The Child Within'

Released : 1996
Produced by : Curt Cuomo
Time : 49:21

01 I Never Wanted To Fall (4:27) Bush/Cuomo/Kirkpatrick
02 Higher Than Angels (4:53) Bush/Cuomo/Kirkpatrick
03 The Price Of Love (4:55) Bush/Cuomo
04 Say A Little Prayer (4:27) Bush/Cuomo
05 Until I Was Loved By You (4:45) Bush/Sklerov/Cuomo
06 The Child Within' (4:48) Bush/Cuomo
07 If We Ever (4:44) Bush/Cuomo/Stanley
08 Always (3:37) Bush/Roberts
09 You Never Know (4:06) Bush/Sklerov
10 Capture The Dream (4:05) Bush/Mark Ferrari/Paul Taylor
11 Everybody Needs A Hero (4:00) Bush/DeLuca

(74321-40544-2) released 1996 by BMG

Europe : BMG -compact disc - 74321-40544-2

musicians :
Stan Bush (lead and backing vocals) 
Robin Beck (special guest vocalist on "Until I Was Loved By You")
Curt Cuomo (keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, except track 10)
Gregg Bissinette (drums and percussion, except track 10)
Don Shiff (bass)
Don Kirkpatrick (guitars, except track 5, 7, 9, 10)
Danny Jacobs (guitars on track 5 and 7)
Peter Roberts (guitars on track 9)
Mark Ferrari (guitars on track 10)
Paul Taylor( keyboards on track 10)
Robbie Harrington (bass on track 10)
Ray Luzier (drums on track 10)
Bill Mason (B-3 on track 9)
Gloria Skerov (acoustic piano on track 9)
Bill Bixler (saxophone on track 10)
Gary Falcone (backing vocals)
John Batdorf (backing vocals)
Wanda Houston (backing vocals)

Produced by Curt Cuomo, except track 10.
Recorded by Curt Cuomo at Cheyenne Recording, Woodland Hills, CA.
Mixed by Ross Hogart at Master Control Studios, Burbank, CA.
Drums recorded by Ross Hogart at Master Control Studios, Burbank, CA.

Track 6 and 11 Mixed by Bill Dooley at Brooklyn Studios, Los Angeles.

Track 9; co-produced by Peter Roberts. 
Recorded by Peter Roberts at The Blue Danube and at Master Control by Ross Hogart.

Track 10; Produced by Paul Taylor, Mark Ferrari and Stan Bush. 
Recorded by Paul Taylor. Mixed by Michael Wagner.

European release (December 1996) of "Higher Than Angels" with some different songs. The 2nd. Paul Stanley song "I Was Wrong" is missing on this one.

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