MARCEESE : Have Love, Will Travell (2015)  
Have Love, Will Travel

Released : January 23, 2015
Produced by : Marceese
Time : 51:24

01 Tomorrow and Tonight (2:36) Paul Stanley
02 Man Of 1000 Faces (2:44) Gene Simmons
03 Plaster Caster (3:38) Gene Simmons
04 I Want You (5:16) Paul Stanley
05 Radioactive (2:47) Gene Simmons
06 Got Love For Sale (3:54) Gene Simmons
07 Easy Thing (3:26) Peter Criss, Stan Penridge
08 Move On (2:22) Paul Stanley, Mikel Japp
09 Dirty Livin' (5:04) Peter Criss, Vini Poncia, Stan Penridge
10 Rip It Out (4:50) Ace Frehley, Larry Kelly, Sue Kelly
11 Rock and Roll All Nite (3:49) Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley
00 Charisma (hidden track) (6:06) Gene Simmons, Howard Marks

released 2015 by Timezone Records, Germany.

Germany : Timezone Records - compact disc and digital download


Acoustic & electric guitars, bass, vocals, banjo, cajon, harp and tambourine by Marceese.
Produced by Marceese.
Recorded and Mixed at Zico Recordings, Berlin, Kreutzberg, Germany, October 2014.

Extra NOTES : 
From : Kiss Related Recordings
Wow, This 2nd KISS Tribute by Berlin folk artist Marceese is a must have gem ….
It’s hard to believe Marceese is from Germany. It really is a pleasure to hear KISS' obscure songs transformed into Southern sounding folk classics, in a mood that brings you to New Orleans, Mississippi Delta, … a house with a rocking chair on the veranda … “Tommorow and Tonight” goes back to 50’s cajun music … This time “I Want You” and “Rip It Out” are rearranged to emotional dramatically acoustical ballads, with a nearly crying electric guitar during “I Want You”.
Where Marceese first KISS Tribute “
Baby Driver” was mainly acoustical folk music,  “Have Love, Will Travel” have a lot more musical surprises …. “Plaster Caster”, an up-tempo “Radioactive” … nice backing vocals, bass drum and electric guitarsolo on “Got Love For Sale”, Banjo Cajun / bass drum versions of “Move On” and “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” … and with a Jimi Hendrix 60’s guitar sound version of “Dirty Livin” Marceese did one of the best KISS cover versions ever ….
This really is a must hear!!!
Hidden track on the album is a humoristic parody folk version of “Charisma” …
It wouldn’t surprise me when one of these covered KISS tunes will be used in a movie or documentary taking place in Southern States of America …
Marceese’s previous KISS Tribute “
Baby Driver” I described as a little pearl, now his 2nd KISS Tribute “Have Love, Will Travel” than is a perfectly cut diamond …. KRR TIP !!!

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MARCEESE : Have Love, Will Travel (2015)

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