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Various (unreleased) demo tracks

1970+ ; Eric Carr  (as Paul Charles Caravello)  -  various recordings 
Eric recording acoustically on his own in the 1970's showing his excellent taste in music. 
01 Out On The Weekend (1970+) (0:00) Neil Young coverversion
02 The Crystal Ship (1970+) (0:00) The Doors coverversion
03 Hey Joe (1970+) (0:00) Jimi Hendrix coverversion
04 The Fool On The Hill (1970+) (0:00) The Beatles coverversion
05 I Saw Her Standing There (1970+) (0:00) The Beatles coverversion

1973 ; Salt and Pepper demo's 
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1973 - 1974  ; Creation demo's 
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1980 ; Eric Carr  (Kiss)  -  unfinished demo
Track 01 : an unfinished song which Eric Carr wrote music while on tour with KISS in 1980
01 Prisoners Of Rock and Roll (0:00) Carr

1981  ; Debbie Pantera-Saint / Dave Steele demo's 
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1981 ; Eric Carr  (Kiss)  -  Music From The Elder demo's
Track 01 : incomplete track left at the instrumental stage by Ace Frehley and Eric Carr.
Various (length) versions of the track are recorded in Toronto. (a.k.a. "Carr Jam 1981).
01 Heaven (aka Breakout / Carr Jam) (0:00) Carr / Frehley

1982 ; Eric Carr  (Kiss)  -  Creatures Of The Night demo
Track 01 : written by Eric Carr, Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance.
This song was considered for use on KISS "Creatures Of The Night" album.
Eric Carr would record the song during the album sessions, playing drums (with the same drumsound as the album), bass, rhythm guitars, lead and backing vocals.
The song started out with Eric Carr and Bryan Adams working on the song together in Los Angeles, with Jim Vallance and Bryan later finish off the piece in Vancouver.
Bryan Adams would record "Don't Leave me Lonely" for inclusion on his "
Cuts Like A Knife" (1983) album.
01 Don't Leave Me Lonely  (0:00) Carr/ Adams/ Vallance

1984 - 1985 ; Gene Simmons ; demo-tracks feat. Eric Carr drum-tracks
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More than likely these demo's are dated before "Animalize" (1984). 
Eric Carr would play drums on this demo's (in progress).
01 What You See I What You Get (2:56) Simmons / Weissman
02 Eat Your Heart Out (0:00) Simmons / Weissman

1986 -1987 ; Eric Carr  -  New York (the band) recording session.
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Track 01 : After KISS "Animalize" tour  in 1985 Eric Carr started branching out into different projects, like looking for other bands to manage and produce. "New York" was one of the bands he had any involvement with. "New York", featuring 'J' (vocals) Johny 'G' Lover (guitars), Freddie Foster (bass) and Rikk Hanz (drums), released one independent EP "Carry The Torch" in 1985. After setting the band up in a friends studio in upstate New York (for a quick pre-production), Eric Carr went up there for a day and a half to give the band some advice. At the same time he wrote a song together with the band called "Electric Thunder".
01 Electric Thunder  (5:17) Carr/ New York

1987 ; Eric Carr  -  Crazy Nights demo
Track 01 : Demoed, but not fully recorded,  for the "Crazy Nights" album.
As the primary writer of the song, Eric Carr had taken it to Gene Simmons and Adam Mitchell for polishing.
In 2011 the demo of this song finally ended up on "
ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business".
Track 02 : Eric Carr would demo the song playing all of the instruments himself.
The 2011 release "ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business" features the complete demo taken from the original cassette tape, featuring Mitch Weismann (Kiss co-writer, Beatlemania) on lead vocals. Mitch jokes about how he and Eric were at Gene Simmons house "just fooling around." Mitch wanted to try something different, so he sat inside a closet with his microphone and belted out this easy flowing song. In the meantime, Eric Carr programmed the drum machine, played some guitars, and added some background vocals.
01 Dial L. For Love (2:52) Carr/ Simmons/ Mitchell
02 The Troubles Inside (2:28) Carr/ Mitchell

1989 ;  Eric Carr  -  various demo's
Track 01 - 02 : "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love" (aka "Eyes Of Love") and "Someone Is Waiting" (aka "Somebody's Waiting") were two of the four songs Eric Carr brought to KISS "Hot In The Shade" sessions. Both tracks are released on Eric Carr's 1999 album "Rockology". 
Track 03 : "Rock Your Mind" (aka. "Breakout II") is an unfinished and demoed song by Ace Frehley and Eric Carr.
01 Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (0:00) Carr / Adam Mitchell
02 Someone Is Waiting (0:00) Carr / Adam Mitchell
03 Rock Your Mind (0:00) Carr / Frehley

1989 ;  Eric Carr  -  Hot In The Shade demo's
Track 01 : An early version of "Little Caesar", based on a Marvin Gaye recording "Ain't That Peculiar". The demo, which actually is a metalized cover version of the Marvin Gaye song, is recorded Spring 1989 by Eric Carr (drums, bass, lead vocals) and Bruce Kulick at the Fortress Studios, Hollywood, CA. Engineered by Pat Regan. This demo version appeared on the KISS Box set (2001).
Track 02 : Another alternative version of "Little Caesar" which has an entirely different set of lyrics and vocal melody. Eric Carr handles the gritty vocals and bass guitar while Bruce Kulick fills it out with some rock-in'riffs. Since was an early demo this song contains no lead guitar tracks. Written and performed by Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick.
In 2011 the demo of this song ended up on "ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business".
Track 03 - 04 : Both songs would be revamped by Bruce Kulickfor inclusion on  Eric Carr's 1999 album "Rockology". 
01 Ain't That Peculiar (3:10) Carr
02 No One's Messin' With You (3:14) Carr / Kulick
03 Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (3:29) Carr / Adam Mitchell
04 Somebody's Waiting (3:48) Carr / Adam Mitchell

1989 ;  Eric Carr  -  Make A Difference (unreleased)
Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios, December 11-17, 1989 for Poughkeepsie's 101.5 WPDH-FM. This song was an all-star charity effort to raise awareness of hunger in the Hudson Valley area and to promote efforts for a canned food drive.
Eric Carr played drums on "Make A Difference".
Other musicians are John Regan (bass) and Richie Scarlet (guitar), among others.
01 Make A Difference (5:48) Tony Miceli

1990 ; Paul Stanley and Bob Held  -  demo
Recorded at Track Recording Studios, Los Angeles. 
Demoed with Eric Carr (drums) and Bruce Kulick (guitars).
In 1998 Bob Held would resurrect this demo and overdub additional parts to complete the song, as it is released on GARBO TALKS self titled 1998 album. 
01 The Game Of Love  (0:00) Stanley/ Held

1991 ; Eric Carr -  the last song written by Eric Carr
Track 01 : would be the last song written by Eric Carr, which is originally never recorded or demoed by himself. Carr wrote the lyrics for the song early 1991.
In 2006, music was composed by Nick Clements and Bob Gilmartin to complete this song. This version ended op on the 2011 release "ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business" which version reunites Eric with his family, as his sister Maria and niece Sara- Jean, pay tribute with their heartfelt background vocals. This recording also features AJ Pero (Twisted Sister) on drums and Kee Marcello (Europe) on lead guitar.
01 Elephant Man (0:00) Carr


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Out On The Weekend
The Crystal Ship
Hey Joe
The Fool On The Hill
I Saw Her Standing There



Killer (drumtrack)
Don't Leave Me Lonely (drumtrack)


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