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October 28 : more TOMMY THAYER related demo's released
From : KISS Related Recordings
Today the Numero Group have released a 21 song compilation entitled "Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip".
"Bound For Hell" is early '80s L.A. rock as it actually was: a California cataclysm of drunk and horny headbangers, dressed in sharp, shiny, leather androgyny and fire, kicking crowds in the teeth to clear the way to that one big shot. Featuring 21 tracks by 21 of the Sunset Strip's most razor-sharp heathens. Available as a 2LP box set with an ephemera-stuffed gatefold and 144-page hardbound book, or a sheer savage CD Wallet, with a 12-panel double-sided poster for those denizens of the compact disc.

"Bound For Hell" contains a couple of unreleased demo's by BLACK 'N BLUE (Tommy Thayer guitar) and SIN ("On The Run" 1985 demo featuring Tommy Thayer on backing vocals).

The Poser Proof Die Hard Edition on Translucent Red Vinyl contains a bonus 5 track music cassette EP (Limited to 500 copies) which first track is an extra unreleased BLACK 'N BLUE demo of the song "Rules Were Made To Be Broken".

"Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip" is available on CD and as 2LP boxset which you can purchase exclusive at the label's website.

Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip (2022)  Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip 2LP + MC (2022)

Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip - album details

September 25 : New release from SMASHED GLADYS featuring 4 songs from the Gene Simmons‘ sessions
SMASHED GLADYS : Raw (2022)From :
Out on 7th October through Golden Robot Records will be RAW by Smashed Gladys. The Raw album is a collection of some of the works that were initially the demos for a never released third record. Those songs have been recently mixed by the band’s first producer, Mark Dearnley-whose credits include a wide range from AC/DC to Paul McCartney – and John Catto – the guitarist from Toronto’s infamous punk/power pop band, The Diodes. The album rounds out with an additional 4 songs from the
Gene Simmons‘ sessions.

Born from the members of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, Smashed Gladys helped to craft a legendary period of New York City rock. Lead singer Sally Cato started as a singer in the art rock band The Concordes, while guitarist Bart Lewis did a brief stint with Canada’s most dangerous band, The Viletones, before departing for NYC. Soon after relocating to Gotham, Sally & Bart met songwriter Tommy Boyce, who (along with his partner Mickey Hart) had coined most of The Monkees‘ songs.

Under Boyce’s guidance, the group began rehearsing at a well-known studio in midtown Manhattan. SG started playing venues in and around the NYC area, during which time they met Gene Simmons, who offered them a production/management deal. The band’s original 4 members: Sally Cato (vocals), Bart Lewis (guitar), Matt Stellutto (drums) and Ken Fox (bass) from Toronto’s Raving Mojo’s, Jason and the Scorchers and The Fleshtones, along with the addition of Hilly Michaels, drummer from the Ian Hunter band – went into the studio and recorded close to an album’s worth of material
produced by Gene Simmons.

Four of the songs from those sessions are being released now, for the first time ever. Simmons captured the personality and raw grittiness of the band perfectly, and by the end of 1984, SG were in the UK recording their first album,
Smashed Gladys, with Mark Dearnley at the producer helm. Smashed Gladys returned to the states and began touring and doing opening slots with The Dead Boys, Van Zant, Nazareth, Ace Frehley, Cheap Trick, Poison, Rick Derringer, Blue Oyster Cult, Crocus and others. It was during this feverish period that they established the infamous Wednesday night series at The Cat Club.

SSmashed Gladys caught the attention of Elektra Records A&R rep Micheal Alago. In 1986 they were signed by Elektra VP, Howard Thompson. The band played a signing gig to a packed house at one of the first venues they played in NYC – CBGB’s. Elektra picked up the rights to the first record and then sent the band into the studio to work on their next record, Social Intercourse, recorded in NYC with Rick Browdie and in L.A with Michael Wagner doing additional tracking and mixing.

Smashed Gladys was making demos for their third record when they received offers from producers John Paul Jones and Mick Ronson. They went with Mick Ronson and began pre-production, but Ronson fell ill. The Band was then picked up by Teddy Slatus, Johnny Winter’s manager and label.

Tragically, Smashed Gladys' third bass player, Mark Sliker, then died from a drug overdose. Following the trials and tribulations, Sally left the music business and returned to being a graphic artist. On May 19, 2020, Sally Cato passed away.

SMASHED GLADYS Raw album details

August 27 :

From :
We are stoked to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Creatures Of The Night with a Super Deluxe Boxset available November 18, 2022! To include a 5-CD + Blu-ray Audio Super Deluxe Edition, 3-LP Deluxe, 2-CD Deluxe, 1-LP Half-Speed Master 180gm, 1-CD Remaster, as well as a 5-CD Super Deluxe Edition Digital Download + Streaming and 2-CD Digital Download-only version plus a color Vinyl exclusive.


The Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe boasts 103 total tracks with 75 tracks being unreleased. Newly remastered, the original album has never sounded better.
CDs 2 & 3 feature 34 demos, rarities & outtakes including unreleased gems like “Deadly Weapon (Penny Lane Demo),” “Not For The Innocent (Demo)” and “Betrayed (Outtake).”
CDs 4 & 5 highlight 26 incredible, soundboard live recordings from the Creatures ‘82/’83 Tour and 7 super rare tour sound effects, all recorded and archived by the Creatures Tour sound engineer Harry Witz. The Blu-ray Audio disc showcases a first-ever Atmos and 5.1 surround mix plus the high-resolution newly remastered 1982 stereo mix of the original album.

