February 20  : Robert Fleischman Discusses Vinnie Vincent Invasion
From: Classic Rock Revisited
Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisted recently conducted an interview with former JOURNEY/VINNIE VINCENT INVASION singer Robert Fleischman. 
A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Classic Rock Revisted: I remember hearing you on the VINNIE VINCENT INVASION album. I thought you could not do metal but you proved me wrong. That album, while a bit of hair metal cheese, was strong overall and really had some power. How did you get involved with Vinnie?

Robert: Vinnie called me up one day through a mutual friend that had told him about me. He came over to my house because I had a recording studio there, and we made some demos together. We were discussing continuing our work when he received the offer to join KISS. After he left KISS though, he came back to me and we went into a recording studio and did about four more songs. Vinnie took the project to Chrysalis Records where he was able to land a deal without me. I found out what he had done essentially excluding me from the deal, so as you could guess that that was pretty upsetting. I began to get calls from him to come and do the record, but I refused to because of what had happened. Then more calls came day and night from Vinnie and his bass player explaining why I had to do the record. Apparently, Chrysalis had signed him for the sound we had made together — so many offers were sent my way by Vinnie. At the time my son Austin was on his way, and extra money always helps out especially when you are having a baby, so then I decided it was in my family's best interest to do the job.

Classic Rock Revisted: Once again, things in this band didn't work out too well. What happened to get you ousted?

Robert: I was never ousted. Vinnie had a manager whose only experience was being a road manager. The manager had promised Chrysalis that he would tie me up in a contract. So at the photo shoot for the album, the manager came to me with this document as thick as the phone book and told me to sign it, saying "Trust me, it's OK." I told him that I wanted to take it to my lawyer which is typical in these situations, but he insisted that I sign it right then and there. So I refused. Obviously I was once again pegged as a "difficult" person. He went back to Chrysalis and had to tell them that I wasn't signed, but he had already led Chrysalis to believe that I had signed. So he was caught in a lie and the shit the fan. So then I started getting calls from Chrysalis telling me to sign a deal which would tie me up without any money advances or anything. I said no to them, they threatened me by saying they would take my voice off the album, so I told them to do what they had to do. Obviously taking my voice off would have cost them a great deal more of money, but I never heard from them after that. They found another vocalist to sign apparently without any questions and probably very little money. A few months later I had people telling me to turn on MTV. So I turned on MTV to see the premier of Vinnie's new video "Boyz Are Gonna Rock" expecting to hear their new singer's vocals. To my surprise my voice was coming out of this guy's mouth as he was dressed in leather pants with panties on the outside. So that was the first MILLIE VANILLI-type situation. Needless to say, there was a legal dispute over it, which I won.

Robert Fleischman interview

February 18  : Eric Singer on new Shameless album (update)
From: Shamelessrock.com
After Alexx came back from Los Angeles and everything went back to regular life, it's time for a little update. Los Angeles was great and the guys did have a great time there. Alcohol, Party, Girls, Sex and Rock 'n' Roll ... Well, we won't post any shameless detail here ... Try your own fantasies. 

Beside the fun part, they didn't forget to record all the new songs and it sounds awesome ( sorry, but we have to say it over and over again, cause it's true ). We'll soon upload a one minute sample of a new song and the demo of this song as well, so you guys could hear the difference. Don't get too crazy though, cause Alexx is singing on the demo. Eric Singer and Stevie Rachelle used to say, that Alexx sounds like Elmer Fudd ( the hunter in the Bugs Bunny cartoons ). Maybe Alexx will do a duet with Elmer in the near future? Skunk vs. Elmer ??? We'll see ... 

The CD will be released in April 2007. 

Famous 4 Madness 
She's watching U 
Better off without U 
We won't take it anymore 
No Regrets 
Magical Misery 
Web Junkie 
Dirty Shirt 
Party Tonight

Appearance of Steve Summers, Stevie Rachelle, John Corabi, Phil Lewis, Jani Lane, T ( Todd Burr ), Mike Fasano, Kari Kane, Eric Singer, Michael Thomas, Keri Kelli, B.C. and Alexx as well.


February 15  : BLACK 'N BLUE to release rarities album
From: SleazeRoxx.com / Crash Music
Crash Music Classics is proud to announce the release of Black 'N Blue's "Rarities" album, due in stores April 24th, 2007. The album will feature a collection of never been heard before rare and live tracks from the band's back catalogue. 

Black 'N Blue formed in 1981 out of Portland, Oregon and released their self-titled debut album on Geffen Records in 1984. The group went on to release four albums, including their self-titled debut and 1988 album "In Heat", which was produced by Kiss' Gene Simmons. 

The group was formed by current Warrant frontman Jaime St. James, alongside Tommy Thayer (guitar), Jeff Warner (guitar), Patrick Young (bass) and Pete Holmes (drums). 

The band has also recently started a MySpace page which can been accessed by at www.myspace.com/blacknblueband

The tracklisting for Black N' Blue's "Rarties" is as follows: 

1. VIOLENT KID 1982 (Thayer, St. James)
2. SIGN IN BLOOD 1983 (Thayer, St. James)
3. WICKED BITCH 1983 (St. James)
4. COLD HEART 1983 (Thayer, St. James)
5. HOLD ON TO 18 1983 (Thayer, St. James)
6. LICKETY SPLIT 1986 (Thayer, St. James)
7. SERIOUS DRAG 2002 (St. James)
8. SO LONG 2002 (St. James)
9. HELL YEAH 2002 (St. James)
10. AUTOBLAST 1984 LIVE (Thayer, St. James, Warner)
11. I'M THE KING 1984 LIVE (Thayer, St. James, Warner, Young, Holmes)


February 2  : ESP Live At The Marquee DVD Now Available
From: kissarmywarehouse.com
Combining their unique blend of talent and years of experience with some of rock's most well-known bands, the Eric Singer Project, better known as ESP, returns with this DVD release, giving fans around the world a chance to experience their incredible live show.
The very busy band members, comprised of Eric Singer (KISS/Alice Cooper), Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad/Union/KISS), John Corabi (Ratt/Union/Motley Crue), and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), found the time in early 2006 to travel to
Japan and Australia, playing for sold-out audiences and delighting fans with their energetic and exciting concerts. 

The arrival of the new DVD is welcome news to ESP fans, who have been wanting more from the group since the release of their 1998 debut, Lost And Spaced.

ESP - Live At The Marquee DVD Track Listing
Do Your Own Thing
Watchin’ You
Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)
Four Day Creep
Nothin’ To Lose
War Machine
Jump The Shark
Born To Raise Hell
Free Ride
Power To The Music
Black Diamond
We’re An American Band
I Love It Loud
Smokin’ In The Boys Room


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