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Audio Samples 

311311 : "Sick Tight"
album : From Chaos (2001, Volcano Records)

In the song "Sick Tight" rap-rockers 311  mentions Kiss in the lyrics;
" Kiss never did this nor Ozzy Osbourne".

The band (from Omaha, Nebraska) opened for Kiss on a couple of shows in 1996 including Madison Square Garden. (mp3 sample)

1977 - Rock 'n Roll1977 : "album cover and music 70's KISS inspired"
album : Rock 'n Roll (2008, Play it Again Records)
From beginning to end, one hears KISS-style guitar riffs, chord progressions, and guitar licks. Many of which are note for note from KISS songs, but somehow the band manages to avoid any direct rip-offs. Obvious momentary borrowings from one KISS song seamlessly mesh into other musical parts, making the songs stand well on their own. “To steal from one is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.” And this band has clearly done their research. The 1970’s KISS style has been examined thoroughly, making the strongest 
aspects of the album by far the songwriting and lyrics.
1977 @ MySpace
7000 Dying Rats7000 Dying Rats : "Paul Stanley's Chest"
album : Fanning the Flames of Fire (1998, Invisible Records)
An insane trip, each of Fanning the Flames of Fire's 35 tracks features someone screaming at the top of their lungs -- and only a select few clock in over a minute. 7000 Dying Rats have a wacked-out grindcore sound that is not only heavily influenced by the projects of legendary saxophonist John Zorn, but there's also a huge homage to metal, even if it seems like they're making a parody of it. 
Track 28, "Paul Stanley's Chest" clocks 0:48. (mp3 sample)

100.000 Leagues Under My Nutsack100.000 Leagues Under My Nutsack : 
"Ace Frehley's Attack Of The Meat People"

album : Random Debris Of Cosmic Truth And Deception 
(2009, Flexovit Records)

"Ace Frehley's Attack Of The Meat People" : rare parody which clocks 8:34 minutes. (mp3 sample)
Anal Cunt - Defenders Of The HateAnal Cunt : "Bonus Track #4" and "Bonus Track #5"
album : Defenders Of The Hate (2007 reissue with bonus tracks)
(Menace To Sobriety Records – MTS017)
This two songs by the American grindcore band Anal Cunt are not very flattering to Kiss / Gene Simmons. In 2001 they released their album "Defenders Of The Hate". In 2007 this album got rereleased containing some bonus tracks that were recorded live. Both tracks have lyrics referring to Gene Simmons. "Bonus Track #4" originally appeared on The "Defenders of the Hate" 7" EP (2001) while "Bonus Track #5" also was on a split 7" with Flachenbrand by RSR Records.

ANAL CUNT : Bonus track #4

ANAL CUNT : Bonus track #5
ANDY BUONFRATE - Casino (2019)Andy Buonfrate ; "Superheroe" (Tribute to KISS)
album : Casino (self release 2019)
The AOR-ish song and video promo clip "Superheroe" by Argentinean Andy Buonfrate is a tribute to KISS.
The full album is available at

ANGEL - Risen (2019)Angel ; " 1 9 7 5 "
album : Risen (Cleopatra - CLO1494)
Angel was discovered by Gene Simmons performing at a nightclub and was eventually signed to the same label as Kiss, Casablanca.
Between 1975 and 1980 the band released 5 studio albums and a double live album. After the band split, keyboardist Gregg Giuffria had modest success as the leader of the band Giuffria during the 1980s as well as with the band
House Of Lords.
Singer Frank DiMino and drummer Barry Brandt reformed the band with new memebers in 1999, which resulted to their first come-back album "In The Beginning". Without Barry Brandt, but with original member Punky Meadows Angel released their second come-back album "Risen" October 2019. The song "1975" mentions KISS in the line "Like Angel, KISS, & Queen ..."

ANGEL : 1 9 7 5
ANTHRAX - Kings Among ScotlandAnthrax : Kiss inspired album cover
album / DVD : Kings Among Scotland (live)
(Nuclear Blast / Megaforce Records - 2018)
The live DVD / album 'Kings Among Scotland' is recorded live February 2018 in Glasgow UK, and features the band playing the 1987 classic 'Among the Living' album from front to back.
For the DVD /CD cover art, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante (who's also a visual artist and illustrator who has helped design every Anthrax album since their second release, 1985's 'Spreading the Disease'), teamed up with designer Steve Thompson to create an homage to KISS' 1976 album 'Rock and Roll Over', one of Benante's favorite records. "I always wanted to do a version of that cover and I finally got to," he says. "Gene Simmons loved it, and his comment was, "You guys promote Kiss more than Kiss promotes Kiss."
ApologetixApologetixs : "Love The Lord With All My Might"
album : Jesus Christ Morningstar (1998, independent label)
The song "Love & Kisses" is Christian parody of "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss.  Apologetixs is formed by born again Christians, which album releases can be described as a kind of Christian rock version of Weird Al Yankovic. A live version of the song appears on their 2004 release "New and used hits - The best of Apologetix Vol.1 & 2. (mp3 sample) 
Bad City - Welcome To The WastelandBad City : "Call Paul Stanley"
album : Welcome To The Wasteland (2010, Fueled By Ramen /
            Atlantic Records)

The song "Call Paul Stanley" is about a young rock star who somehow stumbles upon Paul Stanley's phone number and calls him up in the middle of the night.

"Call Paul Stanley" on YouTube
Baptist Cracker Presents Muscle Bitches / Vampire FruitBaptist Cracker Presents .. : Kiss inspired album cover
Baptist Cracker Presents Muscle Bitches / Vampire Fruit (1990)

further details unknown

BE/NON : Esperanto At The Pantheon, Incognito (2013)BE/NON : "Paul Stanley: In The Morning, Peter Criss: For
              Lunch, Ace Frehley: For Dinner, Gene Simmons:
              All Night Long"

album : Esperanto At The Pantheon, Incognito  (2013 *)
            (* all tracks recorded between 2000 - 2006)
Be/Non is a band out of time. Disciples of Zappa, the Beatles, Bowie and Waters (Roger, not Ethel), the four men of Be/Non forge a sound that refracts classic prog through a perception-warping prism of futuristic electronic psych and hard-charging space rock.
"Paul Stanley: In The Morning, Peter Criss: For Lunch, Ace Frehley: For Dinner, Gene Simmons: All Night Long " @
BITERS - Electric Blood (2015)Biters : "Low Lives in Hi Definition"
album : Electric Blood (2015, Earache Records)
Biters are a 70's inspired Hard Rock 'N' Roll band from Atlanta, Georgia. After a couple of EP's and single releases Biters debut album "Electric Blood" is released by Earache Records. KISS is mentioned in the song (and video of) "Low Lives in Hi Definition".  Biters main influences include bands such as Cheap Trick, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Slade, etc. They have already received significant credit from people such as Nikki Sixx, from Motley Crue.
(official video)
"Low Lives in Hi Definition"
BLACK SPIDERS - Sons Of The North 2011Black Spiders : "KISS Tried To Kill Me"
album : Sons Of The North (2011, Cargo Records, DRCD10003, UK)

The debut album by Sheffield (UK) based quintet. Formed in early 2008 the band released two EPs and were dubbed a band to watch by magazines like Kerrang! and Classic Rock. Musically the band draws upon groups like Motorhead, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, The Stooges and Kiss (in the band's own twisted way they give a shout out to the band in tongue in cheek track "Kiss Tried To Kill Me"). (mp3 sample)

Bob BrunsonBob Brunson : "Friends With Painted Faces" (demo)

Late 2010, Bob Brunson, The Ultimate KISS Fan as seen on A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels, has launched a fan-based songwriting project called "Friends With Painted Faces," with downloads of the demo benefitting AmeriFace, a national non-profit organization.
Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats - "Live Meat And Potatoes"Bombastic Meatbats - "Live Meat And Potatoes"
Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats - "Live Meat And Potatoes" 2012 2CD album cover is inspired by KISS Love Gun.

Bombastic Meatbats is an American instrumental funk rock band from Los Angeles, California. It consists of Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith, guitarist Jeff Kollman (from Cosmosquad), bassist Kevin Chown (Uncle Kracker, Tarja Turunen), and keyboardist Ed Roth.
The group formed accidentally with Jeff, Ed, and Chad being the backup band for Glenn Hughes.
BON JOVI : Forever 2024Bon Jovi - "My First Guitar"
album : Forever (2024, Island Records)

The pre-chorus of the Bon Jovi song "My First Guitar" mentions KISS in the following lines :
"The cardboard case and her starburst finish,
  One power chord, an' I'm right back in it
  Playin' old KISS records in my folks' backyard,
  Seventeen years old, I'm a Rock 'n' Roll star"

My First Guitar (Lyric video)
BORN TO DESTRUCT - God of Destruction 2018Born To Destruct : "God of Destruction"
album : God of Destruction (2018, 956598 Records DK)

UK Alternative Punk Rock band from Cambridge, UK, formed in 2007.
On the title song of their 2018 album Born To Destruct pay tribute to Kiss with a nod to the original demo of "God Of Thunder" on their own track "God Of Destruction". The "God Of Thunder" riff hits at around 2:41 (mp3 sample)
CASEY CHAOS - Pisstory: A Catalogue Of Accidents, A Lifetime Of Mistakes (2005)Casey Chaos : "How Old Are You"
album : Pisstory, A Catalogue of Accidents /A Lifetime of Mistake
label : Refuse Music - 04321 (4CD compilation)

Casey Chaos, is an American musician, best known as the lead singer of Amen. His music has encompassed a number of styles, including hardcore punk, death rock and nu metal. The song "How Old Are You" opens with a segment from Miami's Rockline FM Radio station where a listener asks the members of KISS 'if he's not to old to do this ?' and Paul Stanley answers "That age hasn't anything to do with it"...

