Shakin' With The Money Man

Released : 1997
Produced by : Richie Zito, Curt Cuomo, Kim Bullard and Eddie Money
Time : 59:

01 Something To Believe In (4:14) Money/Cuomo/Hitchings
02 If We Ever Get Out Of This Place (3:50) Stanley/Cuomo/Girvin/Money
03 Can You Fall In Love Again (4:38) Waite/Denicola
04 Everybody Loves Christmas (4:05) Money/Cuomo
05 Two Tickets To Paradise (3:57) Money
06 Wanna Go Back (4:17) Byrom/Walker/Chauncey
07 She Takes My Breath Away (4:15) Money/Byrom/Morgan/Tanner/Bromham
08 Where's The Party (5:24) Money/Carter
09 Gimme Some Water (4:55) Money
10 Wanna Be A R & R Star (3:41) Money/Solberg
11 Rock & Roll The Place (2:58) Money/Lyon
12 Baby Hold On (3:58) Money/Lyon
13 Take Me Home Tonight (4:04) Leeson/Vale
14 Shakin' (4:49) Money/Carter/Meyers

(06076 86223-2) released 1997 by CMC International Records

USA : CMC International Records - compact disc - 06076 86223-2
Canada : Silverline Records / Sanctuary - DVD audio - 676628818893 (released 2003) *

* The DVD-Audio content can only be read by a DVD-Audio player. The Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS audio tracks provided on this disc will play on a standard DVD player.
Audio: 24 Bit/96 Khz PCM Stereo - English 24 Bit/48 Khz Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

Band line-up / guest musicians :
musicians Track 1 - 4 :
Eddie Money (lead vocals)
Ronnie Spector (guest vocals on track 4)
Curt Cuomo (backing vocals on track 1, 2, 4)
Kim Bullard (keyboards on track 3)
Richie Zito (guitars on track 1, 2, 4)
Tommy Girvin (guitars/background vocals on track 1, 2. / backing vocals on track 4)
Arther Burrows (bass and keyboards on track 1, 2, 4)
Mark Harris (bass on track 3)
Matt Laug (drums on track 1, 2)
Kenny Aronoff (drums on track 3)
Mike Beard (drums on track 4)
Bill Mason (B-3 on track 1, 2)

Band line-up track 5 - 14 :
Eddie Money (lead vocals)
Tommy Girvin (lead guitars)
Bill Mason (keyboards)
Trent Strow (bass)
John Snider (drums)
Bobby Levine (percussion)
Dean Mitchell (rhythm guitar)

Track 1, 2; Produced by Richie Zito, Curt Cuomo and Eddie Money.
Track 3 ; Produced by Kim Bullard, Curt Cuomo and Eddie Money.
Track 4 ; Produced by Richie Zito.

Track 5 - 14 ; Recorded Live At The Galaxy Theatre July 30 and 31, 1997.
Produced by Curt Cuomo and Eddie Money.

Live album by Eddie Money which includes 4 new studio-tracks.
"If We Ever Get Out Of This Place" written by Paul Stanley, Curt Cuomo, Eddie Money and Tommy Girvin . This song is a re-written version of "If We Ever", which appeared on both Stan Bush albums "Higher Than Angels" and "The Child Within".

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Shakin' With The Money Man

Recording Faq / History 

"If We Ever ..... "

also recorded by :

STAN BUSH (1996)
Stan Bush - The Child Within'


EDDIE MONEY (official)

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