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April 30 : KISS MY CHILEAN ASS - Chilean tribute album to KISS
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A new Chilean tribute album to Kiss is now available on digital platforms, where a series of national bands and artists covered some classics of the American group.

It’s called “Kiss My Chilean Ass” and, among others, Dorso, Squad, Savannah, Aleste and many others participate. You can check out the full album below.

In total there are 12 Chilean bands that pay tribute to those they recognize as a vital influence in t
he development of their projects. Each band chose a song from the Kiss discography.

KISS MY CHILEAN ASS - Chilean tribute album to KISS  (2022)01  Sick : Almost Human
02  Aleste : Sure Know Something
03  Factor Z : I Was Made For Lovin’ You
04  Back : Makin’ Love
05  Nazty Gunz : Creatures Of The Night
06  Savannah : Strutter
07  The Necropolis : Killer
08  Otto Pantoja : Shock Me
09  Insigne : The Oath
10  Rival : King Of The Mountain
11  Squad : War Machine
12  Raff : Black Diamond

This project was managed and produced by the group of musicians and Kiss fans called Look It’s Rock n’ Roll formed by Esteban Muñoz, Gonzalo Quiroga, Christopher Sepulveda and Alvaro Araya, as well as Kiss Army Chile as a close collaborator.

They were also part of the Fyto Manga project in illustrations and Armando Muñoz in the cover design.

The album was made non-profit and only as a way to honor Kiss and demonstrate the passion of Chilean fans.

KISS MY CHILEAN ASS 2022 (album details)

last update : 2022-04-30

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