January 25  : Antonelli produces KISS guitarist “Paul Stanley—Live To Win Live!” feature-length concert film
From: www.reelchicago.com
Louis Antonelli was 12 years old and an amateur photographer when he first met KISS guitarist Paul Stanley. It was 1974 and KISS was appearing at a Mt. Prospect record store. 
“Paul gave me a lot of encouragement,” recalled Antonelli. “He looked at me and said ‘promise me that you’re going to be the best that you can be.’” 
Antonelli drew inspiraton from his encounter with the musician, and as KISS grew into international icons, Antonelli became a professional filmmaker, directing features, commercials and music videos for artists including the Ramones and Metallica. 
Thirty-two years later Antonelli has come full circle with the production of “Paul Stanley – Live To Win Live!”, a feature-length concert film documenting Stanley’s second solo tour that culminated in a November performance at House of Blues Chicago. 
Over the years Antonelli had become friends with KISS drummer Eric Singer, who introduced him to Keith Leroux, who runs KISS Online and Signatures Network, and who helped set up the project through Stanley’s management company Doc McGhee Entertainment. 
“It’s been one of my dreams to direct a KISS concert in IMAX,” Antonelli said. “KISS management said ‘see what you can do with this, and we’ll go from there.’” 
The 12-camera DV-cam shoot of the House of Blues show is the heart of “Live to Win Live!”, book-ended by black and white film that Antonelli shot in New York telling Stanley’s life story. 
Antonelli is director, producer and editor of “Live to Win Live!” His company is Quadrama Films. 
Chris Sheppard of Chicago Recording Company engineered the concert on a mobile 48-track recorder. McGhee is executive producer. Scott Wanner and co-editor Lester Cohn are co-producers. 
DP Carlson of Foetus Films, who was a camera operator at the concert, is also directing a behind-the-scenes documentary on the production of the concert film. 
Antonelli is presenting a cut of the film to Stanley and McGhee in mid-January to discuss plans for a prospective DVD release. Stanley’s solo album “Live to Win” was released by Universal Music. 
Among various projects, Antonelli is also developing a documentary called “Lost in Brooklyn,” “a history of the 20th century told through the eyes of a little boy who died on Ellis Island in 1920, and how his family refound him 80 years later,” he said.

January 23  : 
VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Singer To Release Solo Album In March

From: robertfleischman.com / blabbermouth.com
Former VINNIE VINCENT INVASION singer Robert Fleischman will release a new solo album, "Look at the Dream", in March through Spirt Box Music. 
For those who don't want to wait, the CD will be available on iTunes next month.

Fleischman first came to prominence in the late 1970s as the original lead vocalist for multi-platinum rock band JOURNEY. His powerful singing voice and his undeniable songwriting talent helped the band make the transition from a rock-fusion band to the commercial success that they enjoyed from that point on. He wrote their first hit single, "Wheel in the Sky", as well as other familiar JOURNEY songs. From there, Robert went for something totally out of character and joined former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent in the VINNIE VINCENT INVASION. Since then, Robert has been focused more on his songwriting than performing skills, having worked as a staff songwriter at Almo Irving Publishing and then as a composer of musical scores for TV and film projects. His solo performing career has been successful starting with the Jimmy Iovine-produced "Perfect Stranger" album on Arista which featured former JOURNEY bandmate Neal Schon on guitar. He has also recorded for Epic with his band, CHANNEL, and has released a variety of albums in a variety of genres — all of which are testament to the broad range of Robert's talent. 


January 20  : Old “Criss” Demos surface…
From: kissfaq.com
During their tours of 1995 CRISS introduced many new songs into their set; some of which were being refined for use on a possible second studio album. Many were demoed, including these four songs dating from the summer following the end of the Canadian tour. Here’s a taste of some newly circulating CRISS demos.

My Reality



Leave Me Alone

CRISS demo 1995

January 20  : PodKISSt #1 - “…Just Getting Started!” Up
From: kissfaq.com / mykisslife.net
PodKISSt #1, the first episode in a new online KISS podcast, is now available for your listening pleasure at: mykisslife.net/podkisst.

According to the site, “This is your first taste of what’s to come… a sneak preview of PodKISSt for you to download and enjoy! As we move ahead throughout the year, we’ll be making steady changes (and hopefully improvements) to the sound, content, and presentation of the PodKISSt… but we can’t do it without YOU! 
So please, send us an email at our podkisst@gmail.com address, and visit us online at our mykisslife.net/podkisst site!

