THAYER-St.JAMES - The Lost Tapes
The Lost Tapes

Recorded in : late 1988 / early 1989
Released : June 3, 2022
Produced by : .....
Time : 20:06

01 Sweet Sensation (3:51) J. St.James / Thayer / Jeff Labansky
02 American Man * (3:47) J. St.James / Thayer / Simmons(?)
03 Time (4:07) J. St.James / Thayer
04 Ballad of the Bullet (4:04) J. St.James / Thayer
05 Work It (4:19) J. St.James / Thayer

USA     : self release - compact disc - .....

musicians :
Tommy Thayer (guitars)
Jamie St. James (vocals, drums)
Patrick Young (bass on "Work It") (??)
Jeff Labansky (lead guitar on track 01)
Mitch Perry
(additional lead guitar)

further details will follow

Engineered and Mixed by Pat Regan.

further details will follow

Extra NOTES :
From : Jaime St.James and Tommy Thayer (May 21, 2022)
We’ve been friends a long time. We were talking the other day and realized that we’ve known each other, written songs, and played in bands together since we were 18 years old. That’s well over 40 years! Here’s five songs we uncovered recently that we’d almost forgotten about. These recordings were saved for more than 30 years on 2” analog multitrack tape and two track mixes on 1/4” tape, but were unfortunately disintegrated beyond use. After some digging, a DAT tape and a cassette were the only usable sources we could find. These recordings were almost lost forever. Now thanks to a bit of digital polishing, these songs have come to life! We thought they should see the light of day.

From :  Tommy Thayer interview (June 1, 2022)
After the release of BLACK 'N BLUE 's 1988 album "
In Heat", Tommy Thayer and Jamie St.James demoed a couple of tracks for what would have been BLACK 'N BLUE 's fifth album or according to Tommy Thayer the possibility to start a new band.
All tracks are basically written and recorded by Jaime and Tommy Thayer.
Jeff Labansky and Mitch Perry did a couple of guest guitar solos.
Read the interview
clicking here.

From : Kiss Related Recordings
"American Man" on the THAYER - St. JAMES disc is the same version of the song as recorded by SHAMELESS ("Queen For A Day" album 2000) and TUFF ("The History Of Tuff album 2001).
According to RLS Records catalog "American Man"
was first hand delivered to Stevie Rachelle & TUFF by none other than Gene Simmons himself. Originally it was meant to be recorded and included on the follow up to TUFF's  "What comes around...Goes around" but somehow got lost in the shuffle.
NOTE: SHAMELESS' version of
"American Man" also features Stevie Rachelle's lead vocals.

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