How Old Are You
Cats & Jammers - Get WetCats and Jammers : "Paul Stanley"
album : Get Wet (2001, independent label)
The song "Paul Stanley" is Chicago rock trio Cats & Jammers homage to KISS member Paul Stanley. 
The track features part from lyrics and song titles that Paul sings. 
Parts of the lyrics are : "You're a capricorn - You're the king of the nighttime world - So fast that's why the ladies call you Mr. Speed
I stole your love in chains" ....
"Paul Stanley" @ ReverbNation
Cheap Trick - Heaven TonightCheap Trick : "Surrender"
album : Heaven Tonight (1978, CBS / Epic Records)
live album : Live At Budokan (1978 / 1979, CBS / Epic Records)
Written by Rick Nielsen, the song's third verse includes the line :
"When I woke up, mom and dad are rolling on the couch.
  Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my kiss records out."

A cover version of "Surrender" appeared on
Union (Bruce Kulick)
live CD "Live in The Galaxy" (1999). (mp3 sample)

The CollingwoodThe Collingwood : "Paul Stanley"
album : Sylvester To The Bzz Myapp Accompaniment (2006)
Formed in 1999 by guitarist/filmmaker C. Malinowski, The Collingwood mesh cinema-worthy, minor-key melodies with elements of dramatic rock, creating lengthy compositions, both contemplative and severe. "Paul Stanley" runs over 13 minutes, but Paul Stanley isn't mentioned in the lyrics, which is the same with their other songs as well, the title doesn't have to have anything to do with the lyrics. Paul Stanley is listed as one of their influences on their MySpace. (mp3 sample)

COREY TAYLOR - CMFB…Sides (2022)Corey Taylor : Kiss inspired album cover
album : CMFB…Sides  (2022, Roadrunner Records)
Corey Taylor's (Slipknot, Stone Sour) "CMFB…Sides" EP comprises nine unreleased B-sides, covers of tunes that inspired the band, acoustic renditions, and live versions.  Taylor preserves the windows-down and arena-ready spirit of "On The Dark Side", made famous by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band in the 1983 film, Eddie and the Cruisers, and strips the 1981 classic, "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider down to a striking acoustic number.
He and his cohorts hypercharge "Got To Choose" by KISS and lock into a punchy punk gallop during Deady Boys' "All This And More". Initially recorded for The Metallica Blacklist, the EP also features Taylor’s snarling cover of "Holier Than Thou" from Metallica's classic, The Black Album. Perhaps most surprisingly, they also transform Eddie Money’s "Shakin’" into a roaring banger with all of the original’s swagger intact.

CRUNCHCrunch : Kiss inspired album cover
9 track 7" EP  : Rock and Roll Doping
(Italy, 1999 - self release)

CRUNCH is hardcore band from Torino, Italy, who've released a couple of 7" EP's. One of these EP's is titled "Rock and Roll doping". The music on the record has got nothing to do with Kiss (no cover versions), but the cover of the Crunch EP is clearly a homage to the album cover of KISS' "Rock and Roll Over". 
The CVS TrioThe CVS Trio : "Gene Simmons"
album : Hemorrhaging Money (2009, independent label)

further details unknown 
DANGER AVENUE : Long Overdue (2010)Danger Avenue : The Guilty And The Innocent
album : Long Overdue (2010, independent label - DACD03)
Swedish Melodic Had Rock band formed in 2004, influenced by KISS, the Scorpions and Queen. The song "The Guilty And The Innocent" features a sound clip from the KISS Konfidential (video/DVD), where Paul Stanley quotes 'Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent' (just before the "Take It Off" video).
streams @ Danger Avenue Facebook

Daughtry - Baptized (2013)Daughtry : Long Live Rock and Roll
album : Baptized (2013, independent label)
Rock band from North Carolina of singer / songwriter Chris Daughtry.
A KISS reference is in the first verse of the song "Long Live Rock and Roll" :

"Well I was Born The Year that Disco Died - And U2 was in high school Thank the Lord that they survived - Got my first taste, on a Seger '45 And since that KISS I rocked out all day, and partied every night ...."

Long Live Rock and Roll

lyric link :

Long Live Rock and Roll
Dead Airbourne GoatsDead Airbourne Goats : Peter Criss inspired EP
6 track 7" 45 rpm EP (green vinyl) : In A Peter Criss Mood
(2000, Trap Door to Hell Records (TDTH 004)
Dead Airbourne Goats are a punk band from Portland, Maine. According to the Goats, everyone has them... you want to paint your face like Peter Criss, twirl some drumsticks, and watch reruns of the Six Million Dollar Man. In 2000, the Goats pronounced the new era of the Criss Apocalypse. Wear your makeup with pride, while proudly proclaiming "Today, I am in a Peter Criss Mood!" After all, wouldn't the world be a better place if we were all in a Peter Criss Mood? 
Dia PsalmaDia Psalma : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Sell Out / En Massa Låtar (1996, independent)
The Swedish punk/rock band "Dia Psalma" released their last (at least latest) album March 1996, entitled "Sell Out / En Massa Låtar". The Swedish part of the title can be translated into "A Bunch Of Songs". The album is some sort of a compilation-album containing some of their hits (not all) and some previously unreleased songs.
The album cover is a parody of KISS "Unmasked".
Dia Psalma also did a cover version of "Love Gun" which appeared on the 1997 tribute 
Kiss Covered In Scandinavia.
DICK JUSTICEDick Justice : Kiss inspired single cover
7" single : It Was Cool To Be A Rockstar / It's Gonna Kill Me
TEN SPOT- TS001 (USA, 1994)

Alternative punk/rock band from Chicago, Illinois.
DJ MUGGS vs. ILL BILL - Kill Devil HillsDJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill : "Paul Stanley"
album : Kill Devil Hills (Fat Beats, 2010)

Rap album by Hit Producer DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins).
(Probably) this "Kiss inspired" song title has nothing to do with the Paul Stanley we know. "Paul Stanley" actually is a 33 second quote from - oh, come on, take a guess (??) - about how the CIA spent $35 million to research LSD and see how it could become a weapon ......
The spoken word quote on this track surely is not Paul Stanley.
Don CaballeroDon Caballero : "The Peter Criss Jazz"
album : American Don (2000, Touch & Go Records)

Formed in Pittsburgh, this indie heavy-rock band plays fast-paced
instrumentals powered by drummer Damon Che. Guitarists Mike Banfield and Ian Williams and bassist Pat Morris complete the band.
Allegedly the song "The Peter Criss Jazz" is a revision of Peter's drumming style.

"The Peter Criss Jazz"
Electric Lawnchair - Double PlatinumElectric Lawnchair : "Double Platinum"
album : Double Platinum (2003, Smiley Jones Records - SJ008)
Parody or anti-tribute, "Double Platinum" is a collaborative effort between Enemy from Space’s Kelly Shane and Canard’s Mike Coleman that’s almost impossible to categorize. All twenty classic song titles from KISS "Double Platinum" album are 'translated' into a series of eerie electronic soundscapes, and bear absolutely no sonic resemblance to the originals. An assortment of electronics, synthesizers, drum loops and guitars seem to be the primary weapon of Electric Lawnchair’s deconstructions of KISS classics. (mp3 samples)

ENDLESS BOOGIE - Vibe KillerEndless Boogie : "Back In '74"
album : Vibe Killer (2017)
Endless Boogie is an American rock band, formed in 1997 in Brooklyn, New York, by Matador Records employees and a professional record collector for jamming. Initially having no plans to record or to tour, the band played their first live show in 2001. The tale of "Back In '74," tells of a misadventure involving LSD, freak-shaming and an early, breakthrough live performance by KISS, set against the backdrop of a Kite festival and outdoor concert in St. Louis.

Dressed To Kill reissue ALBUM DETAILSFractured Mirror : "Put It Back On"
album : DRESSED TO KILL (reissue) An Independent Tribute To Kiss
12 Klassik Kiss Kuts Kompletely reKrunched (1997)
Rock Dream Records - RD-9004

Kiss lyrically and musically inspired track by the world's only Ace Frehley tribute band. In the documentary "Kiss Loves You" Bill Baker (who used to be friends with Ace Frehley) and his band perform parts of the song "Put It Back On" which has several connections to Kiss.
 Fractured Mirror - Put It Back On
FRANK TURNERFrank Turner : "Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons"
album : Tape Deck Heart (deluxe edition - Xtra Mile/ Polydor 2013)
Fifth solo album by Frank Turner, an English folk/punk singer-songwriter from Meonstoke, Hampshire, UK. Initially the vocalist of post-hardcore band Million Dead (active between 2001 and 2005), Turner embarked upon a primarily acoustic-based solo career following the band's split, both in the studio and during live performances. The deluxe edition of "Tape Deck Heart" contains a Gene Simmons '4600 photographs, stuck into a scrapbook' inspired song.

Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons

lyric link :

Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons

Freak KitchenFreak Kitchen : "A Regular Guy"
album : Freak Kitchen (1998)

The second verse of the song "A Regular Guy" opens with the lines :
"Remember when you were Gene Simmons, 
  I pretended I was Voltaire
  Now I hold a professorship while you scratch your pubic-hair" (mp3 sample)

Gals PanicGals Panic : "Ace Frehley Doll"
album : I think We Need Helicopters (1995, Belial

Goofy ska-metal from Austin (TX).

further details unknown

"Ace Frehley Doll"
Gay for Johnny DeppGay For Johnny Depp : "Very Little Good Happens Between 3 And 4 In The Morning: In Which We Out Paul Stanley"
album : Manthology (2009, Banquet Records- KT1022)

Gay for Johnny Depp is a hardcore band formed in New York, USA.
They are known for the lyrical content of their songs, which is often concerned with the band's homoerotic obsession over the actor Johnny Depp. Gay for Johnny Depp have been described as spazzcore, hardcore, and metal. (mp3 sample)

GomezGomez: "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park"
7" single : 3,410 Flavors + Schmuck b/w Red Riddle + Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1993, Little Deputy Records - LD 7001)

Very rare 45 from an obscure Austin, Texas punk band and released by the tiny Little Deputy Records (also based in Austin) in 1993. 
The group salutes a character from The Planet Of The Apes with their chosen name, and sings about the infamous KISS movie (the tune also includes a sample from the flick). 
Good RatsGood Rats : "Takin' it to Detroit"
album : From Rats To Riches (1978, Passport Records S9825)

A KISS reference is in the song "Takin' it to Detroit" :
"in a land that had been known for its mobiles, 
  now it's Kiss & Seger who are its big wheels"

The song also appears on two more Good Rats albums, "Live at Last" (1979) and "Rats the Way You Like 'em - Rochester" (1979).

Guttermouth : "Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army"
album : The Album Formerly Known as .....  (1996, Nitro Records)
live album : Live From The Pharmacy [LIVE] (1998, Nitro Records)

"The smoke is clearing you can see ,
Peter and Paul Stanley Kareem and Bruce they've made a truce, 
While Ace and Gene took pcp 
A flying kick right threw air , His foot got stuck in Peter's hair 
Ace and Gene took on kareem, But slipped and fell on afro shene 
Then Bruce said yeah oh boy, I think he meant la choy kareem and Bruce dont miss when throwing stars at Kiss.
Gene now has a shorter tounge, He should have used his love gun 
Gene and Ace escaped today , The'll live to fight another day 
Oh my god aceint Chinese secrect sent by budda 
Bruce and Kareem shooting baskets two points"

An American punk rock band, known for their funny lyrics.

"Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army"
GWAR - Lust in Space GWAR : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Lust From Space (2009, Metal Blade Records)

The album cover of Intergalactic shock rockers GWAR "Lust In Space" (which celebrates their 25th Anniversary as a band) is actually a kind of rip off of  The Mantors KISS "Love Gun" inspired album cover of "Lust Muscle", which was released in 2008.
Hard-Ons - Suck and Swallow Hard-Ons : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Suck and Swallow, 25 Songs- 25 Years (compilation)
(2009, Boss Tuneage BTRCRS037)
The HARD ONS need little introduction – one of the most successful and consistent Australian bands for the past 25 years, 2009 marks the HARD ONS 25th Anniversary, and to coincide with this milestone, Boss Tuneage is releasing “SUCK AND SWALLOW”, a staggering 25 track Best of compilation. The HARD-ONS once covered KISS "Lick It Up", which appeared on the 1990 KISS tribute "Hard To Believe".
HELIX : Rock It Science (2016)HELIX : "(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead"
album : Rock It Science (2016 compilation, Perris Records, PER5382)

June 2016, Canadian heavy metal rockers HELIX released a video for their new song “(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead” from their compilation album "Rock It Science".
The video pokes fun at KISS‘ bassist Gene Simmons who made his now infamous comment that “rock is finally dead” during a prior interview that he had with Esquire.

(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead
The Hellacopters - Grande RockThe Hellacopters : "Paul Stanley"
album : Grande Rock (1999, Psychout Records, White Jazz Records)

These guys are from Sweden, but they play straight-up, North American rock & roll in the vein of Grand Funk Railroad, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the MC5, and the Stooges.
The song "Paul Stanley" is build round well known KISS (Paul Stanley) guitar riffs ..

"Paul Stanley"
RIVALRY - Highschool DropoutsHighschool Dropouts :
"Peter Criss:
The Catman, Pt 1/Hardest Times, Pt 2
album : Rivalry (2006, Wynona)
Tuscany-based quartet, which music is a mix of punk-, hard- and stoner rock. Their album "Rivalry" opens with a tribute to Peter Criss entitled "Peter Criss: The Catman, Pt 1/Hardest Times, Pt 2". The first half of this instrumental is mash-up of "Detroit Rock City" riffs, loops and drumparts, in the second half the song turns into mid-tempo stoner rock ....
Hi-Standard - The Kids are alrightHi-Standard : Kiss inspired CD single cover
CD single : The Kids Are Alright (1996, Toy's Factory, Japan)

Hi-Standard is a Japanese punk rock/pop punk band who formed in 1991. Although Hi-Standard were Japanese born, all of their major releases were sung in English. After recording five albums, the band entered a hiatus in August 2000.

HOSSHÔSS : Kiss musical inspired album.
album : self titled (2010, self release - Cousin Blanca Records)

Swedish KISS inspired tribute album which contains 10 songs all written & recorded as a tribute to the iconic musical style and influence of early 70's KISS.

more details and images at
HÔSS (album)
HOSS - Harder Than This (2012)HÔSS : Kiss musical inspired album.
album : Harder Than This (2012 -Cousin Blanca Records)

Second album by Swedish band HÔSS, which contains 10 songs all written & recorded as a tribute to the iconic musical style and influence of early 70's KISS.
HÔSS (album)
Insane Clown PosseInsane Clown Posse : "Everybody Rize"
album : The Amazing Jeckel Brothers (1999, Island Records)

The third verse of the song "Everybody Rize" goes :
"Fuck Gene Simmons you make me sick
  Psycho circus you just stole my shit
  Spit your blood out and do your dance
  But I'ma kick that ass through your leather pants" (mp3 sample)

InsectInsect : Kiss inspired 7' single cover
Diablo Musica, 1996 (red vinyl)

rare 7" single featuring Insect "Clowns for Progress" b/w "22 Jacks". Parody/homage single cover of Kiss "Rock and Roll Over". 
JapaharinetJapaharinet : Kiss inspired CD cover
album : Best Fire Of Heaven (2007, Toy's Factory TFCC-86241)

Japanese pop rock group which was formed in 1999.
The disc contains 20 songs in Japanese language.
The same year the band also released a Clip-DVD entitled "Paradise Video Flash", which sleeve also features a "Kiss - Rock 'n Roll Over" inspired cover image.
JAZAN WILD's "Funhouse and Carnival"Jazan Wild : "Kiss Forever" & "Rock And Roll Will Never Die"
album : Funhouse Of Horrors (2008, independent label)
MP3 album download available @
From Jazan Wild :
Kiss Forever was a series that I wrote and pitched to be a new Kiss 
comic series. It would have had Kiss in the year 3,000. 

Synopsis: "It's a 1,000 years in the future. New York City is overrun 
by Genetically Enhanced villains and thugs. It has become a World 
Without Heroes. No one to save the day. The Super-humans believe 
themselves to be GODS! They have outlawed cloning DNA and genetic
enhancements, so that no one can challenge their supremacy. 
But one tragic kid finds a KISS Comic Book printed in real blood! 
He reads the comic and decides these superheroes are just what this 
Lost City and World need. The child goes on a journey to find an 
underground lab located beneath the Statue of Liberty, where a 
scientist has been trying to set right the human race. The two bring 
the superheroes back and it's time to Rock 'n Roll all night and kick 
ass all day! "Kiss The Future Goodbye!"  KISS FOREVER!"

"Kiss Forever" and "Rock and Roll Will Never Die", are two songs that 
I wrote to go with the series. But now they work perfect with 
"Carnival Of Souls" and "Funhouse Of Horrors". 

Note : "Funhouse Of Horrors" als features a cover of KISS "Jungle". (mp3 album)

Jimmy Buffet - SailorJimmy Buffett: "Manana"
album : Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (1978, MCA Records)

A KISS reference is in the third chorus of the song "Manana" :
"So please don't say manana if you don't mean it (don't mean it) -
  I have done your lines for so very long -
  Don't try to describe a KISS concert if you've never seen it -
  Don't ever forget that you just may wind up being gonged"

Lach - Blang !Joey Anderson: "All I Want For Christmas is Paul Stanley"
album : V/A BENT PUSSYCAT RECORDS Christmas disc (2006)

NY musician who recorded the song for the 2006 BENT PUSSYCAT RECORDS Christmas disc .
The song about being a kid in 1978 and wishing for the KISS Dolls.

