June 26  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
From: www.kulick.net
Back to the studio after a great weekend with Grand Funk Railroad in Atlanta, and the clinic of course, and then a KISS Expo in St Louis, MO. I only could do one day so it was back to "Shut Up And Play" in the valley. I decided to get the guitars done for a song I call "Lennon", as in a John Lennon sort of way, but the real title is "Can We Just Wait" (at least for now!). Very haunting slow tune, with cool chords that are musical to say the least. Had to capture the best tone for the bed guitars and, after trying a few out for at least an hour, Jeremy and I chose the red ES 330 from 1961 that we love so much. It will be on more of this CD as it has such a great tone.

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 studioblog by clicking here.

June 25  : Paul Stanley - Live to Dream clip
A clip from LIVE TO DREAM! is now posted at Film Foetus.com. LIVE TO DREAM! is an insider's glimpse into the creative process of Paul Stanley and his new concert film titled “LIVE TO WIN Live.”

To view the clip click here.

June 25  : 10 Questions For...PETER CRISS
From: Goldmine Magazine
Goldmine Magazine have added a Peter Criss interview by Susan Sliwicki online.
Checkout the interview by clicking here.

Goldmine Magazine

June 25  : KISS cover version update
From: KISS-Related-Recordings
German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell has recorded ten cover songs for his upcoming album "Diamonds Unlocked", among them surprising new versions of real classics, like KISS "Love Gun".
The album is scheduled to be released on October 1, 2007 (Germany: September 28; USA: to be announced).

"Diamonds Unlocked" track listing:
01. The Diamond Overture
02. Warrior (RIOT)
03. Beautiful Day (U2)
05. Love Gun (KISS)
06. Fools Game (MICHAEL BOLTON)
07. Heartbreaker (FREE)
08. Rock The Nation (MONTROSE)
09. In The Air Tonight (PHIL COLLINS)
10. Like A Child Again (THE MISSION)
11. Won't Get Fooled Again (THE WHO) 


North Carolina-based melodic metallers WIDOW will release their second album entitled  'Nightlife' July 11, 2007, which contains a cover version of KISS "I Stole Your Love".

KISS cover version discography

June 19-20  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
From: www.kulick.net
Well it was time again to get going with the guitars on my BK3 disc. This time Jeremy my co-producer co-writer and I went to "Shut Up And Play" a nice homey place in the Valley owned by a very sweet guy George. 

We jumped in were we left off with the tune that I think is one my strongest. (Not real title for that one yet, but I have some surprises in store for that track). We just needed to add one more guitar to that, and then we moved on to one called "And I Know". 
This song is very catchy and has a great guitar riff. We even worked on the solo for the song. I recorded some tracks with a cool PRS McCarty that I used once with Grand Funk. 

Second day was HOT in the Valley, but it was time to work again and Joe was along for the ride as well. At one point he just sat in my arms while I did some guitar riffs! He really is a crazy dog, but what can I say, he is MY DOG. Glad he doesn't mind the volume sometimes. We concentrated on two heavy UNIONish sounding tracks that I am expecting John Corabi to sing on and finish writing with Jeremy and I. These are great catchy heavy tunes, and my new disc is very varied in styles as usual, but these two could have been on the BLUE ROOM from UNION. Brent is on all these tracks too.

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 studioblog by clicking here.

June 19  : KISS Original Cover Album Design Sought For Tribute CD!
From: Blabbermouth.net
Versailles Records is seeking submissions from KISS fans for original album cover designs for the label's forthcoming "Lick It Up: A Millennium Tribute to Kiss", due in the spring of 2008. Any submissions should be e-mailed in JPEG (300 DPI) format to Versaillesrecords2006@yahoo.com. A final decision on the official album cover selection will be made in September 2007.

Versailles Records

June 19  : Bruce Kulick guests on new Chris Catena disc.
From: Kissfaq.com
Versailles Records have just released Chris Catena's "Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard" album, which includes the Bruce Kulick involved tracks "Freak Out Tonight" and "Stronger You Are, The Harder You Fall." The album appears to be a mix of previously released Catena material plus live and additional tracks.

