Trouble Or Nothin
Released : 1989
Produced by : Desmond Child
Time : 39:

01 Hide Your Heart (4:06) Child/Stanley/Knight
02 Don't Lose Any Sleep (4:07) D.Warren
03 If You Were a Woman ...... (3:39) Child
04 Hold Back The Night (3:39) Alice Cooper/Child
05 Save Up Al Your Tears * (4:05) Child/D.Warren
06 In A Crazy World Like This (3:57) Steinberg/Kelly/Geraldo
07 Tears In The Rain (4:43) Child/D.Warren
08 A Heart Of You (4:13) Beck/Kent/Cox
09 Sleeping With The Enemy (3:37) Beck/Kent
10 First Time (3:18) Spencer/Anthony/Boyce

(838768) released 1989 by Polygram

USA / Europe / UK ; Polygram/ Mercury - compact disc / LP - 838768-2/1
Europe / Germany ; Metronome Music - compact disc / LP / MC - 838 910-2/1/4

musicians :
Robin Beck (lead and background vocals)
Guy Mann Dude (guitar)
Hugh McDonald (bass)
Bobby Chouinard (drums)
Greg Mangiafico (keyboards)

Steve Lukather (guitar on all tracks except track 10)
John McCurry (guitar on track 1 and 5)
Steve Ferrone (drums on track 7)
Alan St. Jon (organ on track 5)
David Garfield (additional keyboards)
Brandon Fields (saxophone on track 3)
Chuck Kentis (keyboards on track 5)

Gavin Spencer (drums on track 10)
Seth Glassman (bass on track 10)
Robbie Kondor (keyboards on track 10)
Jeff Miranov (guitaron track 10)
Ira Siegel (guitar on track 10)

Background vocals : 
Louise Merlino, Lani Groves, Myriam Valle, Maria Vidal, Joe Pizzulo, Gary Falcone, Bobby Donati, Tom Kelly, Ellen Shipley, Michael Anthony, Terry Brock and Desmond Child

* additional gang vocals on track 5 "Save Up All Your Tears" :
Paul Stanley, Guy Mann Dude, Richard T. Bear and Brad Parker.

Produced by Desmond Child. Recorded and Mixed by Sir Arthur Poyson.
Recorded at Bearsville Studios,  New York / Kampo Studio, NYC, New York.
Mixed at Conway Studios, Hollywood, California.

Track 05 : Recorded at Media Sound, NYC, New York / Right Track, NYC, New York.
Mixed by John Luongo.

Track 10 : Produced by Gavin Spencer. Remixed by Bill Schenimon.
Recorded at Sidepocket Sound, NYC, New York.

NOTES on 20th Anniversary Edition 2009 :
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Trouble Or Nothing, Robin
Beck released a brand new re-recording of the whole album, January 2009.
"Trouble Or Nothing - 20th Anniversary Edition" is repackaged with a new take on the original artwork and re-recorded with other musicians using the latest techniques for pristine audio quality with brand new vocals by Robin Beck and produced by James Christian (House Of Lords).
Also four never before recorded songs are included on the 2009 version of the CD.

Except for songwriter credits for "Hide Your Heart", Paul Stanley is not involved as a musician/ backing singer on the "20th Anniversary Edition of the disc.

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