"All I Want For Christmas is Paul Stanley"
JUST D - PlastJUST D : "Plast" - KISS inspired album cover
album : Plast (1995 WEA / Telegram Records 4509-99346-2)

Swedish hip hop/pop band JUST D's album cover of "Plast" (Swedish for plastic)" features the 1978 MEGO dolls of Peter Criss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley surrounded by lots of other plastic figures.
KABUKIKABUKI : "Kabuki" - Kiss inspired album
album : Kabuki (2011, self release LOWE111 - Holland)
On 11-11-2011 Dutch Rockers KABUKI released their self titled debut.
The riff in the opening song “Sandman” is borrowed from KISS “Rockin’ In the USA”…  but overall the album sounds typical eighties KISS, if the songs would fit on "Animalize" and "Crazy Nights".
For example : "Larger Than Life" is not a cover version of the classic we all know, but music wise it would fit on “Love Gun” as well as on "Animalize", even with a “Won’t Get Fooled Again” inspired keyboard bridge (the way KISS like to use in their live version of "Lick It Up")..
KABUKI 2015KABUKI : "Season Fever" - Kiss inspired album
album : Season Fever  (2015, self release - Holland)
With the opening beat and guitar riff of the opening song “Fall In Madness” it’s clear that Kabuki’s second album release is inspired by KISS first six studio albums. Near all songs on the album have guitar riffs, drumbeats or bass loops that in some way reminds to KISS’ “Dressed To Kill” or their “Love Gun” album, while the sound of “Land’s End” comes close to Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo effort.
Even tracks like “Draw The Line” which doesn’t sound like KISS at all, still have a subtle KISS inspired riff in between, while the  guitar solo in “Expectations” sounds a bit like Ace Frehley.

contact for order info
KEEGANKeegan: "Dr. Love"
free download (2006, Germany)

Unsigned band from Germany, who recorded a KISS tribute song which actually isn't a cover of the KISS song. The track starts with the guitar riff of "Shock Me" while the lyrics mentions KISS halfway the song.
KentKent : "Frank"
album : Kent (1995, RCA - Sweden)
Swedish indie pop/ rockband that sings in Swedish. They are probably Swedens biggest band singing in their native tongue. 
The song "Frank", which is released as a single too, includes the following (translated) line :
"On his jacket there were four badges
  Heroes in glittering fabric
  Slade, KISS, Bowie and Sweet"
(official video)
KERHOKerho : "Paul Stanley"
5 track EP-CD : Oikku (2003, Poko Records PSCD 219, Finland)
Female fronted Hard-Rock-PunkPop from Finland.
Kerho was formed in 2001 by Saska (drums) and Pauliina (vocals and guitar). Kerho recorded it's first demo at Gracelands studio in London, England in the spring of 2002. In the spring of 2002 Saska and Pauliina moved to Helsinki. Poko Rekords released Kerho's 'Oikku' EP in May 2003 which features a love song for Paul Stanley of Kiss..
Kid RockKid Rock : "Lowlife (Living The Highlife)"
album : Rock 'n Roll Jesus (2007, Atlantic Records)
A KISS reference is in the second verse of the song "Lowlife" : 
 "I got kids I never seen and their Momma's seventeen. 
  I'm a lowlife.
  I take strippers out to breakfast, you can add that to my checklist.
  I'm a lowlife.
  Ahh the landlord called the rent is due. 
  I spent it all on a KISS tattoo.I rocked n rolled all night." (mp3 sample)
Killer BarbiesKiller Barbies : Kiss inspired CD cover
album : Dressed to KISS (1995, Toxic Records/Subterfuge Records)

The album front cover is a picture of four regular Barbies with KISS-makeup.
The Killer Barbies is a Spanish Punk Rock band fronted by singer/guitarist Silvia Superstar (real name: Silvia García Pintos).
KLASSIK'78KLASSIK'78 : Kiss musical inspired EP album.
album : Side One (February 2017, self release / digital download)

KLASSIK '78 is a 6 song album written & recorded as a tribute to the iconic musical style and influence of 70's KISS. If you like 70's Kiss, you'll love KLASSIK '78.

Purchase the KLASSIK'78 album download at
CDbaby and iTunes,
or send an email to
KLASSIK'78 facebook (samples)
KLASSIK'78 Side TwoKLASSIK'78 : Kiss musical inspired EP album.
album : Side Two (October 2017, self release / digital download)

KLASSIK '78 (Side Two) is the 2nd "digital download" album of songs written & recorded by KLASSIK '78 in 2017, as a tribute to the iconic musical style of 70's KISS. Produced by KLASSIK '78 & Mixed by John Shipp. Dedicated to Ace, Gene, Paul & Peter

Purchase the KLASSIK'78 album download at
CDbaby and iTunes,
or send an email to
KLASSIK'78 cdbaby (samples)
KLASSIK'78 - Phantoms (2021)KLASSIK'78 : Kiss musical inspired EP album.
album : Phantoms (December 2021, self release / digital download)

KLASSIK '78 "Phantoms" is a 8 song album written & recorded as a tribute to the iconic musical style and influence of 70's KISS. If you like 70's Kiss, you'll love KLASSIK '78.

Purchase the KLASSIK'78 album download at and iTunes, or send an email to (samples)
KLEEN FLITZPIEPE - Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISSKLEEN FLITZPIEPE :
Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS.

digital single : Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS
released April 30, 2021 at
TimeZone Records (TZDL-351).

Punk Rock from Hamburg, Germany, which band features Marceese Trabus, who also released a couple of KISS Tribute albums on his own. With the by
Marceese (in German) penned single and video of "Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS" Kleen Flitzpiepe pays tribute to KISS ...
(official video)
"Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS"
Круиз - Kruiz 1988Круиз : "Heaviest In Town".
album : Kruiz (1988, WEA 243 869-1/2/4)
KRUIZ, or in Russian 'Круиз', is a rock band from the former Soviet Union. Started in 1980 as a government-controlled soft rock and pop act. In 1985, founding member and guitarist Valery Gaina reformed the band with a completely different line-up that featured him on lead vocals. This was followed by a major shift in the overall sound and image; from pop rock to heavy metal. In 1987, the band officially released their debut album "Круиз-1" as a metal band. On the 1988 released 2nd album "Kruize", KISS is mentioned in the song "Heaviest In Town" :
"I'm bored to death with Maiden stuff, I'm tires of Accept and KISS,
I know Who is really tough, I'll jet to Moscow for Kruiz!,
Heavy - Heavy- Heavy - Heaviest In Town !"
Круиз - Kruiz (album YouTube)
Kyle Kinane - Whiskey Icarus (2013)Kyle Kinane : Kiss "Destroyer" inspired 'song' titles
album : Whiskey Icarus (2012, Comedy Central Rec.)

Kyle Kinane is an American stand-up comedian from Addison, Illinois.
Kinane has had a longstanding relationship with the cable channel Comedy Central. Each track from his album "Whiskey Icarus" has the same (song) title and tracklist as KISS' "Destroyer" album, opening with "Detroit Rock City", "King Of The Night Time World"and so on. (mp3 samples)

Lach - Blang !Lach : "KISS Loves You"
album : Blang ! (1999, Fortified Records)

Lach is an American anti-/folksinger. 
The song "Kiss Loves You" and Nicke Andersson (Nick Royale) "I Still Want The Best" are both in Jim Hennegan's documentary film "KISS Loves You", which is about the fans of KISS. These two songs were supposed to be released as a (soundtrack-) single. (mp3 sample)

LM. CLM. C : "Oh My Juliet"
CD/DVD maxi single : Oh My Juliet  (2007, Pony Cayon, PCCA-02385)
CD maxi single (1) : Oh My Juliet (2007, Pony Cayon, PCCA-70177)
CD maxi single (2) : Oh My Juliet (2007, Pony Cayon, PCCA-70174)

The three maxi CDs musically has nothing to do with KISS, however the cover does parody their makeup.

LM.C (lovely-mocochang) is a band featuring Aiji (ex PIERROT) and Maya (ex SINNERS, Miyavi's supporting guitarist.). Their sound features Rock, as well as infuences from rap and hip/hop . 
This visual act is formed by Maya in 2003, and before they got their record deal (October 2006), the band appeared in many magazines, including a cover story in Shoxx magazine.

The Laughing DogsThe Laughing Dogs : Wicked Lester album cover
album : The Laughing Dogs (1979, Columbia/CBS JC-36033 USA)
Actually not a Kiss inspired / parody, but in 1979 The Laughing Dogs dug into the image vaults at Epic/CBS and chose this cover for their debut album. Interestingly, the artwork had originally been planned for use on the abandoned Wicked Lester album in 1972.
The band has worked with Eddie Kramer and one of the members was Carter Cathcart. Carter Cathcart co-wrote the Ace Frehley song "Remember Me" (
demo'ed 1984 / Trouble Walkin' 1989).
Lenny Kravitz - BaptismLenny Kravitz : "California"
album : Baptism (2004, Virgin)
A KISS reference is in the second verse of the song "California" :
"She played me records I had never heard
  While we toked on purple hairs
  Who, Zeppelin, Beatles, Kiss, The Rolling Stones
  While we played guitars in air"

The Kiss album "Rock 'n' Roll Over" also appears in the video of the song.
(official video)
Lordi - Get HeavyLordi : "Devil Is A Loser"
album : Get Heavy (2002, Drakkar / BMG)
The song's last verse before the solo includes the line :
" You got yourself some greasepaint, Set of white and black 
  All you got was laughter and, Gene Simmons on your back"
Visually the Finnish answer to GWAR, with masquerade and all. Musically, inspired by KISS with catchy songs and melodies.
Not many people noticed, but check out the background of the cover of "Get Ready". Yup, it's the gate from KISS "Love Gun" album.
"Devil is a Loser"
Lordi - Beast Loose in ParadiseLordi : "Beast Loose in Paradise"
CD single : Beast Loose in Paradise (2007, Sony / BMG)

The cover art for LORDI's single, "Beast Loose in Paradise" is a tribute to KISS' classic "Creatures of the Night" album cover. 
It is the credit song from Dark Floors – The Lordi Motion Picture. 
The members of the Finnish Band are huge KISS fans and are managed by former KISS manager Bill Aucoin.
Lordi - Beast Loose in ParadiseLordi : "This Is Heavy Metal"
CD single : This Is Heavy Metal (2010, Sony / BMG)
"This Is Heavy Metal" is the first single from LORDI's fifth studio album, "Babez For Breakfast". The coversleeve of the single is painted by Mr. Lordi himself ; "I wanted to paint a picture which at the same time crystallizes something of the essence that is of '80s metal and also as pays a visual tribute to many of our own idols of that era. So, to be able to fit them all in, I created a Frankenstein monster made out of bits and pieces of members of TWISTED SISTER, KISS, W.A.S.P. and ALICE COOPER, to name only a few."