Chris Catena 2007

June 17  : Rare UNION Recordings Posted On MySpace.
From: www.kulick.net
Several rare UNION recordings have been posted on MySpace, including covers of Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride" and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". Also available are rare performance videos, including covers of "Honky Tonk Women" and "Surrender".

Listen to rare UNION recordings by clicking here.

June 16  : Peter Criss "One For All" .
From: Kissfaq.com
Amazon.com is currently listing Peter Criss' "One For All" available for pre-order with the following track-list:

1. One For All
2. Doesn't Get Better Than This
3. Last Night
4. What A Difference A Day Makes
5. Hope
6. Faces In The Crowd
7. Send In The Clowns
8. Falling All Over Again
9. Whisper
10. Heart Behind These Hands
11. Memories
12. Space Ace

Due for release on July 24, "One For All" will mark Peter's first solo release since 1994's "Cat #1." "Hope" was a song that Peter brought to the "Psycho Circus" album sessions in 1998, though it was rejected. According to co-writer Mike McLaughlin, "I originally wrote the music back in around '97 and sent it to Peter, and he liked it and wrote the melody and lyrics. We went in an recorded it with the intention of using it for the 'Psycho Circus' album. But the rest of the band rejected it. Peter and I were both really bummed cause we both loved this song, so it just seemed natural to bring this one back for the new CD" (JG). Peter considered the song to be an excellent piece of work, naturally a ballad, which was written in a similar vein to the song Bob Ezrin and Paul Stanley eventually gave him to sing. As the title implies, the song was about Peter facing the numerous challenges in his life in a positive manner...

Peter Criss - One For All

June 13  : Entire 1988 Vinnie Vincent Concert Posted At YouTube.
From: Blabbermouth.net / Fullshred
Video footage of an entire VINNIE VINCENT INVASION concert has surfaced on YouTube. The show took place at Rock And Roll Heaven in Toronto, Canada on July 18, 1988 and featured the following lineup:

Vinnie Vincent (ex-KISS) - Guitar
Mark Slaughter - Vocals
Bobby Rock - Drums
Dana Strum - Bass

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Burn
02. Naughty Naughty
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Let Freedom Rock
05. Back On The Streets
06. Blues Jam
07. Shoot U Full Of Love
08. Vinnie Vincent Solo
09. Boyz Are Gonna Rock
10. Bobby Rock Solo
11. Twisted
12. Animal
13. Lick It Up

View the concert by clicking here.

June 11  : Jazan Wild covers "Jungle"
From: Jazan Wild
The last track "Jungle" for the upcoming CD "JAZAN WILD'S THE CARNIVAL'S BACK IN TOWN" is done.
The Kiss cover "Jungle" is a track Curt Cuomo co-wrote for Kiss. 
Curt Cuomo also co-wrote the single off my first cd titled " The Snake ".

June 4  : KKB - The Lost Tapes (early Bruce Kulick)
From: www.livecream.net
Before touring with Andrea True, Meat Loaf, or recording with Michael Wendroff or Blackjack, Bruce Kulick was a member of KKB, comprising of Mike Katz (bass, vocals), Bruce Kulick (guitar) and Guy Bois (drums). 

Bruce recalls the band/material: "There was a guy in Queens were I grew up who was a big Jack Bruce fan. He wrote some original material and was quite creative a bit progressive actually. Kind of Yes-meets-Cream. We were just a trio and our drummer was named Guy. We did do originals. I wrote one song that I co-wrote with him and I do have the tape of that. It was very interesting material and some of the songs would even hold up today. It never went anywhere and we never even gigged. We rehearsed really hard and when we recorded it we never used over dubs. We just went live in a room. We didn't even have a name for the band it was just me, Guy and Mike Katz. I gotta find those tapes. I remember one time when I was touring with KISS, I heard from Mike, and I pulled the tape out for Gary Corbett. He said yeah this stuff is cool. This tape was done in the very early seventies and it’s still really cool."

You can hear samples of two songs, No, Never and Hold On Me, at www.livecream.net.

A CD featuring this material is expected to be released soon via www.kulick.net.

Bruce Kulick - KKB

last update : 2007-06-30

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