BUFFALO ROCK CITY - Buffalo Rock City Alive​!  (2022)
Alive​! - A Live Tribute To KISS

Released : September 10, 2022
Produced by : John Peace
Time :

01  Psycho Circus (5:42) KISS This!
02  I've Had Enough (3:56) Buffalo Rock City
03  Freak (3:53) Buffalo Rock City
04  War Machine (3:37) KISS This!
05  Back on the Streets (5:29) Buffalo Rock City
06  Hard Luck Woman (3:32) Buffalo Rock City  feat. Robby Takac
07  Shock Me (5:42) KISS This!
08  Lick It Up (3:41) KISS This! with Debbie Knight
09  Beth (3:54) KISS This!
10  New York Groove (2:46) KISS This!

USA : compact disc available at Bandcamp.com .
USA : digital album available at Bandcamp.com .

Produced and Mixed by John Peace.
Co-produced by John Jeffrey.

Track 01 Recorded in Tonawanda, NY at Niawanda Park 8/4/18
Track 04 Recorded in West Seneca, NY at the Rockin' Buffalo Saloon 1/21/17
Track 07 Recorded in Hamburg, NY at Memorial Park 7/5/19
Track 08 Recorded in North Tonawanda, NY at Gateway Harbor 6/23/21
Track 09 Recorded in North Tonawanda, NY at Gateway Harbor 7/26/17
Track 10 Recorded in North Tonawanda, NY at Gateway Harbor 7/25/18

Track 02, 03, 05, 06 Recorded in Buffalo, NY at Music Is Art 9/11/21

Extra NOTES :
“Buffalo Rock City ALIVE” is the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2020 KISS tribute album, "Buffalo Rock City.” The first pressing of “ALIVE!” was only available at the Music Is Art Festival. Due to the overwhelming demand, we have done a 2nd pressing to make the album available online.

"Buffalo Rock City ALIVE!" features six performances from KISS THIS!’s live archive, going back to 2017, with 4 songs recorded during the 2021 (the 19th annual) Music Is Art Festival, run by Goo Goo Dolls co-founder Robby Takac. Robby and KISS THIS!’s connection dates to 2015, when the band was asked to open for the Goo Goo Dolls’ main stage performance at the 13th annual Music Is Art Festival. “Buffalo Rock City ALIVE!” is Music Is Art’s first partnership for a live album, as this is this is the first official release including live performances from Music Is Art.

KISS THIS! features John Jeffrey as original KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley, bassist Taylor Stursa as Gene Simmons, guitarist Kevin Blakita as Paul Stanley, and drummer Julius Giambelluca as “the Fox” Eric Carr.

Other live performers on the live album are drummer Shawn Przybylak and guitarist Gene Schmidt, who were on the original 2020 release, “Buffalo Rock City.” Guest vocalists from the “Buffalo Rock City" album reprised their parts on “ALIVE!,” including Western New York talents Jody Velletta (Dodriver), Nat Peace (Judas Priest tribute band, Call for the Priest and the Rush tribute, Analog Kids), plus Casey Moyer (716 Dance Band), and the Goo Goo Dolls/Music is Art producer Robby Takac.

Lockport native, John Peace, (a great local producer and father of "Buffalo Rock City" alumnus vocalist Nat Peace) mixed the new production to “perfection,” notes John Jeffrey. “Mr. Peace has assembled and remixed professional live releases from a range of acts including the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd, and he’s supportive of all things hard rock and heavy metal." Having such an extensive background in working on live recordings made Peace an obvious choice to have mix the album.

Eventually the John Peace and John Jeffrey co-produced "Buffalo Rock City ALIVE!" with the best sounding recordings from the KISS THIS! audio archive, along with the songs preserved from the Music Is Art performance.

The album’s artwork was done by renowned KISS fan artist Nobuya Tamaki, who has many of his pieces of art used by KISS. The design pays homage to the Gene Simmons white room/blood session done in 1977 with Lynn Goldsmith to promote "KISS ALIVE II."

Each “Buffalo Rock City ALIVE” CD comes with a randomly inserted trading card, featuring photos of the members of KISS THIS! and the Buffalo Rock City 2021 Music Is Art performers. All proceeds will be donated to Music Is Art.

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Alive​! - A Live Tribute To KISS

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