One Of A Kind

Released : 2005
Produced by : Mark Montague
Time : 46:25

01 One of A Kind (4:45)  Lyrics: Montague/ Ebs
Music: Montague/ McLaughlin
02 Golden Arm (3:27) Lyrics: Criss/ Montague/ DeGennaro
Music: Montague
03 You're Killing My Head (3:03)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: McLaughlin/ Montague
04 U Ought To Be In Pictures (3:14)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: McLaughlin
05 Under My Skin (4:17)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: Montague
06 Explain (2:30)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: Montague
07 It's Over For You (2:29)  Lyrics: Montague/ Sherry/ Jefferson
Music: Jefferson/ Montague
08 Guard Dog (6:00)  Instrumental
Music: Morrison/ Montague
09 In The Morning I'm So High (2:47)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: Montague
10 The Shooter (3:53) Lyrics: Criss / Montague
Music: Montague
11 Walking Around (3:59)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: McLaughlin / Montague
12 Demonlike (3:29)  Lyrics: Montague
Music: Montague
13 U Gotta Know (2:32) Lyrics: Montague (Criss *)
Music: Montague

* "U Gotto Know" ; The inlay of the CD-booklet credits Mark Montague only, however, the ASCAP registration credits Peter Criss ...

(ARC351) original release 2005 by Azimuth Records

USA : Azimuth Records  - compact disc - ARC351

Mark Montague (bass)
Mike Mclaughlin (guitars)
Ryan Brown (drums)

Mark Montague (bass; lead vocals ; lead guitar on 1, 2, 6; guitar on 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13;
                        Taurus on 1-5, 8, 9; Piano on 2; Strings on 2; Violin on 3; 
                        All instruments on 5; Keyboards on 10, 12)
Mike McLaughlin (lead guitar on 3; guitar on 4, 11, 13)
Ryan Brown (drums on 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 13)
Eddie Rogers (drums on 1, 8, 9; Vox stutter editing on 1)
Eddie Kanon (snare & crash on 4; drums on 11; drum sequence on 12)
Jeff Morrison (Intro guitar and effects on 1; leadguitar on 8, 9; Acoustic guitar/ guitar on 9)
Valerie Constable (backing vocals on 2)
Ryan Montague (screams on 10)
Barbara DeGennaro (Intro lyrics & Performance on 2)

Produced by: Mark Montague
Executive Producer: Lou Heruska
Engineered by: Mark Montague

Tracks 2, 3, 5-6, 10, & 12 drums recorded, engineered and co-produced by Bill Dooley at Paramount, Hollywood.

Tracks 1, 8-9 basic tracks recorded, co-engineered and co-produced by Ed Rogers at Bitwerx Studios, North Hollywood.

Tracks 1-3, 5-7, 9-10, & 13 mixed by Matt Hennesset at Alien Sound, Chicago.

Track 8 basic tracks recorded at Bitwerx, North Hollywood; overdubs recorded, engineered and mixed by Mark Shannon at Bungalow Studios, Houston; Produced by Jeff Morrison.

Track 12 original tracks and 1st mix by Ed Rogers at Bitwerx, North Hollywood.

Tracks 4 & 11 recorded on Mark's dinosaur Fostex 8 track, co-engineered, co-produced by Mike McLaughlin; all in Mark's North Hollywood two-bedroom apartment.

All tracks mastered by Christopher Greene at Alien Sound, Chicago.

Promo letter 2005:
In 2004 the brainchild of Mark Montague known as ONE OF A KIND, hit the grunge/metal scene and is ready to make its album debut. Montague, who co-wrote and co-produced two records (CRISS EP and  CRISS Cat #1) in the mid 90's with rock and roll legend Peter Criss of Kiss, poured his soul into an album that is sure to be ONE OF A KIND.

"I toured extensively playing bass for Peter, we were constantly working. I picked up vast amounts of experience just hanging with him on the bus after shows! As a matter of fact three songs on this record were co-written with The Catman. Peter is currently working on his next solo record and we co-wrote one song together and I play bass on several others. When Peter reunited with Kiss in 1996 I continued to write and was in several different projects until 1998 when I auditioned for "Five For Fighting". I got the job as bass player and a few years later was awarded my first Gold Record."

Montague left Five For Fighting in 2001 to spend more time raising his son all the while he continued to write music. "The songwriting process worked for me instead of going to the shrink"! 

Mark met St. Louis born Mike Mclaughlin in 1994 when Mike got the job as lead guitar player for Peter Criss. After CRISS, Mike moved to Taipai, started a family, and became one of the hottest session guitarist / bassist playing with premier artists in the far east. Mike has co-written several songs on ONE OF A KIND as well as co-writing many songs on the new Peter Criss record. 

In 2000, Montague was introduced to drumming sensation out of Hollywood, Ca. Colorado born, Ryan Brown. With three premier musicians sharing the same vision and lyrics in hand, ONE OF A KIND got to work putting together an album like no other. 

"We did a three song session at Mike's house and that is when we originally recorded "Killing My Head". Ryan is a top drummer in Hollywood playing and recording with top bands and artists. It's taken some time but this collection of songs had to come out of the ethereal and into the physical vibration for some reason that's beyond me. Hopefully I didn't distort the message too much."

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Recording Faq / History 

Promo letter 2005


Mike McLaughlin (KISSfaq 2006)

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