A Tribute to Rod Stewart

Released : September 1997
Produced by : Amir Derakh
(except where noted)
Time: 65:19

01 Dynamite (3:31) Stewart/Andy Taylor
02 Gasoline Alley (3:50) Stewart/Ron Wood
03 (I Know) I'm Losing You (4:44) Whitfield/Holland
04 Reason To Believe (4:04) Hardin
05 Every Picture Tells A Story (5:34) Stewart/Ron Wood
06 You're In My Heart (4:52) Stewart
07 I Was Only Joking (4:43) Stewart/Grainger
08 Stay With Me (5:00) Stewart/Ron Wood
09 Hot Legs (3:49) Stewart
10 Maggie May (5:53) Stewart/Quittenton
11 Rock My Plimsoul (3:37) Jef Beck
12 The Killing Of Georgie (5:29) Stewart
13 Do You Think I'm Sexy (5:13) Stewart/Appice/Hitchings
14 Let Me Love You (4:52) Jef Beck
15 Tonight's The Night * (3:16) Stewart

* Track 15 ; Japanese bonustrack

(DERCD-098) original release 1998 by Triage Records

Japan : Victor - compact disc - VICP-60145      (September 23, 1997)
USA    : De Rock Triage - compact Disc - DERCD-098  ( April 7, 1998)

musicians on track 2 :
John Corabi (lead vocals, guitars)
"J.B.Crablick" = John Corabi and Bruce Kulick (additional guitars, mandolin)

musicians on track 10 :
John Corabi (lead vocals, acoustic guitar)
Bruce Kulick (Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin)
Brent Fitz (drums)
Chaz Butcher (bass)
Curt Cuomo (keyboards)

musicians on track 12 :
Eric Singer (drums)
Gilby Clarke (lead voacls, guitars)
Phil Soussan (bass, mandolin)
Roberta Freeman (additional vocals)
Teddy Andreadis (Hammond B-3)

musicians on track 14 :
Eric Singer (drums and vocals)
Bob Daisley (bass)
Doug Aldrich (guitar)

musicians (complete list) :
Track 01 : Spike/ B.Duffy/ Raven/ Matt Sorum
Track 02 : John Corabi/ J.B.Crablick
Track 03 : Stephen Pearcy/ W.DeMartini/ M.Thorne/ B.Burwell
Track 04 : Eddie Money/ D.Kirkpatrick/ T.Stroh/ J.Snider/ B.Mason
Track 05 : R.McAuley/ B.Walsh/ J.Lester/S.chamberlin/ M.Lord/ M.Digby
Track 06 : P.Shortino/ C.Cavazo/ S.McNabb/ A.Desbrow/ J.T.Garrett
Track 07 : Jani Lane/R.Steier B.Robinson/B.Borg/Jimmy Z/D.Dobklin/R.Freeman/J.T.Garrett
Track 08 : Spike/ C.C.Deville/ J.Allen/ C.Roy/ S.DeBoard/ H.Teman
Track 09 : Feat. members of Orgy and Orpheus/A. Derakh/J.Gordon/L.Tolhurst/A.Anderson
Track 10 : J.Corabi/ Bruce Kulick/ B. Fitz/ C.Butcher/ C.Cuomo
Track 11 : J.Pilson/ C.C.Deville/ J.Kottak
Track 12 : Eric Singer/ G.Clarke/ P.Soussan/ R.Freeman/ T.Andreadis
Track 13 : performed by I'M'L
Track 14 : Eric Singer/ B.Daisley/ D.Aldrich
Track 15 : Sebastian Bach and D'arcy/ Jimmy Flemion/ Kelly Deal/ Mark McConnell

Produced by Amir Derakh for Amiricol Sound (except where noted)
Track 2, 4 and 10 ; Produced by Curt Cuomo
Track 3 ; Produced by Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne
Track 13 ; Produced by I'M'L

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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A Tribute to Rod Stewart



Bruce Kulick (official)

Eric Singer (official)

John Corabi (official)

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