SHOCKER - Original Soundtrack
SHOCKER - Original Soundtrack
No More Mr. Nice Guy - the Music

Released : 1989
Produced by : various Producers incl. Desmond Child
Time : 40:

01 Shocker (3:58) The Dudes Of Wrath
02 Love Transfusion (4:22) Iggy Pop
03 No More Mr.Nice Guy (3:02) Megadeth
04 Sword and Stone (3:57) Bonfire
05 Timeless Love (4:08) Saraya
06 Shockdance (4:31) The Dudes Of Wrath
07 Demon Bell (3:56) Dangerous Toys
08 The Awakening (6:02) Voodoo X
09 Different Breed (3:48) Dead On
10 Shocker (reprise) (2:54) The Dudes Of Wrath

(93233) released 1989 by SBK/Alive Records

USA : SBK/Alive Records - compact disc - CDP K2-93233
USA : SBK/Alive Records - LP - CDP K1-93233
USA : SBK/Alive Records - MC - CDP K4-93233

Details on Track 1 and 10 :
written by ; Desmond Child, Jean Beauvoir and Guy Mann-Dude.
Produced by Desmond Child. Recorded at the Record Plant Studio, Hollywood, CA.

Paul Stanley and Desmond Child (lead vocals) 
Guy Mann-Dude and Vivian Campbell (guitars) 
Rudy Sarzo (bass) 
Tommy Lee (drums) 
background vocals ; Kane Roberts, Louis Merliono, Desmond Child and Michael Anthony.

Details on Track 4 :
"Sword and Stone" written by Desmond Child, Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick, which originally is demoed for the Kiss "Crazy Nights" album.

SHOCKER - sampler
A Shocking Sampler (promo EP)

Released : 1989

01 No More Mr.Nice Guy (3:02) Megadeth
02 Sword and Stone (3:57) Bonfire
03 Demon Bell (3:56) Dangerous Toys
04 Love Transfusion (4:22) Iggy Pop
05 Shocker (3:58) The Dudes Of Wrath

USA : SBK/Alive Records - compact disc - SBK DPRO-05316

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Shocker OST 

CD-single releases

Promo Sampler EP
promo EP

Video promo clip 

BONFIRE - Sword and Stone
BONFIRE : Sword and Stone

Recording Faq / History

" Sword and Stone "

also recorded by :

PAUL DEAN (1988)
PAUL DEAN - Hardcore


Desmond Child (official)

Bonfire (official)

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