GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault (2017/2018)   
Gene Simmons (Bruce Kulick related songs only)
1966 - 2016 The Vault
 (10 CD box set + 1 bonus disk)

Released : January 6, 2018
(hand delivered by Gene Simmons during 2018 - 2019)  
Produced by : Gene Simmons
Editing Engineer : Erich Lenning
Mastering by : Robert Vosgien, Capitol Mastering

Released by : Rhino Entertainment
Rhino Entertainment President : Mark Pinkus
Global Project Manager : Keith Valcourt
Project Leader : Brian Hay

The Vault package design :
Gene Simmons, Keith Valcourt and Dennis Kiggins.

BRUCE KULICK related songs on "The Vault" in chronologically order :

various demo's 1985 ?
disk 09 - track 02 - It’s Gonna Be Alright #2 [with Bruce Kulick]

An updated demo of the 1982 demoed song, with Bruce Kulick on guitar.


"Asylum" demo's 1985
disk 03 - track 12 - Live Fast, Die Young (Trial By Fire)

Demo version of the “Asylum” song “Trial By Fire”, with a different chorus, co-written by Bruce Kulick. The "The Vault" book doesn’t clarify if Bruce Kulick is playing on the demo.


Recorded at a demo studio January 1986 (Atlanta, GA)
disk 01 - track 09 - Hunger [with Bruce Kulick & Eric Carr]

A mid-tempo “Animalize”-like Simmons song, recorded with Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick around New Year’s Eve 1985/1986 in Atlanta, GA, where the band played a show during the “Asylum” tour. The band had a couple of days of before the first show in 1986.
Gene submitted the song for consideration for the “Crazy Nights” album.


"Crazy Nights" demo's 1986 - 1987

disk 03 - track 04 - Hell Or High Water [1986 - with Bruce Kulick]
disk 03 - track 11 - Good Girl Gone Bad [1986 - with Bruce Kulick]
disk 10 - track 07 - Nine Lives [1986 - with Bruce Kulick]

disk 10 - track 03 - Have Mercy Baby [November 1986 - with Bruce Kulick]
disk 09 - track 10 - Dial L For Love [1987 - with Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick]
disk 09 - track 14 - Are You Always This Hot [1987 - with Bruce Kulick]

Co-written with Bruce Kulick, "Hell Or High Water" is 4-track home recording with Bruce Kulick, being demoed at Bruce’s condo.

Good Girl Gone Bad" is demoed with Bruce Kulick on guitar, and backed by a drum machine.

"Nine Lives" is recorded on 4-track with Gene Simmons handling all the instrumentation, with later lead guitar overdubs by Bruce Kulick.

Have Mercy Baby" is written and recorded with Bruce Kulick November 1986, the song sounds like it could’ve been on the “Crazy Nights” album.

Dial L For Love" is written by Eric Carr and Adam Mitchell, and demoed with Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick during the Crazy Night sessions with Gene Simmons on vocals. The demo on “The Vault” sounds huge compared to the rough demo which was released in 2011 on Eric Carr’s “Unfinished Business” album, which did not include any completed vocals.

Are You Always This Hot" This up-tempo rocker, featuring Bruce Kulick on guitars. This is the 12th-song recorded for the “Crazy Nights” album. The song title was originally used by Adam Mitchell for a solo composition used in "The World According to Garp" theatrical movie release in 1982.
By the time Gene Simmons was working on material for the 1987 album, he decided that he liked Adam’s title and suggested that the two write a new song using it.


"Hot In The Shade" demo's 1988 - 1989
disk 01 - track 07 - Something Wicked This Way Comes [1988 - with Bruce Kulick]
disk 07 - track 01 - No Conscience  [1988 - with Bruce Kulick]
disk 08 - track 13 - Chrome Heart  [1988 - with Bruce Kulick]
disk 08 - track 02 - She’s Rotten To The Core [1989 ? - with Bruce Kulick]

"Something Wicked This Way Comes" is recorded with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar at Artisan Sound Recorders, Studio C. , with Mikey Davis engineering. The song had originally been under consideration for KISS’ “Hot In The Shade” album. A 5:35 minute version, which repetition of the primary riff is featured on a circulating demo, which also includes the demo of “Street Legal”, which song is not on “The Vault”. DORO later recorded “Something Wicked This Way Comes” for her 1990 Gene Simmons produced album.

