We Will Rock You
A Tribute To Queen

Released : October 2000
Remixed by : various
Time : 50:

01 Tie Your Mother Down (3:43) Die Krupps Remix
02 Sheer Heart Attack (3:42) Chemical Whore Remix
03 Another One Bites The Dust (3:47) Meeks Remix
04 Keep Yourself Alive (4:41) Sigue Sigue Sputnik Remix
05 Save Me (4:11) Interface Remix
06 Get Down Make Love (3:52) Die Krupps Remix
07 We Are The Champions (4:01) Rosetta Stone Remix
08 I Want It All (4:50) Julian Beeston Remix
09 We Will Rock You (4:58) KMFDM Remix
10 It's Late (4:02) Sheep On Remix
11 One Vision (4:22) Spahn Ranch Remix
12 Killer Queen (3:51) System Effect Remix

(......) original release 2000 by Cleopatra Records

USA     : Cleopatra Records - compact disc - ......
UK       : Cherry Red Anagram Records - compact disc - CDMGRAM 130

Details on Track 5 :
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar)
Jeff Scott Soto (lead vocals)
Remixed by Julian Synne.

musicians (complete list) : (lead voals/ guitars/ remix)
Track 01 : Lemmy / Ted Nugent / remixed by Die Krupps
Track 02 : James LaBrie / Marty Friedman  / remixed by Julian Beeston
Track 03 : Adam Paskowitz  / John Petrucci / remixed by Meeks & Mad City Productions
Track 04 : Mark Boals / Reb Beach / remixed by Tony James & Neal X.
Track 05 : Jeff Scott Soto / Bruce Kulick / remixed by Julian Synne
Track 06 : Glenn Hughes / Jake E.Lee and Bob Kulick / remixed by Die Krupps
Track 07 : Paul Shortino / Robby Krieger / (remixed by Rossetta Stone)
Track 08 : Robin McAuley / Bob Kulick / remixed by Julian Beeston
Track 09 : Paul Shortino / Bob Kulick / remixed by KMFDM
Track 10 : John Bush / Scott Ian and Zachary Throne / remixed by Sheep On Drugs
Track 11 : James LaBrie / Bruce Bouillet and Bob Kulick / remixed by Matt Green
Track 12 : as recorded by Bang Tango / remixed by Julian Beeston

Just like the Van Halen 1999 tribute "Hot For Remixes" this album includes electronic dance versions of classic Queen songs. Actually most of the recordings on this one are overdubbed versions as recorded for the 1996 Queen Tribute "Dragon Attack"; which means that the drums, bass and original keyboards are removed to make space for dance- or R&B beats.
In some way this album sounds better than the Van Halen one; probably because some of the songs doesn't sound that metallic / electronic. A very few tracks do not have beats now; for example "I Want It Now" has a little Ultravox "Vienna" feel; and "Save Me", performed by Bruce Kulick and Jeff Scott Soto sounds like an Unplugged version with a very few keys.
On "Keep Yourself Alive" Yngwie Malmsteen's guitars from the Dragon Attack CD are replaced to make room for Reb Beach.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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A Tribute To Queen



Cherry Red Records

Bruce Kulick (official)

Jeff Scott Soto (official)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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