He continued, "The song itself is written in the same train of thought 
and appreciation. I wanted to write a song that is heavy metal 
according to LORDI. The riff should sound familiar from the first 
second you hear it and you should be able to sing along the chorus 
already when it comes out the second time". For "This Is Heavy Metal" Lordi borrows the riff of KISS "War Machine".
(official video)
"This Is Heavy Metal"
Los CauLos Cau : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Los Reyes Del Chamame Tropical (1980)

Rare release by Argentinean folk band Los Cau.

further details unknown

Los Cau (front and back cover image)
Luxus LeverposteiLuxus Leverpostei : "Rompeskjegg"
album : Tarmgass (2000)
Norwegian pop/rock/punk-band that's concentrating of making funny lyrics. The song "Rompeskjegg" contains the line :
" Jeg har begitt meg ut på ting jeg slettes ikke kan 
  I en trekant med Gene Simmons og selveste Liv Ullmann"
What I can understand about this lyric that it's about having a threesome including Gene Simmons and Liv Ullman. Liv Ullman is a famous Norwegian actress.
The MantorsThe Mantors : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Lust Muscle (2008, Mad Dog, The Mantors, independent)
The Mantors is not a tribute Band but a full on Hetro Power Band, and actually a side Porn Rock 'project' by The Mentors members Dr. Heathen Scum and Marc Mad Dog Duce. Besides their own songs The Mantors covers 70's and 80's Hard Rock Music, changing the lyrics to their own Porn Rock vision of life.

The album of cover "Lust Muscle" is a parody of KISS "Love Gun", 
with KISS replaced for the members of The Mantors. 
The album contains a couple of Twisted Sister, WASP and AC/DC 
covers, all with new lyrics ...
The Mantors also recorded a (currently unreleased) version of KISS  "All American Man", with new lyrics entitled "Hetrosexual Man".
Marksman LloydMarksman Lloyd (feat. Anders) : "Gene Simmons"
digital EP : Portal (2017, Firestarter Distribution, independent)

Lyrically, "Gene Simmons" is an affirmation of love and the ridiculousness of the whole dance. The song originally came to Marksman in a dream (a self-confessed rare occurrence) while he was traveling throughout South East Asia and nailed it in the studio as soon as he returned."
(official video)
"Gene Simmons" (mp3 album)

Märvel ‎- Guilty Pleasures (2019)Märvel ‎: Guilty Pleasures (Kiss inspired album cover)
vinyl LP : The Sign Records ‎- SQR021 (2019, Sweden)
"Guilty Pleasuresis" is Swedish band Märvel's 8th album and includes a cover version of KISS "All For The Glory". Images of the members of KISS are on several places on the album cover. At the upper left window are Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, two windows to the right is Peter Criss (or Eric Singer) in make-up. In the lower windows other members shows up. Ace Frehley (or Tommy Thayer) is on the rear of the cover sleeve. The band was formed in 2002 during a high school exchange year in Colorado, USA. In 2006 Märvel released an EP entitled "Unleashed!" which features a cover version of KISS "Nowhere To Run".

MATT FERRARA ‎- Echo (2020)Matt Ferrara ‎: "Paul Stanley"
digital album : Echo  (2020)

A lyric video of the song can be heard at

You can purchase the song and album at

McRackins - Eggs Alive In Italy (2022)McRackins : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Eggs Alive In Italy  (2021)
released on CD, LP vinyl, music cassette and 8 track cassette.
The McRackins are a Canadian pop punk band that was formed in 1994. Their song and album titles revolve around egg puns (i.e. "Bat Out of Shell") They have had approximately 70 releases from over 30 different record labels. The McRackins nearly always play live in full costume and made up to look like two eggs and a dog. The band claims that they were transformed from men to two eggs and a dog and given super pop-punk powers as the result of a freak nuclear accident.

Melvins - King BuzzoThe Melvins : Kiss inspired album cover (1)
album : King Buzzo EP (1992, Boner/Tupelo BR32-2/4; TUP39-2/4)

While the music contained on these EP's does not feature any KISS-cover, the style of packaging is a direct "copy" of that used on the 1978 KISS Solo Albums, including the Kiss style solo poster.

King Buzzo KISS-style Solo Poster
MELVINS - Dale CroverThe Melvins : Kiss inspired album cover (2)
album : Dale Crover EP (1992, Boner/Tupelo BR33-2/4; TUP40-2/4)

While the music contained on these EP's does not feature any KISS-cover, the style of packaging is a direct "copy" of that used on the 1978 KISS Solo Albums, including the Kiss style solo poster.

Dale Crover KISS-style Solo Poster
Melvins - Joe PrestonThe Melvins : Kiss inspired album cover (3)
album : Joe Preston EP (1992, Boner/Tupelo BR34-2/4; TUP41-2/4)

While the music contained on these EP's does not feature any KISS-cover, the style of packaging is a direct "copy" of that used on the 1978 KISS Solo Albums, including the Kiss style solo poster.

Joe Preston KISS-style Solo Poster
Memphis Radio Kings - FourMemphis Radio Kings : "Frehley's Comet (Fell On Me Tonight)"
album : Four (2006,  Hot Stack Records 004 )

Borrowing liberally from their favorite musical styles: 70's rock, indie-pop, gospel, blues, and country, these local lads spend their time writing songs to please themselves, their friends, and their fans; a continually burgeoning base at Seattle's many clubs.

"Frehley's Comet (Fell On Me Tonight)" streams at Memphis Radio Kings MySpace page.
Lach - Blang !Michael Disciple : "Jesus Loves Gene Simmons" (2012)
Here's a little known fact -- Jesus is a Gene Simmons fan.
Well, at least that is what singer-songwriter Michael Disciple says. He has written and recorded "Jesus Loves Gene Simmons," and posted a video of the song on YouTube. For close to seven minutes he sings "Jesus Loves Gene Simmons" along with a few other verses that are hard to make out. The video shows him singing and playing his guitar in the fields of Alabama interspersed with images of Jesus. And, he was smart enough not to put any images of Simmons in the clip.
But, apparently Simmons likes it as he has posted it on his website.
  (official video)
"Jesus Loves Gene Simmons"
THE MIGHTY ONE - Torch Of Rock And Roll (2021)The Mighty One ‎: Torch Of Rock And Roll (inspired song)
album : Torch Of Rock And Roll (CD and digital release)
Third album .by hard rock/metal titans from Vancouver, Canada.
KISS is mentioned in the title track (and video) :
" .... That’s when I joined - The Kiss Army
Destroyer in my hand - The cover dark and glam ..."
and the first few lines of the 2nd verse is :
"I turned 24 - Paul Stanley at my door
Record deal and dreams come true - But then the end did come"
  (official video)
"Torch Of Rock And Roll"
Millencolin - Life On A PlateMillencolin : "Ace Frehley"
album : Life On A Plate (1995, Burning Heart Records / Epitaph)

Swedish punkrockband which album "Life On A Plate" went straight to number four on the Swedish album charts! (1996).
"Ace Frehley" runs about 5 seconds, and actually is nothing more than just a scream ....

"Ace Frehley"
M.O.D. - The Rebel You Love To HateM.O.D. : "Get Ready"
album : The Rebel You Love To Hate (2003, Nuclear Blast)
"Get Ready" is a lyric homage to KISS, with musical fragments of the "Strutter" intro and "Detroit Rock City".

Parts of the lyrics are : "Someone called for the doctor - Got your cure on the tip of my tongue - Call me God of Thunder - You wanted the best, so here I come - We hit the stage, play all the hits- The place is packed, there's nowhere to sit - You scream for more, we rock the crowd - Let's hear it, shout it out loud! " (mp3 sample)

Necro - The Pre-fix For DeathNecro : "86 Measures Of Game"
album : The Pre-fix For Death (2004, Psycho Logical Records)
Hiphop-meets-metal, spearheaded by the band's namesake leader, Necro, and featuring contributions from members of Voivod, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Bad Brains, Hatebreed and Slipknot. 
The intro of "86 Measures Of Game" is 45 second sample of a Gene Simmons (eighties ??) interview by a woman, talking 
about Gene's codpiece and he answers " "If you're gonna welcome me with open arms, I'm afraid you're also gonna have to welcome me with open legs" ...........

"86 Measures Of Game"
Lach - Blang !Nicke Andersson (Nick Royale) : "I Still Want The Best"
unreleased (??)
Nicke Andersson (Nick Royale), singer of Swedish band the The Hellacopters, (also ex drummer of Entombed) song "I Still Want The Best", as well as Lach's "Kiss Loves You" are both in Jim Hennegan's documentary film "KISS Loves You", which is about the fans of KISS. These two songs were supposed to be released as a (soundtrack-) single.
NFOX - War On ErrorismNOFX : "We Got Two Jealous Agains"
album : The War On Errorism (2003, Fat Wreck Chords)

The second verse of the song "We Got Two Jealous Agains" goes : 
"Whats with this Underdog -  And this GNR EP 
  I dont think Hanoi Rocks - And I dont want your Paul Stanley 
  Next to my Subhumans gatefold - I'm not trying to be a jerk 
  But I don't think this record merger's gonna work. "

"86 Measures Of Game"
NOISE PETALS - Noise PetalsNoise Petals : "Were Yeats Gene Simmons"
album : Noise Petals (1988, Stonegarden Records SGN-903)

