The CULT : Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary 5CD boxet (2019) 
Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary
(5-CD boxset)

Released : October 4,  2019
Produced by : Various Producers

CD-1 : Sonic Temple 1989 (Remastered)
01  Sun King 06  Soul Asylum
02  Fire Woman 07  New York City (feat, Iggy Pop)
03  American Horse 08  Automatic Blues
04  Edie (Ciao Baby)  09  Soldier Blue
05  Sweet Soul Sister 10  Wake Up Time For Freedom

CD-2  :
Singles + Mixes + Extras
01  Sonic Temple Radio Promo 08  Sun King (Single Edit)
02  Fire Woman (Single Edit) 09  Sweet Soul Sister (Single Edit)
03  Messin' Up The Blues 10  The River
04  Medicine Train 11  Soldier Blue (Extended Mix)
05  Fire Woman (N.Y.C. Rock Mix) 12  Fire Woman (L.A. Rock Mix)
06  Edie (Ciao Baby) (Single Edit) 13  Sweet Soul Sister (Rocks Mix)
07  Bleeding Heart Graffiti 14  Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic)

1988 featuring Eric Singer**
01  Medicine Train (version 1) 06  Yes Man
02  New York City (version 1) 07  Fire (Woman) (version 1)
03  American Horse 08  Wake Up Time For Freedom
04  Sun King 09  Citadel
05  Automatic Blue 10  The River

1988 featuring Eric Singer track 1 - 6**
01  The Crystal Ocean 06  Star Child
02  Cashmere 07  Medicine Train (Rock Demo)
03  Edie (Ciao Baby) (version 1) 08  New York City (Rock Demo)
04  Bleeding Heart Revival 09  Fire (Woman) (Rock Demo)
05  My Love 10  Spanish Gold (Jam Demo)

CD-5 : Live at Wembley 1989
01  New York City 06  Rain
02  Automatic Blues 07  Sweet Soul Sister
03  American Horse 08  She Sells Sanctuary
04  Sun King 09  Fire Woman
05  Soul Asylum  

** The demo's with Eric Singer (disc 3 and disc 4 track 1 - 6) recorded and mixed at Track Record, Hollywood, June 11/12,  1988. 

UK / Europe : Beggars Banquet - 5CD boxset - BBQ 2151 CDX
UK / Europe : Beggars Banquet - 3LP + 1 demo Music cassette boxset - BBQ 2151MXX *

* NOTE : The 3LP + 1 demo cassette Boxset release doesn't feature all the songs as listed above for the CD release.

musicians :
Ian Astbury (lead vocals)
Billy Duffy (guitars) 
Jamie Stewart (bass)

Mickey Curry (drums on disc 1 and disc 2, except disc 2 track 11)

Eric Singer (drums on disc 3 ; disc 4 track 1 - 6)
Les Warner (drums on disc 2 track 11 "Soldier Blue")
Chris Taylor (drums on disc 4 track 7 - 9)
Matt Sorum (drums on disc 4 track 10; disc 5)
John Sinclair (keyboards on disc 5)

CD 1 - Sonic Temple
Produced by Rock
Recorded by Mike Fraser, assisted by Chris Taylor.
Recorded and Mixed at Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Canada in September - October 1988. "Sweet Soul Sister" and "Wake Up Time For Freedom" remixed at A&M Recording studios, Hollywood, CA, in December 1988.
Originally Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York, NY January 1989.

CD 2 - Sonic Temple - Singles + Mixes + Extras
Produced by Rock
"Sonic Temple Radio Promo" : Voice Over by John Hurt.
"Fire Woman (N.Y.C. Rock Mix)": Mixed by François Kevorkian, Goh Hotada & Billy Duffy.
"Soldier Blue" (Tom Werman Extended Mix)" Produced by Tom Werman, Engineered by Duane Baron. Recorded at Conway Recording Studios 1987.
"Fire Woman (L.A. Rock Mix)" : Mixed by Mike Fraser, Jamie Stewart and Billy Duffy.
"Sweet Soul Sister (Rocks Mix)" : Mixed by Billy Duffy and Bob Rock.
"Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic)" : Produced by Billy Duffy. Engineered by Phil Kaffel.
Recorded at A&M Recording studios, Hollywood, CA, September 7, 1991.

CD 3 and CD 4 (Track 1 - 6) The SONIC TEMPLE DEMOS, featuring Eric Singer on drums. 
The Cult  was back down to the original core three members and ready to try out ideas for the new album. On 11th June they entered Track Record studios at 5102 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood with session drummer Eric Singer, to record
fourteen tracks and on the following day they laid down a further seven tracks
All songs recorded during the two day session are written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, produced by The Cult.  (1st engineer John Carter; 2nd engineers Edgar Garcia, Pete Magdaieno and Ken Palakovitch.)

CD 4 Track 7 - 9 : Recorded and Mixed at Track Record studios, North Hollywood, August 1988, with Chris Taylor on drums.

CD 4 Track 10 : Recorded at Jam Studios, London, March 1989. Drums by Matt Sorum.

CD 5 Live at Wembley 1989
Recorded in concert at Wembley Arena, London, UK, November 1989, for BBC Radio 1.
Produced by Peter Ritzema.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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