NEWS UPDATE : April 2021

April 30 : "Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS" tribute song
From : Marceese Kreuzberg (facebook)
German, Hamburg Punk Rock band KLEEN FLITZPIEPE have released a (in German language) single and video of "Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS", which song is penned by Marceese Trabus, and pays tribute to KISS. Between 2013 and 2020
Marceese released 8 KISS Tribute albums on his own.

digital single order details : Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS

April 23 : REGGAE KISS - Tears Are Falling feat. Bruce Kulick
From : Reggae Kiss (facebook)

REGGAE KISS - Tears Are Falling feat. Bruce Kulick- details

April 20 : Bruce Kulick's 70's Top 40 band PARADISE
From : Bruce Kulick (facebook)

April 17 : Bruce Kulick steps in to complete BALANCE reunion ....
From : Peppy Castro (facebook)
Peppy Castro is working on a new Balance song called “”The World I Used To Know”.
Along with partner Doug Katsaros, Balance have reunited with Chuck Burgi and now Peppy Castro is happy to announce Bob Kulick's infamous brother Bruce Kulick has stepped up to fill in for Bob to complete the reunion and in honor of.

From : KISS Related Recordings
New York's AOR group BALANCE was formed in 1979 by Peppy Castro (vocals), Bob Kulick (guitars) and Doug Katsaros (keyboards). A year later Bob Kulick and Pepe Castro co-wrote "Naked City" with Gene Simmons and Vini Poncia for KISS' "Unmasked" album. 
BALANCE's self titled debut was released in 1981, and features Paul Stanley's (uncredited) background vocals on the song "Falling In Love".
In 1982 the band released their second album "In For The Count". After a short tour of Japan, Balance calling it quits due to lack of interest from their label and management company.
After the 2006 CD-reissue of "In For The Count", Italian label Frontiers Records inquired about a possible new Balance album. Balance third album "
Equilibrium" was released in 2009 and features original core members Kulick, Castro and Katsaros, along with drummer Brett Chassen, who also co-produced with Bob Kulick, as well as guest spots from Bruce Kulick on bass and Jesse Castro on drums.

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