The sole album from the group is tight and delivers catchy, melodic tunes on every cut, crafting a very appealing funk-pop fusion. Lead vocalist James Trigg projected an intelligent and poetic cynicism.
The band mocks Kiss musically on the track "Were Yeats Gene Simmons," a smart, sarcastic masterpiece about the tension between art and popularity.
Norman Gunston : Kiss ArmyNorman Gunston : "KISS Army"
7" single : Kiss Army / Normdrum (1980, 7 Records MS455)
Australian comic Norman Gunston released the single "Kiss Army" in 1980 around the time of KISS' long awaited Antipodean visit. 
He nearly ended up in serious trouble for using KISS' music from "I Was Made For Lovin' You" on this parody track, but things worked out well and he ended up being involved in "The Inner Sanctum" documentary. 
"KISS Army"
No Use For A Name - Live and DiveNo Use For A Name : "Gene And Paul, I Hate Most Of All And Ace, You're The Ace And Peter You're The Cat"
album : Live In a Dive (2006, Fat wreck Records - FAT622)

This is a 55 second live track with audience participation, which introduction and lyric is only : 'This one involves a little crowd participation!. . Gene and Paul, I hate you most of all.... . ...Ace...You're the ace.... . ...And Peter...YOU'RE THE CAT!". NO USE FOR A NAME are a four-piece punk rock band from San Jose, CA.
The ORDER : Rock 'n' Rumble (2016)The ORDER : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Rock 'n' Rumble (2016, Massacre Records - FAT622)

Fifth studio album by the Swiss quartet, who takes classic hard rock with a strong 80s vibe to the next level with a modern sound.
They play old school hard rock and heavy metal straight out of the Eighties, but without the spandex and big hair. (mp3 album)
OSAMAOSAMA (Japan) : Kiss inspired album (with cover medley)
CD-EP : Seppun Densetsu (2000, CONISIS LAB Inc. CSEG 12001)
Japanese Hard Rock cover band.
Checking their website at (click 'museum') it looks like they only do tributes since they did some ranging from Village People to The Beatles and Rainbow. Track 01 - 03 are not KISS songs,  but sound wise rather Kiss inspired songs. These three tracks REALLY sound like some songs Kiss would have done. Track 04 and 05 are Kiss cover medleys. All five songs are sung in Japanese.
PASCAL OBISPO - Fan (CD single 2003)PASCAL OBISPO : Kiss inspired CD single sleeve (France)
CD single : Fan (2003, Epic - EPC673759 9, Epic - 6737599002)
Pascal Obispo is a French singer-songwriter, pop artist.
In 2003 the 2 track CD single "Fan / L'amour Avec Toi" was released with 6 different picture sleeves, including a Kiss inspired version, as well as versions which have images inspired by Freddie Mercury, Robert De Niro, Marilyn Monroe, a.o. on the cover sleeve.
Lach - Blang !Paxis: "Selfish Gene Simmons (instrumental)"
album : Left Eye Twitch (2007, self release )

Paxit is the Hebrew for ‘tin can’, and on "Left Eye Twitch" this Israeli project opens up to reveal a bewilderingly eclectic 29 tracks and 63 minutes of chaotically freeform psychedelic experimentalism, with styles varying from free jazz through to noisy punk rock and glitchy electronica. Track lengths vary between seven seconds and nine minutes, providing an elusive and rapidly shifting sonic experience which is all too often impossible to process before it slips away like quicksilver.

"Selfish Gene Simmons"
Piece of PissPiece Of PISS
rare promo only picture disc EP (500 copies)

This picture disc captures the studio session which was to form PISS aborted 1st album. Both Hilarious and tragic it manages to capture the essence of PISS. 
Lorded by the late John Peel as 'the worlds 1st Air Guitar Band .... 
further details unknown
Poison : Crack A SmilePoison : "Tragically Unhip"
album : Crack A Smile and More ! (2000, Capitol Records)

A KISS reference is in the second verse (after the chorus) of the song "Tragically Unhip" :
"I got an old waterbed
  I like to trip into the dead
  I've keep a poster of KISS on my wall" (mp3 sample)
THE RADIO SUN : SpacemanThe Radio Sun : "Spaceman"
4 song CD/EP - available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play (2015)

Australian melodic rock band The Radio Sun have penned an original tribute to Ace Frehley titled 'SpaceMan'. Guitarist Stevie Janevski goes on to say 'all of us in The Radio Sun grew up on a healthy diet of KISS and in particular were all inspired by the original spaceman Ace Frehley. This song is a bit of fun and is not meant to defame anyone in particular but rather a stance acknowledging the original SpaceMan'.

Ralph E. Carle : ProphecyRalph E. Carle : Eric Carr inspired album / album cover
album : Prophecy (2000, Lunar Moth Records, 053119730926)
PROPHECY is inspired by and dedicated to Eric Carr.
Eric Carr is featured at the opening of PROPHECY, with a rare radio ID that he recorded shortly before his passing. 
Also included on PROPHECY, is a remastered version of Eric's original The CELLARMEN recording "Your Turn to Cry". 
Ralph E Carle has also included a cover version of the song, to pay tribute to the late drummer.
Randy Newman : Born AgainRandy Newman : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Born Again (1979, Warner Bros. HS-3346)

This album musically has nothing to do with KISS, however the cover does parody their makeup.
RED GIANT - Dysfunctional MajestyRed Giant : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Dysfunctional Majesty (2010, Small Stone Recordings)

Third album by Cleve Rockers Red Giant. The album is 12 tracks straight hard rock with hints of metal and maybe a pinch of thrash.
To close off the album is a cover of AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock.”
Musically, Red Giant describe themselves as spacepunk with influences from Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and MC5.
Robbie Williams - I've Been Expecting YouRobbie Williams : "Strong"
album : I've Been Expecting You (1998, EMI International)

The first verse of the song "Strong" ends with the lines :
"Early morning when I wake up
  I look like Kiss but without the make up
  And thats a good line to take it to The bridge"

NOTE : For his 1998 video of "Let Me Entertain You" Robbie Williams dressed up like Paul Stanley, wearing Gene Simmons make-up.
  (official video)
Robot Lords of Tokyo - Virtue & Vice (2013)Robot Lords of Tokyo : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Virtue & Vice (2013, Riot Records)

The Robot Lords of Tokyo is a musical sludge / stoner rock project by Rick Ritzler (drums and guitar) and Paul Jones (vocals and guitar).
Based in Columbus, Ohio, the band independently released their self-titled debut album in 2006. The album cover of their third album "Virtue & Vice" is inspired by KISS "Love Gun".
Sabaton - Primo VictoriaSabaton : "Metal Machine"
album : Primo Victoria (2005, Black Lodge)

The song "Metal Machine" of Swedish band "Sabaton" contains a lot of references to various classic metal songs like Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", Iron Maiden "Fear Of the Dark" and Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train and "Ultimate Sin".. 
Also KISS "Love Gun" is mentioned in the lyrics. (mp3 sample)
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus Sabaton : "Metal Crüe"
album : Attero Dominatus  (2006, Black Lodge)
The song "Metal Crüe" of Swedish band "Sabaton" contains a lot of references to various classic hard rock and metal bands. 
Kiss is mentioned in the following verse :
"When the Priest killed a Maiden in the Metal Church
  Armored Saints and Warlocks watched the Slaughter
  Rage of the Slayer forced the Pretty Maids
  To Kiss the Queen in Crimson Glory" (mp3 sample)
Sack Trick : Penguins On The MoonSack Trick : Cheesy
album : Penguins On The Moon (2003, ORG Records - ORG212)
Before Sack Trick made their third album 'Sheep In KISS Make Up', they already had a KISS reference on their second album 'Penguins On The Moon'. The album is a concept album revolving around some penguins journey to the moon. The song 'Cheesy' deals with the fact that they've ran out of fish and now have to eat the cheese out of which the moon consists. At the end of the song Paul Stanley (played by David Ryder-Prangley) shows up to ask them in 'Do You Love Me' style if they really like cheese. The booklet is in comic form so you can follow the lyrics with pictures. 
On Sack Trick's first album '(music from) The Mystery Rabbits' several Sack Trick members are wearing KISS make up in the pictures in the booklet.
Sack Trick "Cheesy" (lyrics with Paul Stanley image) 
SEBASTIAN GAVA - UncensoredSebastian Gava : KISS / Paul Stanley inspired album cover
album : Uncensored (2016, SC Entertainment)
Solo album by Brazilian singer / songwriter Sebastian Gava, which album features guest guitars by Bruce Kulick on "Love at First Bite", which song is also co-written by Bruce Kulcik.
The album also contains a cover version of KISS' "Magic Touch".
iTunes (mp3 sample)
Second Hand - Puke and fall overSecond Hand : Kiss inspired album cover
7" single : Puke And Fall Over (1996, Recess Records, recess#31)

further details unknown
Seddy Mellory - Urban Cream Empire (2016)Seddy Mellory : "Ace Frehley"
album : Urban Cream Empire (2016 - Kandinsky Records)

Italian Indie Rock band inspired by Ace Frehley, New York Dolls, Max Kansas City, Sex Pitols and The Rolling Stones (on speed), formed in 2005. The 2nd song on their 2016 album "Urban Cream Empire" is a tribute to Ace Frehley.
  (official video)
"Ace Frehley"
SHAMELESS - Live Your Dream (2021)Shameless : "Live Your Dream"
album : Live Your Dream (2021 - Red Skunk Recordz)

"Live Your Dream," the 2021 single from Shameless, celebrates the release of "Looking Inside", the 500 page definitive history of the DeLorean written by Shameless band leader Alexx Michael.
Ace Frehley and his DeLorean is mentioned in lyrics, while Bruce Kulick plays lead guitar halfway the song.
  (official video)
"Live Your Dream"
Shitbaby Mammals - Introducing... The Shitbabies (2018)Shitbaby Mammals : "Abner Devereaux"
digital EP : Introducing... The Shitbabies (2018)