This sneak preview will give you a chance to meet us (James and Gary), and to get a sense of what we’re hoping to do in future programs. You’ll hear a little about us, find out how this PodKISSt idea got started, and then take a trip back in time to February 17th, 1977, when the 4 members of KISS appeared on 99X in New York City to promotetheir first Madison Square Garden show!”


January 17  : Eric Singer with SAS band
From: eric-singer.com
"Please check out this link to Spike Edney's SAS /All Star Band.
There are some pics of me from gigs I did with them over the past few years too.
Spike is a uber talented musician and one of the truly good guys in this business !".

SAS band

January 11  : RON KEEL To Appear On KISS Tribute Album
From: Blabbermouth.net
According to Versailles Records, Ron Keel has agreed to appear on the label's as-yet-untitled tribute LP to KISS, tentatively due in early 2008. Other musicians that are expected to participate in the project include members of LILLIAN AXE, WHITE LION, DANGEROUS TOYS, WARRANT, L.A. GUNS, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT and PRETTY BOY FLOYD.

Ron Keel came to prominence with his band STEELER, which featured Yngwie Malmsteen, Rik Fox and Mark Edwards. The group became one of Los Angeles' hottest acts, but could not withstand the test of time. Yngwie was the first to leave, opting to play with the band ALCATRAZZ, featuring Graham Bonnet. However, STEELER was able to record one self-titled album, released in 1984 on Shrapnel Records.
After the demise of STEELER, Ron formed a new band and simply called it KEEL. The band quickly secured a major record deal with Gold Mountain/A&M Records. 

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons produced two KEEL albums, including "The Right to Rock" and "The Final Frontier"."

January 6  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update
From: kulick.net
"Sorry it has been a while, but with my trip to South America and then the holidays, it has been a while since I got into the studio for recording my new solo disc BK 3. Last Saturday, January 6th, wI finally was able to have my close friend and ESP (the band) partner Eric Singer cut drums for a great heavy song. I saved this one for Eric, and when you hear it you will all understand. Right now the title is just ROCKER as it has the classic rock vibe from my days with KISS. 
Eric had some ideas for extending the ending when I first played it for him a while back. He really got comfortable, breaking some sticks from hitting hard, sweating it out, and just overall giving the track a great feel. Like Brent Fitz back in early December, he played along with the Pro Tools Demo session for the song. Jeremy Rubolino, my co-producer and co-writer, was quite happy and of course can't wait to cut the real guitars and bass on this track, as Eric did a perfect job of getting the vibe we wanted. 

To complete the fun that day, I just got an original 1979 Paul Stanley IBANEZ guitar in great shape. I had to show it off to everyone, and I know I will record with this guitar. Can't wait to show to Paul, as he is the authority on his signature model. This one shows the age, but is in excellent shape. My good friend Ken Gullic who works for FONTANA, the distribution company that is putting out the KISSOLOGY DVD's, came to give out some goodies to Eric and my brother Bob, and of course check out the music and the surprise of the guitar being at the session. We had a great afternoon; even Joe came down and posed in the guitar case! 

Thanks to Brett Chassen for his engineering, my brother Bob for his studio time at his Office Studios in Van Nuys, and of course to Eric for his time and talent. Jeremy and I were really excited to do this session and all came out amazing. Thanks to my buddy Ed Seelig from Silver String Music in St. Louis for the great deal on the Paul Stanley guitar. "

December 5  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update (more song titles)
From: kulick.net
EXHAUSTING doing 10 drum tracks in two days but that is what we accomplished. 
Brent Fitz is not only a great drummer but he is very persistent in getting the best performance possible. We got a good start at 12:30 with him warming up and my dog Joe who is NOT a fan of loud drum hits, certainly had his ears up in the air. But Joe is a trooper as well, and he hung in for the 12 hours digging the music like the rest of us.

We finished a tune I refer to as "Zandertune", as I would love Robin Zander from Cheap Trick to sing it. Might be the catchiest of the batch actually. Brent nailed that one quickly. We moved onto another UNION-ish tune called "Bigger Than You" and the power that I enjoyed from Brent's UNION CD drum tracks were accomplished if not eclipsed. 

