UNION UNION - Union / The Blue Room - 2CD reissue 2012 (SFMTFCD020)
The Blue Room

Released : February 22, 2000
Produced by : Bob Marlette
Time : 48:50

01 Do Your Own Thing (4:32) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
02 Dead (3:35) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
03 Everything's All Right (5:17) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
04 Shine (5:35) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
05 Who Do You Think You Are (4:40) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
06 Dear Friend  (5:22) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
07 Do You Know My Name (4:58) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
08 Hypnotized (4:48) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
09 I Wanna Be (5:20) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting
10 No More  (4:37) Corabi/Kulick/Marlette/Hunting

(553.0015.20) original release 2000 by Spitfire Records

USA         : Spitfire Records - promo CD - ADV5015-2 (December 1999) *
USA         : Spitfire Records - compact disc - 6-70211-5015-2    (February 22, 2000)
Europe     : Eagle/ Spitfire Records - compact disc - SPITCD015 (February 28, 2000)
Argentina : Sum Records - compact disc - .......... (October, 2000)

UK : 2CD Union / The Blue Room reissue : The Store For Music Ltd - SFMTFCD020 (2012)

* The promotional advance promo CD issue of the proper album release comes in a cardboard sleeve with the album cover art on the front and the UNION biography and picture on the back of the sleeve. 

Band line-up / guest musicians :

John Corabi (lead vocals, guitars)
Bruce Kulick (guitars, vocals)
James Hunting (bass, vocals)
Brent Fitz (drums, vocals)

Bruce Kulick and John Corabi share lead vocals on the track "Dear Friend."

Produced and Mixed by Bob Marlette.
Co-produced by Bruce Kulick and John Corabi.
Engineered by Bob Marlette.
Recorded at A & M Studios, Hollywood, CA and The Blue Room, Woodland Hills, CA. 

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2CD reissue 2012

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UNION : The Blue Room



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