SHAMELESS ; So Good, You Should ...
So Good, You Should ...

Released : May 20, 2022
Produced by : Alexx Michael
Time: 46:

01 Erection (instrumental) (0:37) a Shameless Tribute to Eddie Van Halen
02 Get Ready (2:53) Smokey Robinson
03 Shout It Out (3:52) Alexx Michael / Caharlotte Tybalt
04 So Good, You Should (4:01) Michael / Jaimz / Monteith / Muriel
05 I Think We're Alone Now (2:56) Ritchie Cordell
06 Hiding From Love (3:24) Bryan Adams / Jim Vallance / Eric Kagna
07 The Bandit (instrumental) (0:48) Alexx Michael
08 Eastbound and Down (2:57) Jerry Reed /Dick Feller
09 Love Is Blind (3:23) Gene Simmons
10 Does Your Mother Know (3:15) Benny Andersson / Bjorn Ulvaseus
11 Stay The Night (5:02) Billy Joe Armstrong / Mike Dirnt / Tre Cool
12 Ain’t Got No Sense (4:52) F. Kerr / G. Lewis / N. Stipanitz / S. Mahon
13 Pretty In Pink (3:52) first released by Psychedelic Furs in 1981
14 Live Your Dream (5:06) Alexx Michael / BC


Track 02 first released in 1966 by the Temptations.
Track 05 first released in 1966 by Tommy James.
Track 06 first released in 1980 by Bryan Adams.
Track 07 dedicated to Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds.
Track 08 first released in 1977 by Jerry Reed.
Track 09 unreleased Gene Simmons song from 1977.
Track 10 first released in 1979 by ABBA.
Track 11 first released in 2012 by Green Day.
Track 12 first released in in 1979 by Teenage Head.
Track 13 first released by Psychedelic Furs in 1981.

Track 14 Live Your Dream - originally released March 19, 2021 as a digital single

World : Pride & Joy Music - all digital platforms
Europe : Pride & Joy Music - compact disc - PJM12913
Europe : Pride & Joy Music - vinyl LP
Europe : Pride & Joy Music - music audio cassette

musicians :
Alexx Michael (bass and backing vocals; keyboard on 03, 04 and 05)
Bruce Kulick (guitars on 08, 09, 12 and 14)

Charlotte Tybalt (lead vocals / backing vocals)
Stevie Rachelle (lead vocals)
Frankie Muriel (lead vocals / backing vocals)
Jaret Reddick (lead vocals on 08 / backing vocals)
B.C. (guitars)
Dennis Post (guitars / backing vocals)
Tracii Guns (guitars on 01 and 02)
Alex Kane (guitars on 05, 08 and 12)
Adam Hamilton (guitar on 06, 09 and 12; drums on 06, 09, 10, 12 and 13)
Tod T Burr (drums on 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 08)
Brian Titchy (drums on 14)
Frank Meyer (keyboards on 02, 06, 09, 10, 12, 13 and 14; backing vocals)
Paul Roessler (piano on 11)
Lisa Hellmich (violins on 02, 09 and 11)
Reinhard Grainer (trumpets on 02)
Geoff Yeaton (saxophone on 02)
Keri Kelli (backing vocals)
Ron Albanese (backing vocals)
Alex Dechert (backing vocals)

Produced by Alexx Michael.
Track 14 produced by Dave Rhodes.
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Rhodes for Dave Rhodes Production, New Zealand.

Extra NOTES :
From Pride & Joy Music
For “So Good, You Should…”, Michael again teamed up with guitarist partner BC, Charlotte Tybalt, Dennis Post, Stevie Rachelle (Tuff), Frankie Muriel and Tod T Burr to release their first ever covers album which also includes 2 brand-new tracks.
Due to the pandemic making in-person studio recording impossible, Shameless recorded the recorded the record at 12 different locations all over the world including Munich, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Copenhagen and Auckland, New Zealand.
The band already released the single “
Live Your Dream” with Charlotte last year in conjunction with Michael's book “Looking Inside: The Stainless Sensation”, a 500 page deluxe bound definitive history of John DeLorean, the DMC 12 and the DeLorean Motor Company.
Charlotte sings 5 of the new tracks plus adding backing vocals on almost all the other tracks. Like on all Shameless releases, Tuff singer Stevie Rachelle, sang on a couple of the songs. Kiss legend Bruce Kulick is featured on a total of 4 songs including their version of the unreleased Gene Simmons song “Love is blind” and the cover of “East Bound And Down” where the band was joined by Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup on vocals. Tracii Guns appears as well on the new release.
Three more singles and videos will be released in advance to the album “So Good, You Should” - starting with the track “Shout Out Loud” on February 4th, 2022!
Check out the first trailer with music from "So Good, You Should..." below :

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




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