November 18  : KEFREN 's tribute to KISS " Kiss Kovers" 
From: Alejandro Rizzotti
Argentinean rock band KEFREN just released a Kiss tribute album entitled "Kiss Kovers".
The live album will contain the following track listing:

1- Deuce
2- Psycho Circus
3- Snowblind
4- Fits like a glove
5- I´ve had enough (into the fire)
6- Parasite
7- Unholy
8- Rip it out
9- Detroit, rock city
10- I was made for loving you

I was made for loving you
Rock and roll all nite


November 15  : A Detention Hall Tribute to KISS (free download)
From: Norm Huizenga
"Seduction of the Internet - A Detention Hall Tribute to KISS" is now available for free download at This KISS tribute album can’t be bought. It is a pet project of various members of the KISS message board The KISS Army Detention Hall. There is no cost to the CD, either you can join and “vine” to get a CD copy (no artwork), or download them.

A Detention Hall Tribute to KISS

November 6 : PETER CRISS: New Solo Album Title Revealed
Original KISS drummer Peter Criss recently gave a 5 page interview to Perfect 10 magazine (Oct 2006 issue) in which he revealed details about his upcoming solo CD. Due out in early 2007, the album, entitled "One for All", will feature contributions from the following musicians: Paul Shaffer, Will Lee, Clifford Carter, Mark Montague, Mike (Angel) McLaughlin. Peter described the songs as "ballads, duet with Jennifer Johnson," with lyrical subjects including "God, wife, mom, life, the band, autobiographical, and a song about Ace Frehley." 

In addition to the solo album, Peter is said to be currently working on an autobiography, a swing music CD and a children's book. 


November 6 : ESP Live At The Marquee DVD
From: Brave Words / Bloody Knuckles
ESP (ERIC SINGER PROJECT) featuring KISS drummer ERIC SINGER, former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK (GRAND FUNK RAILROAD), singer John Corabi (ex-MOTLEY CRUE) and bassist Chuck Garrick (ALICE COOPER) have completed work on their Live At The Marquee DVD. Filmed in Sydney, Australia, the DVD will be release in time for Christmas. The tracklisting is as follows: 'Do You Own Thing', 'Watchin' You', 'Unholy', 'Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)', 'Four Day Creep', 'Jungle', 'Nothin' To Lose', 'War Machine', 'Jump The Shark', 'Born To Raise Hell', 'Free Ride', 'Power To The Music', 'Black Diamond' (ERIC SINGER on vocals), 'We're An American Band', 'I Love It Loud', 'Domino', 'Smokin' In The Boys Room'. 

For more information visit:

November 6 : All I Want For Christmas Is PAUL STANLEY
From: Joey Anderson
I'm a NY musician who recorded for this years BENT PUSSYCAT RECORDS Christmas disc 'ALL I WANT 4 CHRISTMAS IS PAUL STANLEY.'
The song about being a kid in 1978 and wishing for the KISS Dolls.

Check it out the song on myspace at

All I Want For Christmas Is PAUL STANLEY

November 6 : 1979 Blackjack Promotional Film
A vintage 1979 promotional film of Blackjack - the band featuring Michael Bolton and BRUCE KULICK, is viewable online at

Black Jack promo movie

November 6 : Japanese Punk band NICOTINE covers KISS
Punk bands NICOTINE (Japan) and SUN EATS HOURS (Italy) have teamed up to record a split album, "Metal Addiction", featuring covers of heavy metal classics. 

Due at Rude Records/ Cargo on November 15, "Metal Addiction" will contain the following track listing:

01. It's My Life (BON JOVI) - NICOTINE
02. I Was Made For Loving You (KISS) - NICOTINE
03. Future World (HELLOWEEN) - NICOTINE
04. I Remember You (SKID ROW) - NICOTINE
06. The Final Countdown (EUROPE) - NICOTINE
08. Enter Sandman (METALLICA) - SUN EATS HOURS
09. Kickstart My Heart (MÖTLEY CRÜE) - SUN EATS HOURS
10. Digging The Grave (FAITH NO MORE) - SUN EATS HOURS
12. You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) - SUN EATS HOURS

November 4 : 
Paul Stanley Chicago Concert To Be Filmed For Possible DVD

KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley's solo concert at the House of Blues in Chicago this Monday, November 6 will be filmed for possible DVD release.

last update : 2006-11-30

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