Released : 1988
Produced by : Paul Dean and Brian MacLeod
Time : 40:32

01 Sword And Stone (4:06) Child/ Stanley/ Kulick
02 Doctor (4:52) Dean
03 Draw The Line (4:11) Bryan Adams/ Jim Vallance
04 Dirty Fingers (4:02) Rhodes/ DeLuca
05 Under The Gun (3:39) Dean/ Reno/ J. Bon Jovi/ R.Sambora
06 Action (5:10) Dean/ Frenette/ Sinnaeve/ Shields/ Guthiel
07 Down To The Bottom (5:17) Dean
08 Black Sheep (4:09) Dean/ Rhodes/ Cerney
09 Politics (4:53) Dean/ MacLeod/ Foster

(various) original release 1988 by Columbia/CBS

USA     : Columbia - compact disc / LP - 44462
Europe : Sony/ CBS - compact disc / LP - CBS-462977-2/1

musicians :
Paul Dean (vocals, guitar, bass, background vocals)
Brian MacLeod (drums, keyboards, key bass, background vocals)
Matthew Frenette (drums on track 6)
Spider Sinnaeve (bass on track 6)
Jon Bon Jovi (harpon  track 5)
Dave Steele (background vocals)
Marc LaFrance (background vocals)
Ricky Renouf (background vocals)
Geraldo Dominelli (background vocals)
Vern Wills (background vocals)
Frank Felder (background vocals)
Gregg Sheehan (background vocals)
Rosalind Keene (background vocals)
NashyNash (background vocals)

Produced by Paul Dean and Brian MacLeod.
Mixed by Bob Rock at Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver, BC; 
   except track 6, 7 and 9; Mixed by Paul Dean.
Recorded at Venture Studios, Vancouver, BC, by Larry Vogel.
Additional overdubs recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver, BC, by Tim Crich and Ken Lomas; and at Mush Room Studios in Vancouver, BC, by Dale Penner.

Solo album by Loverboy guitarist Paul Dean.
"Sword and Stone" written by Desmond Child, Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick, which originally is written for the Kiss "Crazy Nights" album.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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Sword and Stone


Recording Faq / History 

" Sword and Stone "

also recorded by :

BONFIRE (1989)
SHOCKER soundtrack


Loverboy (official)

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