxophone on track 08 and 10)
Swedish Swing Metal Orchestra

All songs arranged by Robert Haglund / Erik Mjörnell except track 05 and 10.
Mixed by Marcus Bergqvist and Lennart Sjöholm.
Mastered by : Lars Rosin / Marcus Bergqvist.

Extra NOTES  :

Debut album from the Swedish artist Robert Haglund, better known as one of the Four members in the Motown group
The Fantastic Four and the hardest Working entertainer in Sweden. On this album Robert sings his favorite Hard Rock tunes in a jazz style, an unique and personal album. The quest Musicians are well known in music business, here you find Bruce Kulick (KISS) Rudy Sarzo (Whitesnake) Swedens most famous jazz singer Svante Thuresson, Tony Harnell (Skid Row / TNT), Kee Marcello (Europe), Fred Coury (Cinderella) Jan Johansen etc.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Video promo clip 

ROBERT HAGLUND : Don't Believe A Word (2017)
Don't Believe A Word


Robert Haglund (official)

Robert Haglund (facebook)

Robert Haglund (order info)

Bruce Kulick (official)


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