Decade Of Kissin'

Released : 2009
Engineered by : Api
Time : 53:17

01  Deuce (3:05)
02  Hotter Than Hell  (3:17)
03  2000 Man  (4:48)
04  Christine Sixteen (3:03)
05  I Was Made For Loving You (4:45)
06  Nothin' To Lose (3:34)
07  Got to Choose (3:41)
08  Hard Luck Woman (3:14)
09  Forever (3:28)
10  New York Groove (2:59)
11  Love Gun (3:23)
12  Black Diamond (3:17)
13  Rock And Roll All Nite (3:54)
14  God Gave Rock 'n Roll To You II (5:27)
15  KDE DOMOV MŮJ (1:22)

Czech Republic ; independent label - compact disc

KISS Czech Company is :
Martin Malik (as Paul Stanley : guitar,  lead vocals)
Martin Pasek (as Ace Frehley : lead guitar, lead vocals)
David Brychca (as Eric Carr : drums, lead vocals)
Radek Kabelka (as Gene Simmons : bass, vocals, percussion)

guest musicians :
Mara (synths)

Recorded August / October 2009.
Engineered and Mastered by Api.

Extra NOTES :
The band KISS Czech Company was formed in the first months of year 2000 at the time, when classmates and very good friends Martin Malik and Tomas Paulas dreams about their first band. The two guitarists Martin and Tomas are borrowing garage for their musical needs. Their favorite band is New York's KISS, who make an impression on them by their uncommon image, but mainly by their straight, catchy and singing music. Their friend Ondrej Vacek, who is beginning drummer, visits them one day and starts a cooperation with the band. After some days Radek Kabelka, who is looking for position of the bass guitarist, comes . His passion is so strong, so Martin accepts Radek as legal member of the new band. The style, which the band wants to play, is more than clear and the group of young rockers starts to do very difficult mission: Play and look like KISS!!!

The beginning of 2001 starts more frequent cooperate with other bands. KISS are dissatisfied with their image and have new costumes made. They decide for 'Love Gun' costumes, which wore real KISS in 1977. The costumes are ready after two weeks.
In 2003 this line up released their self titled "Kiss Revival EP".

Soon after this release KISS Revival changed their name to KISS Czech Company.
In 2004 Ondrej and Tomas left the band. The new drummer is David Brychca in the fox mask. But KISS can't find the new spaceman. After one year of playing with a borrowed spaceman they meet Martin Pasek and the lineup is complete.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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