Sweden's Shitbaby Mammals sounds like Eagles of Death Metal with all the energy and fun of 1970s pop icons Bay City Rollers. It's feel good music that makes you laugh, makes you smile and think just what was going through their minds when they wrote lyrics to most of their songs. The song "Abner Devereaux" is inspired by the evil inventor from the 1978 KISS movie "Kiss Meets the Phantom Of The Park".
  (official video)
"Abner Devereaux"

Shitbaby Mammals @ CDbaby
THE SLAM - Hit It !The Slam : "Hit It !" - Kiss inspired songs
album : Hit It ! (2011 - Scarlet Records - SC 208-2) 
Canadian founded hard rockers, quartet The Slam is put together by Canadian singer/guitarist Serge Simic, and the band really taps into the hard rock feel of the 70s, albeit with modern production. While The Slam draws on all manner of 70′s hard rock influences the one that stands out most clearly is KISS. Their song “Kisser” sounds like the companion piece to the KISS classic, “Strutter”. The KISS influence hits its apex on “90-50-91 Love”. The listener can immediately hear a groove riff that recalls KISS‘s “Watchin’ You” and “She”. Though the chorus of the song is completely its own.
“Saddle Up” is more KISS with a dose of Black Sabbath‘s Tony Iommi.
“Mr. Rock N Rolla” starts off with a clip of KISS Alive! blaring in the background as a pissed off parent bangs on the door yelling for his kid to turn that crap down.
The album closer is cover version of KISS Peter Criss 1978 song “Hooked On Rock N Roll” which sounds like the do wop brother of Van Halen‘s tongue-in-cheek rocker, “Ice Cream Man.”
Sloppy Seconds - DestroyedSloppy Seconds : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Destroyed (1989, Musical Tragedies TXCD-17 / MT117)
(reissued in 1994, Metal Blade Records 3984-14036-2)

The cover is a great parody of the famous Kiss "Destroyer" album cover. Also, on the inside of the CD is a picture of two of the Sloppy guys with Ace Frehley of Kiss, who is holding the Sloppy Seconds album cover! The intro of KISS "God Of Thunder" is used as a sample in the song "Time Bomb".
SNAKED - Paul StanleySnaked : "Paul Stanley"
SNAKED is a West Hollywood based duo, made up of Hugh Myrone on guitar and melodies and Depressed Teenager on the beat.
Their sound is a combination of hair raising metal and arena sized electronics which fully comes to life through their impressive live performances. SNAKED’s 2015 debut single, “Paul Stanley”, a lighters up ode to KISS’ frontman which blends massive guitar riffs and feels-murking chords with huge drumwork patterns which soar underneath Stanley’s epic stage banter.

SNAKED : Paul Stanley
So Bored Society: Animal Eyes (2008)So Bored Society : Kiss inspired album cover and songs
So Bored Society is a skate Punk band from Finland who have recorded a couple of KISS inspired parody songs entitled "Paul Stan Lee" (2010) and "Bruce Kulick"(2012).
In "Bruce Kulick" you can hear several Kiss references like "Paul Stanley", "Bruce Kulick", "Catman Criss" and also Tommy (Thayer).
Other song titles with a kind of KISS parody reference are "Lazy Lazy Nights" (2008),  "(You Make Me) Hotter Than Hell" (2010).
The 2008 album of "Animal-Eyes"features Paul Stanley on the cover.
All songs are available for free download at
Spazztic Blurr - Before & AfterSpazztic Blurr : "Ace"
album : Before & After (Earache Records 1988)
In the 'song' "Ace" the band performs a little play. They sit in their rehearsal room or whatever talking about Kiss, listening to "New York Groove" and chanting Ace! Ace! Ace!. Suddenly Ace comes in and plays the guitar solo from Alive II and leaves again. Then they start to chant Peter! Peter! Peter! while listening to "You Matter To Me". Of course the guitar solo is performed by the guitarist of the band (Marco), not Ace Frehley.
Spectravox - Feel It, Trust ItSpectravox : "Gene Simmons"
album : Feel It, Trust It (independent label 2010)

Spectravox second album helping of fast, fun, toe-tapping rock n' roll with lyrics that might scare your mother. The foursome dish up 14 tracks guaranteed to put a smile on your face and have you dancing in your living room, or at least playing air guitar.
Spudmonsters - Destroy your IdolsThe Spudmonsters : Kiss inspired 7" single cover
7" single : Destroy Your Idols (1991, Smog Veil Records)
Released on Yellow & Transparent vinyl.

Cleveland Hardcore act THE SPUDMONSTERS, founded during 1989, debuted with a track inclusion on the Metal Blade Records compilation album 'Metal Massacre IX'. The band would score a deal with German label Massacre Records and subsequently generate a loyal following in Europe.
SteakhouseSteakhouse : "Ace Frehley"
only available as MP3

The song "Ace Frehley" is an homage by New York based band Steakhouse (led by ex-Frontier Wives singer-songwriter Scott Long). The band have been described as ”A cross between Screaming Trees and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.” The group actually draws more influence from the pop/punk genius of the early Replacements and the thoughtful songscapes of Wilco and The Jayhawks.

"Ace Frehley"
Lach - Blang !Stevie Rachelle : "A Tribute to our Fallen Metal Heroes"
Free MP3 Download (2005)
Inspired by the murder of Dimebag Darrel (Damage Plan, Pantera), the Tsunami disaster and the ongoing War over in Iraq, Stevie Rachelle (Tuff) rewrote the lyrics of Staind “It’s Been A While” and put his renewed (cover-) version on the net for free download.
Part of the lyrics are : "Since we watched Eric Carr raise up his hand - And it's been a while -Since they’re gone, we won’t forget, just what they loved to do - And it's been a while - But all that pain seems to disappear when we hear you"
"Metal Heroes"
Stiff Donut - Like Cake on a Plate Stiff Donut : "Gene Simmons Is Right About Everything"
album : Like Cake on a Plate (2009, independent label)

Indie-Comedy-Thrash band which is actually a project that started out as a Limp Bizkit parody. Sounds like Will Ferrell jamming with Depeche Mode and Slayer at the same time.
The Sweet OnesThe Sweet Ones : "Paul Stanley"
album : Stay Low (2008, independent label)

The song starts of with a sample of Paul Stanley talking between songs live, and the lyrics is about KISS and Paul Stanley. (mp3 sample)
SVETLANA - Nake Horse Rider (2015)Svetlanas : Kiss inspired EP album cover
EP album : Naked Horse Rider (2015, Altercation Records)

Originally from Russia, this Punk Rock band was banned and now lives in Italy.
Taylor Hawkins - KotaTaylor Hawkins : "Bob Quit His Job" (feat. Paul Stanley)
album : Kota - 6 track EP (2016)
Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins solo EP "Kota" features the vocal stylings of KISS frontman Paul Stanley. Together the two iconic rockers are featured on the song, "Bob Quit His Job."
"It's about my old neighbor," Hawkins told the O.C. Register. "At the
very end of it, that's Paul Stanley from KISS. We took some of his live banter from KISS shows off of the Internet and stuck it in there.
I asked him, like, 'Hey, I put your banter in the song to make it sound like a live KISS album or something, can I do that?' He was like, 'Hell yeah, go for it."

"Bob Quit His Job"
Teenage BottlerocketTeenage BottleRocket : "Bigger Than Kiss"
album : They Came From The Shadows (2009, Fat Wreck Records)

Punkrock band (Ramones style) from Wyoming.
The song "Bigger Than Kiss" is a hilarious parody which lines includes "Ace Frehley can play guitar, but he ain't no fucking Kerry King", 
"Paul Stanley fell down on stage and broke a hip, Let's hope he's not alright", ..... The band also made a cartoon Music video for the song.
  (official video)
"Bigger Than Kiss"
ThrowbackThrowback (Robert Pryor): "From The Cellar Came A Star"
album : The Beginning (2003, Throwback Music / My Texas Music)
Throwback is one of Eric Carr's former band mates in The Cellarmen - Robert "Bob" Pryor. The song "From The Cellar Came A Star" was written by Bob Pryor in memory of Paul Caravello (aka Eric Carr), the former drummer for the rock band KISS. 
Paul (Eric) was the drummer in Bob Pryor's first band in New York. 
The title of the song is referring to the band The Cellarmen and Eric Carr.
Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union : "Letter To Gene" album : Spit Polish (2004, Festival Records 337922, Australia)
"Spit Ploish" is a mix of rock, country twang and folky shuffling, all wrapped up in thoughtful lyrics, for example 'Letter to Gene', which has really funny autobiographic lyrics.

Letter to Gene Lyrics :
Ah Gene, my first performance was a tribute to you, 
I had my dibs on Ace but i was six feet two
At the age of 10 so it was blood capsules then, 
and a bass of the finest scrap materials when, 

God of Thunder played on the C30 tape, 
my cotton mouth had developed to a stage
Where the absence of spit, meant that my bit, 
of blood curdling theatre was reduced to a paltry

Spitting out of powder and pills, 
the memory it haunts me still
But can you see the dedication i showed, 
As I plowed thru my mothers wardrobe

A vest, some chain, and a stacked leather boot, 
my reputation all but through
Slim the chance i'd make it home alive, 
Before being beaten by some toughs in Grade 5

So tell me now is it just about the money?
tell me Gene is it just about the money?

Ah Gene, sometimes we're all business people it's true, 
but it took me years to learn the riffs and the moves
My biggest acheivement over spelling and sums, 
was learning side 3 to Double Platinum but oh, 

I can't expect you to understand how i feel, 
but Calling Dr. Love brought some changes in me
The sweet young kid who lived between footballl games, 
became a child of the damned and threw my soul away

Oh, my spot in the Army was refuted goddamn, 
my Dad sat me down and told me about the Man
Behind the desk with a cuban cigar, 
while the bands, all shivered in their cars, 

So tell me now is it just about the money?
tell me is it just about the money?