The general melody of the demo of "
No Conscience" was transformed into “Love’s A Slap In The Face” on the “Hot In The Shade” album. Featuring Bruce Kulick on guitar.

The "Chrome Heart" demo is co-credited to Bruce Kulick and recycles the title utilizing a riff that Bruce Kulick had brought to Gene Simmons.

"Rotten To The Core" has been a song title that Gene Simmons has messed around with for decades. In 1989 it was purported that the title would appear on the band's "Hot In The Shade" album, since Gene and Bruce Kulick had worked on the song.
Bruce Kulick felt that the song was wrong for Kiss' sort of attitude at the time and it was dropped from consideration for the album. Gene continued to try and place the song other artists, without success, and he recorded another version of the song with members of
SILENT RAGE in 1991. A 1989 version of this song with LITA FORD on lead vocals was released on her “Time Capsule” archival album in April 2016. That version includes Gene Simmons on bass, Bruce Kulick on guitars and Roger Carter on drums.


date unknown / 90's demo recording
disk 07 - track 15 - Never Gonna Leave You #2 [199? with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick]

An Hard Rock demo attempt with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick to update the sound of the original 1977 demo (see disk 07 - track 13).


"Carnival Of Souls" 1993 - 1994 demo's
disk 03 - track 09 - Childhood’s End [1993]
disk 02 - track 03 - Hate [co-written with Bruce Kulick]
disk 02 - track 06
- Heavy Rain [with Bruce Kulick]
disk 02 - track 07 - Within [with Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick]
disk 02 - track 10
- Rain #2 [1994 - with Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick]
disk 07 - track 10 - I Walk Alone [199? with Bruce Kulick]

Co written by Bruce Kulick and Tommy Thayer, the music and arrangement of this heavier demo of "Childhood’s End" sounds completely different to the 1997 “Carnival Of Souls” album version. The "The Vault" book doesn’t clarify if Bruce Kulick is playing on the demo.

Before writing the song "Hate", Bruce Kulick came up with a guitar riff and Gene Simmons came up with the bridge and B part riffs. Just like the other demo’s with Scott Van Zen, this demo of sounds more like a “Revenge” track compared to the final version on the “Carnival Of Soul” (1997) album. The "The Vault" book doesn’t clarify if Bruce Kulick is playing on the demo.

"Heavy Rain" is a heavier re-write of “Rain Keeps Falling” (
disk 02 - track 10 and 14) , demoed with Bruce Kulick. Part of this version would be recycled as the bridge in “Within” ….

"Within" is the original “Carnival Of Souls” era demo with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick, which song was eventually recorded for KISS 1998 “Psycho Circus” album.

"Rain #2" is another re-write of “Rain Keeps Falling” with a different guitar riff and where the bass and drums have more ‘swing’ (compared to the version as recorded with Silent Rage - see
disk 02 - track 14). Recorded with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick.

The demo of "I Walk Alone" is the original finished demo song Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick wrote together, with Gene’s lead vocals and Bruce Kulick on guitar.
Bruce Kulick would ultimately sing the song on the “Carnival Of Souls” album.


"Psycho Circus" demo's  & recording sessions 1997 - 1998
disk 10 - track 01 - Take It Like A Man #2 [1997 with Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick]
disk 02 - track 01 - Weapons [1997 - Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick]
disk 02 - track 02 - Weapons (Power To Raise ....) [1998 - Singer/ Kulick/ Frehley]

"Take It Like A Man #2" is demoed with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer, this demo is an heavier attempt to reinterpret the 1983 demo (see disk 10 - track 02) and update it for use on the “Psycho Circus” album. Gene scats through most of song to create a guide track. With the intent all 4 members to share the lead vocal duties.

"Weapons" is the original demo of the song that later became “Weapons (Of Mass Destruction)” on Gene Simmons “
Asshole” (2004) album. This 1997 demo features Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. The song was under consideration for use on the 1998 “Psycho Circus” album.

While “Weapons” was considered for the 1998 “
Psycho Circus” album, Gene Simmons offered the song to Ace Frehley to sing. Ace Frehley didn’t like the lyrics, and rewrote it.
The "Weapons (Power To Raise The Dead)" version features Ace Frehley vocals to the original backing track (with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick).


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




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