I have a great love tune called "If I Could Show You" that I wrote this past August. Brent got a groove for that one quickly and I was so happy to hear that song finally being formed with the tracks on the Pro Tool session. Next up was a song we needed to revisit from Sunday called "That's What Loves All About". Things didn't sound right until we revisited the demo and that helped us nail the drum direction quickly. Demo-itis has it uses sometimes! 

Now it was time for dinner and to change up the drum kit. I wanted a more Beatles sound, and here is where Brian Virtue my engineer whiz kid dialed up something amazing. Blankets were pulled out and placed on toms, and the snare got miked differently and the cymbals were carefully recorded and I was just blown away at the clarity. Once Brent heard what the new kit sounded like, he got into Beatles mode for the last two songs. 

"Life" is my take on what our lives are all about in a reflective way, and the groove was perfect. That track is unique for me and Brent's touch was wonderful. Last but not least is a track I refer to as "Lennon" as I can just think of John singing and writing this song about love and the big issues involved. The title is really "Love and Desire". We were done in time for Jeremy to lay down a piano track on "If I Could Show You" and one more from Sunday's session. Amazing to get it all done in two days. Very happy about this! 

The people at Stagg Street Sound were great to everyone, and as long as the days were, we all had a great attitude and we all got the job done right. I want to thank Melody, Gary and Dave from the studio and of course Brent, Brian and Jeremy for the hard work. Of course Joe proved to be the true AUDIODOG and hung in there for me on those long days... so thanks Joe! Also a special thanks to Eric Singer for the many drums used by Brent. 

More exciting news about everything coming soon. Not sure when I will have the next session but watch my site for more BK-3 news!

BK3 blog

January 6  : LION'S SHARE update (feat. guest solo by Bruce Kulick)
From: Blabbermouth.net / KISS Related Recordings
MEGADETH/EIDOLON guitarist Glen Drover has recorded a guest solo on the new album from Swedish melodic metal band LION'S SHARE. Also scheduled to appear on the CD are drummer Richard Evensand (CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK), guitarist Bruce Kulick (KISS), and singer Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION, AT VANCE, KRUX), who is responsible for the backing vocals on the entire CD.

The as-yet-untitled CD, which is expected to be released in April/May 2007, will feature the following tracks (not in final order):

01. Cult of Denial
02. The Arsonist
03. The Edge of the Razor
04. Clones of Fate
05. Emotional Coma
06. Toxication Rave
07. Trafficking
08. Bloodstained Soil
09. Soultaker
10. Hatred's My Fuel
11. Sorcerers
Bonus tracks:
12. Ring of Stupidity
13. TV Preacher

As previously reported, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has already recorded a guest solo for the song "The Edge of the Razor". The new album will be the group's fifth, with the first four having been released by Century Media and Massacre Records between 1995 and 2001.

Lions Share

January 6  : Eric Singer drummer on new Shameless album
From: Shamelessrock.com
"We're still in Los Angeles and recording the new Shameless CD with Keri Kelli. 
Keri has a new protool studio so everything is way easier to record then on the last recordings we did. 
The songs we already finished sounds awesome and the drummers Mike Fasano, T Burr, Kari Kane and Eric Singer played like hell. B.C started recordings guitars last week and even Skunk played some tunes on the bass. 
Steve Summers came in for vocals and he was as shameless and fast as always. His voice is unbelievable. Also Stevie Rachelle and Phil Lewis did a great job."


January 4  : Eric Singer drummer on new Avantasia album
From: tobiassammet.com
EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet is working on another Avantasia album. 
KISS' drummer Eric Singer is the drummer of Avantasia's 3rd album this time.
"We've recorded the drums in Hamburg at Vox-Klangstudio, where we recorded the drums of Edguy's Hellfire Club too. Great room, great equipment! Eric is a killer drummer and a cool guy to work with. It is really exciting to hear his interpretation of European style Metal. It definitely adds something fresh and unique to the sound, mainly because he's got a different approach to that kind of music. And although he 
doesn't do it with Alice Cooper, Kiss and SpongeBob Squarepants' solo band: There IS fast doublebass shit on Avantasia, and Eric did a great job!!! You'll hear it, it's fantastic. 
Anyway, listening to the material so far I can really say that even though the new Avantasia will be a different conceptual story, the ambition remains the same: To create something epic and big! Or how Eric put it, Let's make some kewl music! No doubt, the spirit of Avantasia is there - in every note. Happy new year everybody and 
let's have a great and peaceful 2007. - Tobias"


last update : 2007-01-31

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