NEWS UPDATE : January 2024

January 16 : Eric Singer in the studio with Las Vegas band The BONES
From : Vinnie Castaldo (face book)
On January 12 KISS drummer Eric Singer was recording drums at The Tone Factory Recording Studios for Las Vegas rock band '
The BONES' with engineer Vinnie Castaldo.

Vinnie Castaldo (facebook)

January 4 : MARCEESE have released his 11th KISS tribute CD 'Ozone'
From : Kiss Related Recordings
German artist Marceese have released his 11th KISS tribute CD 'Ozone' December 15 via Timezone Records.

Marceese's final (and 12th) KISS tribute disc will be released later this year. Then he have re-recorded, covered and re-arranged the first 12 KISS albums from 'KISS' to 'Unmasked'.

MARCEESE - Ozone (2023)Tracklist :

01. Magic Touch
02. Love In Chains
03. Love Theme From KISS
04. Two Sides Of The Coin
05. Kiss The Girl Goodbye
06. Ozone
07. I'm Gonna Love You
08. Larger Than Life
09. True Confessions
10. Fractured Mirror

You can purchase the CD and digital download at

MARCEESE - Ozone 2023 - album details

January 3 :
Bruce Kulick Announces his departure from Grand Funk Railroad

From :
Bruce Kulick has left Grand Funk Railroad after 23 years. He played his final concert with the group on Dec. 14 in Marietta, Ohio.

The former Kiss guitarist turned 70 that same month, and as he tells
UCR during an exclusive interview, the milestone made him consider his future. “I really wanted to look at what I wanted to do personally and creatively,” he says. “I’ve always loved playing with Grand Funk for all of those years, but all of that travel for most weekends of every month, all year, the time involved became more and more difficult.”

As Kulick shared during a wide-ranging conversation, he’ll turn the focus back to his own legacy here in 2024. He’s looking forward to having the chance to work on a variety of potential projects -- including new solo music and a potential memoir.

Read the full UCR article and interview
clicking here.

Ultimate Classic Rock - Bruce Kulick interview

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