December 28 : Paul Stanley duets with Sarah Brightman
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Paul Stanley performs a stellar duet with Sarah Brightman on the song "I Will Be with You" from her new album SYMPHONY. Brightman's style, a blend of classical vocals and pop-inspired instrumentation and arrangement, earned her over 150 Gold and Platinum awards in 34 countries. SYMPHONY will be released in the US on Jan 29, 2008. 

Recorded in Germany, the US and the UK, Symphony features all-new songs, and was 
created by Sarah with long-time producer, Frank Peterson, a KISS fan...

The album features 13 tracks that explore a bold range of styles. From the Gothic tempestuousness of "Fleurs du Mal," to the pleading "Let It Rain," Symphony is a thrilling collection of material that cannot be easily categorized, yet remains accessible to lovers of a vast array of musical genres. 

According to Sarah Brightman, the album earned its title because it is "a coming together of many different elements, to create consonance with harmonious textures that still hold true to a common thread running down the centre of the album." 
She goes on to say, "Throughout my career, I have worked in so many different styles 
of music. This is the first album where all of these styles come together to create a very diverse musical landscape." 

In addition to reuniting her with Andrea Bocelli on the romantic "Canto Della Terra," 
this characteristically eclectic album features collaborations with Spanish countertenor Fernando Lima ("Pasión"), Italian tenor Alessandro Safina ("Sarai Qui"), and rock superstar PAUL STANLEY (KISS) on "I Will Be with You."
The duet with Paul Stanley was recorded in 2006, though Sarah previously recorded the song with Chris Thompson, in 2001 for the "Diamond & Pearl" movie (also used as the theme song for Pokemon movie "Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai"). The song was written by Norwegian's Espen Lind and Sissel Kyrkjebø, as "Where The Lost Ones Go."

Sarah (who was once married to Andrew Lloyd-Webber) played the female lead in the 
original 1986 London run of "Phantom of the Opera," a nice tie-in with Paul Stanley's performance run in the male lead role.

NOTE : The current YouTube-video of "Sarah Brightman's - I Will Be With You",  is actually the 2001 duet version with Chris Thompson.

Symphony will be released in the US on Jan 29, 2008. 
The release dates for other territories will be announced here soon.

Tracklist :
1. Gothica 
2. Fleurs Du Mal 
3. Symphony 
4. Canto Della Terra (w/ Andrea Bocelli) 
5. Sanvean 
6. I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go) (w/ Paul Stanley) 
7. Schwere Träume 
8. Sarai Qui (w/ Alessandro Safina) 
9. Storia D'Amore 
10. Let It Rain 
11. Attesa 
12. Pasión (w/ Fernando Lima) 
13. Running 

SARAH BRIGHTMAN - Symphony (album details)

December 24 : AVANTASIA videoclip feat. Eric Singer on drums
On January 25th the new Avantasia album "The Scarecrow" will be released. 
Eric Singer has played all drums on this conceptual project of Tobias Sammet, which 
features a long list of special guests such as Bob Catley, Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske, 
Alice Cooper, Rudolf Schenker, Kai Hansen and many more. 
To see the most recent video clip featuring Eric on drums please click here

Avantasia - The Scarecrow (album details)

December 19 : 
New KISS Tribute is re-creation of KISS' Creatures of the Night

January 15, 2008 will release "Heroes of the Night" is a track by track re-creation of KISS' Creatures of the Night, the 1982 release that returned KISS to the hard rock style that first launched their enormous rise to rock n' roll power, and re-inspired a new generation of musicians. 
In addition to Emerald Monkey's head primate, Jimmy D, "Heroes of the Night" features 
appearances by Rob Love (Zan Clan), Bill Bruce (Shotgun Messiah), Chris Laney (Zan 
Clan & Animal), Daniel Macmaster (Bonham), Peter M. Ahern (Red China Blue). 
"Heroes of the Night" also includes a variety of extra material. In addition to the complete "Creatures of the Night" tracks listing, you will also find a stellar version 
of "Shout It Out Loud", performed by former Bonham vocalist Daniel Macmaster, a bonus three song EP from Emerald Monkey, as well as Enhanced CD features including music videos, exclusive images, digital liner notes, and more.

About "Creatures of the Night" :
Creatures of the Night is a 1982 album from U.S. hard rock band Kiss. It is the band's 
14th studio album and the last for Casablanca Records, the only label the group had 
ever recorded for up to that point. The album was also dedicated to the memory of 
Casablanca founder and early Kiss supporter Neil Bogart, who had died of cancer during the recording sessions.
The album represented a conscious effort on Kiss's part to return to the style of hard 
rock that had helped them achieve commercial success in the 1970s. That success had 
been in decline since 1979's album Dynasty and 1980s Unmasked, both decidedly pop-
oriented efforts. Both albums, although relative commercial successes, had completely 
alienated Kiss's original rock-based "Kiss Army" fan base, and Music from "The Elder", 
a concept album in 1981, sealed the deal. By 1981, most original Kiss fans had 
abandoned the group in disgust. Kiss knew it needed to deliver on their earlier promise of a heavy record if they were to continue as a band. The first key ingredient was songwriter/guitarist Vincent Cusano, with whom the band had recently begun writing and recording, and was soon to replace Frehley as the band's new lead guitarist. 

Heroes Of the Night

December 14 : LORDI's new single with Kiss inspired cover art.
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LORDI's new single, "Beast Loose in Paradise" is inspired and a tribute to KISS' classic "Creatures of the Night" album cover. 
The 2 track single "Beast Loose In Paradise", featured on this single in its original version (which appeared in the band's 'Dark Floors' movie) plus a radio edit. 
Finnish band LORDI are huge KISS fans and are managed by former KISS manager Bill Aucoin. The cover art can be viewed at

KISS Inspired albums and songs

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