I guess it's cold gin time again, 
you know it's the only thing to keep us together (mp3 sample)

Toilet BoysToilet Boys : "Paul Stanley (Was A Lady)"
album : The Early Years (2004 , Ozit Morpheus)
New York City's Toilet Boys originally formed in the late '90s as a backing band for Debbie Harry and transsexual performer Miss Guy. The crowd's response to the one-time show was so favorable that Guy and friends -- guitarists Sean and Rocket, bassist Adam Vomit, and drummer Electric Eddie -- kept the lineup together, minus Harry, and started recording songs together as the Toilet Boys. Their sound, a mix of '80s Sunset Strip pop-metal and '70s New York punk. (mp3 sample)

TOMALO -  Live to RockTomalo : "The Hottest Band In the World"
album : Live To Rock (2012 , Rock Plus Records)
Tomalo is an Argentinean Hard-Rock band formed in 1998 with influences of KISS, Def Leppard; Van Halen, Twisted Sister among many others. "Live to Rock", is the 7th album release of Tomalo.  "The Hottest Band in the World" is a song dedicated to KISS.
Some of their previous albums features a KISS cover version: "Beth" (Play It Loud - 2001) and "Reason to Live" (Tomalo Con Calma - Acoustic versions, 2011).
  (official video)
"The Hottest Band In The World"
TOMALO -  Andando (2016)Tomalo : "Demon's Side"
album : Andando (2016)
Tomalo is an Argentinean Hard-Rock band formed in 1998 with influences of KISS, Def Leppard; Van Halen, Twisted Sister among many others. "Andando", is the 8th album release of Tomalo. 
"Demon's Side" is a tribute song to Gene Simmons,  featuring some recognizable KISS guitar licks and lyrics. Some of their previous albums features a KISS cover version: "Beth" (Play It Loud - 2001) and "Reason to Live" (Tomalo Con Calma - Acoustic versions, 2011).
  (official video)
"Demon's Side"
TRAGEDY -  The Solo Albums (2015)Tragedy : KISS inspired album cover
album : The Solo Albums (2015 , independent label)
Fourth album by New York based cover band also known as Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond.
Besides this KISS inspired album title and cover, there's also a KISS solo's poster inspired image circulating on the net. If that's not enough, Tragedy's "The Solo Albums" contains a parody cover version of KISS' "Beth" entitled "Lance Loves Beth"...
Tragedy's 2013 album "Death To False Disco-Metal" features 2 cover versions of KISS "I Was Made For Lovin'You", one in English, the other in German (entitled ""Ich Bin Gemacht Um Dich Zu Leiben".

KISS inspired solo's poster image
TRANSPORT LEAGUE - Twist and Shout at the DevilTRANSPORT LEAGUE : "Destroy Rock City"
album : Twist and Shout at the Devil (2017, Rodeostar Records)

Except for the title being inspired by "Detroit Rock City", the car intro is also inspired by the Kiss song. Transport League was formed in 1994 by B-Thong singer Tony Jelencovich.
In 1996 the band covered "Warmachine", which appears on the album "
Kissin' Time - A Tribute To KISS".
  (official video)
"Destroy Rock City"
Tuff - What Comes AroundTuff : "The All New Generation"
album : What Comes Around...Goes Around (1991, Atlantic Records)

The song "The All New Generation" is a tribute to 60's Rock and Roll and 70's / 80's hard rock and heavy metal bands. 
In the lyric KISS is mentioned along with a lot of other artists and bands like Elvis Presley, Little Richard, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crue, Poison and Skid Row.

  (official video)
"The All New Generation"
Tuff - The History Of TuffTuff : "American Hairband"
album : The History Of Tuff (2001, RLS Records)

Just like Tuff's 1991 song "The All New Generation", "American Hair Band" salutes all the great hard rock bands by name and song titles including the song "Strutter" and the band "KISS"!
The music itself is actually a cover version of the Kid Rock song "American Bad Ass", with new lyrics by Tuff singer Stevie Rachelle.

  (official video)
"American Hairband"
Tezkej Pokondr - KussTezkej Pokondr : Kiss inspired album cover
album : Kuss (2004, Sony Music 5127692 - Czech Republic)

This is not a tribute but two comedians, 'Czech singing' disco-covers from 80's (Boney M etc.).
For their 2004 album they have used the KISS make-up faces for the front cover of this album, that is all...

Union - The Blue RoomUnion : "Dear Friend"
album : The Blue Room (2000, Eagle/ Spitfire Records, SPITCD015)

"Dear Friend" is a song written for Eric Carr, the former drummer of KISS, who died of cancer at the young age of 41. Bruce Kulick and John Corabi share lead vocals on this track and leave a fitting tribute to the little guy with the big hair behind the drumkit.

Weezer - 1994Weezer : "In The Garage"
album : Weezer (1994, Geffen records)

The second verse of the song "In The Garage" starts with the line :
"I've got posters on my wall my favorite rock group KISS, I've got Ace Frehley, I've got Peter Criss waiting there for me yes I do" (mp3 sample)
WILCO - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002Wilco : "Heavy Metal Drummer"
album : Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002, Nonesuch Records)

Wilco is an American alternative rock band based in Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 1994 by the remaining members of alternative country group Uncle Tupelo. The song "Heavy Metal Drummer" wryly details a true middle-American love affair with KISS, with (repeating) the lines "I miss the innocence I've known,
Playing KISS covers, beautiful and stoned ..."

"Heavy Metal Drummer" (video clip)
"Heavy Metal Drummer" (lyrics)
WINTERS – Berlin Occult BureauWinters : "Ace Frehley"
album : Berlin Occult Bureau (2012, Vän Records)

Scottish doom band Winters second full-length album "Berlin Occult Bureau" is released on Vän Records August 31st, 2012.
Winters describes its sound as 'Ace Frehley on downers'.
probably that's why the album features a song entitled "Ace Frehley".

"Ace Frehley"
The Wonderstrucks - An American EducationThe Wonderstrucks : "Gene Simmons Took my Girl"
5 track EP : An American Education (2007, independent label)
According to the bands website the story behind the song is as follows:
"After my friend (and noted rock photog) Krishta Abruzzini went out 
for a late-night drink with KISS's Gene Simmons, her then-husband 
went nuclear, insisting that something must have happened. 
Despite her protests that it really had just been a drink, he remained
steadfast in his conviction that Gene Simmons had defiled his woman.
Hearing this story, the wheels in my head started turning, and several
years later, this song is the result. There are two prior incarnations of
this song, at least one of which is floating around the Internets. 
The live take, however -recorded at Tokyo's fabled Budokan arena- 
stands as the definitive version." (mp3 sample)
HEY THAT'S WHAT I CALL SLUDGE! - METAL SLUDGE CDMetal Shop (a.k.a. Steel Panther) : "Rainbows & Witches"
album : Various Artists - "Hey! Thats What I Call Sludge Vol.1"
(Metal Sludge Records - CD12004, 2004)
Before STEEL PANTHER took their current band name, they have been called, Metal Skool, Metal Shop and Danger Kitty. On this album from Metal Sludge website they appear on 5 tracks. At this time in their career they were called Metal Shop but are listed on the album as Metal Sludge All Stars. On "Rainbows & Witches", Kiss are mentioned around 1.22, into the song the following line is talked "it's pretty metal to eat a bat like Ozzy Or spit blood like Kiss and shit".
VARIOUS ARTISTS : Gods Of Thunder (2019Various Artists : Kiss inspired album cover
album : "Gods Of Thunder"
(Classic Rock magazine - ROC261-05-19 - free Promo CD - 2019)
"Gods Of Thunder" is a free promo CD which was attached with the May 2019 issue #261 of UK magazine "Classic Rock". The KISS Destroyer album image is the full front cover of the magazine,  which features an 11 page KISS special. The 15 track CD features all new Rock bands which music has nothing to do with KISS. 
VARIOUS ARTISTS : Independent Music For Independent People Vol. 10.PROMO CDVarious Artists : Kiss inspired album cover
album : "Independent Music For Independent People Vol. 10."
(Sound Pollution Distribution - slipcase Promo CD - 2003)
Summer 2003, Independent Swedish record label Sound Pollution Distribution released a 16 track sampler CD in Hotter Than Hell style, titled "Independent Music For Independent People Vol. 10." Even the lettering on the backside is in the same letterfont as KISS' original record company Casablanca always used.  The CD contains a few brutal trash metal-ish songs but mainly melodic rock tunes, some even reminding of the early glam rock days.  MarySlim's version of "C'mon And Love Me" also appeared on this release.
PONDUS - FLAT FUZZPEDAL (compilation album 2008) UNIVERSAL NORWAYVarious Artists : "PONDUS - Flat Fuzzpedal"
20 track Hard Rock compilation album : 2008 - Universal Norway
This 20 track compilation contains KISS "Shout It Out Loud" and Ace
Frehley's "New York Groove" among others like Thin Lizzy, Mötley Crüe, Extreme, Twisted Sister, White Lion, etc..
PONDUS is a Norwegian comic series created by Frode Øverli, which
characters have very close relationships with hard rock and heavy metal music. AC/DC, Kiss, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy and many other bands are frequently mentioned in the series. when Frode was asked to compile a CD to go along with his comics, it was pretty obvious what the content would consist of.


Thanks to Thorbjörn Brorsson and Paul Autry, helping out to give this "KISS Inspired & Parodies discography" a start.

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