The Super Deluxe explodes further with an extensive array of bonus kollectibles including:

• 80-page Hardcover Book with Extensive Liner Notes by Ken Sharp, a Monstrous Amount of Unreleased Photos and Imagery

• Creatures Of The Night 1982 Press Kit featuring
- Creatures Band Press Bio Sheet
- Creatures Tour Band New Poster 11”x17”
- 2 Stage Drawings
- The Loudest Band In The World Poster 16”x24”
- Japanese Promo Poster 16”x22.5”
- Band Black & White Promo 8”x10”
- Gene, Paul, Eric & Vinnie Color Photos 8”x10”
- Creatures 40th T-shirt Iron-on Transfer Sheet
- “I Love It Loud” Bumper Sticker
- Australian Creatures Sticker
- Marcanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro 6/18/83 Replica Ticket
- Creatures Tour “Detroit” VIP Cloth Sticky Backstage Pass
- 4 Killers-era Trading Cards

• Creatures 1982 Replica Tour Program

• Gene, Paul, Eric & Vinnie –Chris Hoffman Illustrations 9”x12”

•Gotham Rock City News Volume 2 Newspaper –Track-By-Track Interviews with Gene, Paul, Eric, Vinnie, Michael James Jackson, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Adam Mitchell and Mikel Japp

•5 Glow-In-The-Dark Guitar Picks

•Iron-on Patch

•4 Buttons

DISC ONE: CREATURES OF THE NIGHT : Original Album Remastered
1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Saint And Sinner
3. Keep Me Comin’
4. Rock And Roll Hell
5. Danger
6. I Love It Loud
7. I Still Love You
8. Killer
9. War Machine

1. I’m A Legend Tonight
2. Down On Your Knees
3. Nowhere To Run
4. Partners In Crime
5. Deadly Weapon (Penny Lane Demo)*
6. Feel Like Heaven (Penny Lane Demo)*
7. Nowhere To Run (Penny Lane Demo)*
8. Deadly Weapon (Original Demo)*
9. Feel Like Heaven (Original Demo)*
10. Nowhere To Run (Take 11 –Instrumental)*
11. Tell It To A Fool (Take 4 –Drums & Bass Instrumental)*
12. Chrome Goes Into Motion (Take 2 –Drums & Bass Instrumental)*
13. I’m A Legend Tonight (Mix 4 –Instrumental & Background Vocals)*
14. Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Take 8 –Drums & Guitar Instrumental)*
15. Something Seems To Happen At Night (Gene Simmons Demo)
16. It’s Gonna Be Alright (Gene Simmons Demo)

1. Legends Never Die (Gene Simmons Demo)
2. It’s My Life (Gene Simmons Demo)
3. Not For The Innocent (Demo)*
4. I Still Love You (Take 1)*
5. I Still Love You (Take 2)*
6. Saint And Sinner (Take 1)*
7. Saint And Sinner (Take 2 –False Start)*
8. Saint And Sinner (Take 3)*
9. Betrayed (Outtake)*
10. Creatures Of The Night (Alternate Mix 19)*
11. Partners In Crime (Alternate Mix 16B)*
12. I Love It Loud (Alternate Mix 21)*
13. War Machine (Full-Length Version –Mix 11)*
14. Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2–9/10/1982)*
15. Rock And Roll Hell (Take 1 –Incomplete–9/15/1982)*
16. Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2–9/15/1982)*
17. I Love It Loud (Single Edit)
18. Creatures Of The Night (1985 Remix)

1. Creatures Of The Night (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*
2. Strutter (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
3. Calling Dr. Love (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
4. Firehouse (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
5. I Love It Loud (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*
6. Cold Gin (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
7. Keep Me Comin’ (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
8. War Machine (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
9. I Want You (Houston, Texas –3/10/1983)*
10. Rock And Roll Hell (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*
11. I Still Love You (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
12. Shout It Out Loud (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
13. Gene’s Bass Solo (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
14. God Of Thunder / Eric’s Drum Solo / God Of Thunder (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*

1. Paul’s Love Gun Rap (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*
2. Love Gun (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*
3. Paul’s Guitar Solo (Rockford, Illinois–12/31/1982)*
4. Black Diamond (Houston, Texas–3/10/1983)*
5. Detroit Rock City (Houston, Texas–3/10/1983)*
6. Rock And Roll All Nite (Houston, Texas–3/10/1983)*
7. Rock And Roll Hell (Sioux City, Iowa–12/30/1982)*
8. I Want You (Rockford, Illinois –12/31/1982)*
9. King Of The Night Time World (Pine Bluff, Arkansas–2/11/1983)*
10. Cold Gin (Houston, Texas–3/10/1983)*
11. I Still Love You (Houston, Texas–3/10/1983)*
12. Strutter (Houston, Texas–3/10/1983)*
13. Tank Start Of Show*
14. Turbine*
15. Firehouse Siren*
16. Drum and Ending Tank*
17. Bass Solo Wind and Gargoyles*
18. Bells*
19. Flames*

*48kHz 24-bit Dolby Atmos / *48kHz 24-bit Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround / 96kHz 24-bit High-Resolution PCM Stereo
1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Saint And Sinner
3. Keep Me Comin’
4. Rock And Roll Hell
5. Danger
6. I Love It Loud
7. I Still Love You
8. Killer
9. War Machine

* Previously unreleased

pre-order your copy at :
International -

Netherlands (Europe) -


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