NEWS UPDATE : March 2021

March 19: new SHAMELESS single and video feat. Bruce Kulick out
From : Alexx Michael
Glam Rockers Shameless have released a video for their new single “Live Your Dream.” The track features Charlotte Tybalt (Blue Ruin) on vocals, Frankie Muriel on backing vocals, BC and Bruce Kulick on guitars, Alexx Michael on bass, Brian Tichy on drums and Frank Meyer on keyboards and backing vocals.

"Live Your Dream" celebrates the release of Looking Inside, the 500 page definitive history of the DeLorean written by Shameless band leader Alexx Michael. Released as a limited edition of only 300 picture discs, Live Your Dream is a prelude to the new Shameless album to be released later this year. Only 300 copies of this limited edition Live Your Dream picture disc will be released worldwide in June 2021. Additional tracks feature Shameless hits plus covers of "East Down And Bound" from the Smokey & The Bandit movie and Billy Ocean's "Get Out Of My Dreams." Guest musicians include Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup), Keri Kelli (Slash, Alice Cooper), Traci Guns & Steven Riley (L.A. Guns) & more.

TRACK LISTING : >>for full album details click here<<
A1.  Live Your Dream (new song : featuring Bruce Kulick)
A2.  U & I
A3.  Get Out Of My Dream
A4.  Nonstop City
A5.  Web Junkie
B1.  Eastbound And Down (new song : featuring Bruce Kulick)
B2.  Party Tonight
B3.  Live For Today
B4.  You're Not Cinderella
B5.  Queen For A Day

Pre-order the "Live Your Dream" vinyl picture disc by >>clicking here<<

There will also be really limited edition audio cassette. The cassette version has a brand-new remixed and remastered version of "Backseat Action" (the first song Alexx Michael ever wrote) as a bonus track.
SHAMELESS : Live Your Dream (vinyl picture disc 2021)SHAMELESS : Live Your Dream (audio cassette 2021)

A full album release is scheduled for release later this year, see track list below.
SHAMELESS 2021 album tracklist

March 7 : Detroit Motor Sound Studios Re-creations of KISS debut album
From : KISS Related Recordings / Norman Huizenga
Just like the 8 track tape "
The Hits Of KISS & Alice Cooper as performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE", there is even an earlier 8-track release from 1976 entitled "Love Theme From KISS", which came from Detroit Motor Sound Studios and features Re-creations of all tracks from KISS debut album played by studio musicians, click on image below to enlarge.
(further details unknown).
Love Theme From KISS - 8 track (1976) Detroit

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