December 27 : Ace Frehley Recap from Eddie Trunk
Ace Frehley plans on touring in the Spring with an all new "All Star" band. He will also launch an official website soon that he hopes to sell his next CD on. No time table for when the CD will be done but it might be a 3 CD set with some different styles of music and maybe an all covers CD.

December 19 : Eric Singer plays on Frank Marino Tribute
WildMess Records has released a tribute to Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush. 
Karl Cochran played guitar, bass and sang on the "Dragonfly" track with Eric Singer. Artists include George Lynch, John Norum , Audley Freed, Jennifer Batten, Ronnie Montrose and Randy Hansen.

A Tribute to FRANK MARINO (details)

December 17 : ACE FREHLEY: 'Greatest Hits Live'  Track Listing
The track listing has been revealed for the new ACE FREHLEY (ex-KISS) compilation titled album, "Greatest Hits Live", due on January 24, 2006 via Megaforce Records.
According to a press release, this CD "represents some of the best work from legendary KISS guitarist Ace Frehley during the period after his highly publicized departure from one of the greatest rock bands of all time." 
As with the previous Megaforce ACE FREHLEY releases "12 Picks" (1996) and "Loaded Deck" (1997), Ace himself had nothing to do with putting this package together.

"Greatest Hits Live" track listing:

01. Rip It Out (Live) 
02. Breakout (Live) 
03. Cold Gin (Live) 
04. Shock Me (Live) 
05. Rocket Ride (Live) 
06. Deuce (Live) 
07. Strangers In A Strange Land (Live) 
08. Separate (Live) 
09. NY Groove (Live) 
10. Rock Soldiers (Live) 
11. One Plus One 
12. Give It To Me Anyway

"Greatest Hits Live" features members of ACE FREHLEY'S COMET: Anton Fig (drums), John Regan (bass), Tod Howarth (guitar/keyboards) and Richie Scarlett (guitar), and Jamie Oldaker on drums..

ACE FREHLEY - Greatest Hits Live (details)

December 8 : Paul Stanley solo album done and finished
Referring to his new solo album, the legendary KISS guitarist adding that, “I’m just looking and talking with various labels to see where it will wind up. I mean, it’s done, mixed and ready to go, and according to everybody who’s heard it, it’s damn good.”

“Modern is a scary word,” opines Stanley, when asked for a characterization of the record. “I would certainly say that it is very much in keeping with my personality and keeps a very consistent viewpoint, but it sounds really big and the songs are great. 
The singing is great and the songs are great and the playing is great. You know, so far so good.”

Quite diverse like Gene’s album, or is it a fairly unified sound? “Well, it certainly… you know, not to be smart, but it’s consistent in its diversity. There’s enough divergence in terms of the songs, and yet they all sound like they belong on the same album. There’s nothing that’s experimental and there’s nothing that is out of character, but after doing this as long as I have, I’ve covered enough bases that I think I’ve just brought them all home on this album.”

last update : 2005-12-31

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One Of A Kind (3 P.Criss co-writes)

ACE FREHLEY: 'Greatest Hits Live'

ACE FREHLEY      January 24, 2006
Greatest Hits Live

BILLY SQUIER - Tale Of The Tape reissue

BILLY SQUIER      January 23 2006
The Tale Of The Tape (CD-reissue)


Secondhand Smoke    Dec. 8, 2005
A Tribute to Frank Marino
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