A Tribute to Ace Frehley

Released : November 23, 1997
Produced by : various producers
Time : 66:

01 Rock Bottom (intro) (1:20) Bruiz
02 Rip It Out (3:50) Brian Tichy
03 Cold Gin (6:12) L.A. Guns
04 Strange Ways (3:26) Eric Singer & Karl Cochran
05 Getaway (2:48) Tubetop
06 Shout It Out Loud (2:45) Presidents Of The USA
07 Snowblind (4:05) Dimedag Darrell
08 Dancing With Danger (3:14) Tod Howarth
09 Love Her All I Can (3:00) Eric Singer & Karl Cochran
10 Speedin Back to My Baby (4:15) Lee McCormack & Dallas Remple
11 Rocket Ride (4:14) Gilby Clarke
12 Remember Me (4:13) Mitch Weissman & Richie Scarlett
13 New York Groove (3:24) The Impostors 6
14 Back On The Streets (5:42) The Comet Band
15 Animal (4:26) The Comet Band
16 California Burns (6:16) Tod Howarth
17 Liar (4:14) Bruce Kulick

(SR01) released 1997 by Shock Records

USA : Shock Records - compact disc - SR01

Details on Track 4 :
Eric Singer (lead vocals, drums)
Karl Cochran (guitars, bass, background vocals)
Produced by Juan Croucier and Eric Singer. Engineered by Juan Croucier.

Details on Track 8 :
(written by Ace Frehley, Dana Strum, Spencer Proffer and Streetheart)
Tod Howarth (lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards)
Troy Patrick Farrell (drums, background vocals)

Details on Track 9 :
Eric Singer (drums, background vocals)
Karl Cochran (lead vocals, guitars, bass)
Produced by Karl Cochran. Recorded and engineered by Dave Wittman.

Details on Track 11 :
Doyle Harris (is an alias for Eric Singer *) ( drums)
Gilby Clarke (guitars, lead vocals)
Stefan Adika (bass)
Produced and Engineerded by Gilby Clarke.

Details on Track 12 :
Mitch Weissman (lead vocals, bass)
Richie Scarlett (lead guitar)
John Ostrosky (rhythm guitars, drums)
Produced by John Ostrosky. Associate producer ; Mitch Weissman.

Details on Track 14 : The Comet Band
Back On the Streets - (written by Vinnie Vincent)
Richie Scarlett (lead voacals, guitars)
John Regan (bass)
Steve Werner (drums)
Arthur Stead (keyboards)
Produced by John Regan.

Details on Track 15 : The Comet Band
Animal - (written by John Regan and Arthur Stead)
Richie Scarlett (lead voacals, guitars)
John Regan (bass)
Steve Werner (drums)
Arthur Stead (keyboards, background vocals)
Produced by John Regan.

Details on Track 16 :
(written by Tod Howarth)
Tod Howarth (lead vocals, all instruments)
Produced by Tod Howarth.

Details on Track 17 :
(written by Bruce Kulick)
Bruce Kulick (guitars, bass)
Brent Fitz (drums)
Produced by Bruce Kulick and Juan Croucier. Engineered by Juan Croucier.

Contains two previously unreleased Frehley's Comet tracks ;
"Back On the Streets" and "Animal", re-recorded by the Comet Band.

Track 11 : The track "Rocket Ride" has a drummer listed by the name of Doyle Harris. That is an alias for Eric Singer. He used that name during his time in
Doyle is also Eric's middle name. According to Eric Singer : "I had already recorded two track for the project with Karl Cochran and I didn't wanna seem like I was playing on everything so I just used my "stage name" for the liner notes". (Thanks to Rob)

Track 17 : The song "Liar" was originally written by Bruce Kulick during KISS "Carnival Of Souls" sessions. Kiss used it as a basis for another song which wasn't used on the album either. For inclusion on the "Return Of The Comet" album, Bruce Kulick went back to the original version of his demo.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




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