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ROBOT LORDS OF TOKYO - Larger Than Life (KISS cover)
Taken from the album "Whiskey, Blood & Napalm" (2008)
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December 29 : Online KISS Tribute Music From the FAQ Volume III
From: KISS Fan Tributes (Mike)
The deadline for submitting songs for Music from the FAQ Volume III is January 31st, 2009. The compilation will be available for download within a day or two after that date.

Music From The Faq III

December 20 : 
ACE FREHLEY: Album Artwork, Title To Be Unveiled In Two Weeks

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley revealed last night (December 19) during an appearance on Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM as part of this year's edition of "The Original Merry Kissmas Special" that he will unveil the artwork for his long-awaited new solo album via his newly launched web site,, on January 5. The CD is tentatively due in the spring.
In an early 2008 interview with Billboard, Frehley stated about his forthcoming solo album, "Basically, I'm trying to get back into the mindset I was in when I did my first solo record [1978's 'Ace Frehley']. That record seemed to have all the elements everybody liked — a real cool instrumental, a hit single, some real heavy rockers, a nice variety of different genres of music."
Among his favorite new tracks are "A Little Below the Angels", hard-rocking "Pain in the Neck" and an instrumental called "Fractured Quantum", which is a follow-up to his previous instrumentals "Fractured Mirror" and "Fractured Too". Another favorite is "groove song" titled "Genghis Khan", which he likens in tone to LED ZEPPELIN's "Kashmir".
Frehley told that he's shooting for 12 tracks on his next album, his first in 18 years. Studio work has spanned several months, and some of the songs go back 12 years.
Frehley recently spent time on the road fronting a band that featured second guitarist Derek Hawkins, drummer Scot Coogan (ex-BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION) and bassist Anthony Esposito (ex-LYNCH MOB).. 

December 16 : new BALANCE (Bob Kulick) album on Frontiers Records
From: Frontiers Records
Frontiers Records are proud to announce the return of Balance with the release of the band’s anticipated new album, entitled “Equilibrium”, on February 20, 2009.

The melodic rock and AOR scenes are both made up of legendary albums and bands, which, as time goes by, become even more respected among the community of fans. Balance are exactly one of these bands, whose name and reputation, like good wine, has stood the test of time for more than two decades. Formed at the end of the 70s by three promising talents out of the NY music scene: singer Peppy Castro (formerly of The Blues Magoos, Wiggy Bits and Barnaby Bye), the classically trained keyboardist Doug Katsaros and guitarist Bob Kulick (who had already appeared as a guest musician on Kiss recordings and on the Paul Stanley solo album in 1978 as well as playing in Meat Loaf’s band), Balance soon inked a deal with Portrait Records who released the band’s first eponymous album in 1981. 
While the songwriting and production quality shone all over the record and the band were immediately on the same level as contemporary luminaries such as Toto, Survivor or Journey, the album for which Balance are still today highly regarded is the follow-up, “In For The Count”, released in 1982. The line-up was completed by former Speedway Blvd. member (the band that also featured the future Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess) Dennis Feldman on bass and Chuck Bürgi (ex-Brand X and later with Rainbow and Red Dawn) on drums. On “In For The Count” the band kicked in with heavier guitars and outstanding production skills, with a song writing talent that was not afraid to experiment while still keeping their strong melodic rock trademark intact.

In a perfect world that record should have catapulted Balance to the same level of popularity as Journey, Foreigner or Survivor, however fate and the label’s lack of support decreed the end of the band. As proof of the multi-talented artists involved in Balance, all members went on to brilliant careers in music in the following years. Kulick continued collaborating with the members of Kiss and Meat Loaf and went on to form SKULL and MURDERER'S ROW, before becoming a Grammy Award producer in L.A. Katsaros played, sang & arranged for Kiss, Rod Stewart, Cher, Bon Jovi, Sinéad O'Connor and Aerosmith among others and worked in several rockin' Broadway shows, including The Rocky Horror Show and Footloose. Peppy collaborated and sang on records by Diana Ross, Kiss, Laura Branigan and MICHAEL BOLTON before starting to work in the jingles business.

The three of them kept in touch and had the chance to work together on several projects, however they could never resume the Balance concept and complete their musical circle, so as soon as they got a proposal from Frontiers Records, and after the recent reissue of their classic “In For The Count” album on Rock Candy/Universal, they decided the time was right to start working again, in Doug Katsaros words, on ‘tunes mostly originally written for a third album, and shelved at the collapse of the record company’.

Completed with the help of Bret Chassen on drums (who also co-produced the album together with Bob Kulick), the resulting album, “Equilibrium”, is truly a labour of love: a record written and crafted with the highest respect for the fans and the same enthusiasm as the old days, bringing back the trademark sound and updating it to the production techniques and taste of the new millennium. “All the guitars, vocals, synths and mix sounds are based on the original two records”, explains Katsaros, “we took great care in making certain there was nothing that could not have been performed in the 1980s, even the sequences. Also, the songs are authentic to the time period, since most of them were written in the time period! And we always had astonishing background harmonies and Peppy and I worked hard to keep that up as well. And you can't beat using the original members to get an authentic sound! It was also great fun to recreate the whole blend of a tight intricate keyboard part as a counterpoint to Bobby's brilliance.” . 

BALANCE (Frontiers Records)

December 16 : GENE SIMMONS: 'I Know How To Make Things Happen'
A three-minute video report from Rhonda Nye of's "City Scene" on KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons' recent visit to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to unearth more talent that will be signed to his new record label can be viewed below. Nye talks to two bands that were handpicked to play for him — Red Deer's SOUL SIDE IN and Edmonton's TURN IT UP. 

Simmons is reportedly relaunching his dormant Canadian label, Simmons Records, in a joint venture with Magna car parts heiress Belinda Stronach and Universal Music Canada. Simmons told the Toronto Star: "I have a new business model that will get Canadian bands out on tour, onto television and into the world's mainstream. The idea is to have the bands we sign develop a strong Canadian identity first in Canada, then move them onto the world stage. For years, the only way Canadian acts could make it was to go to the States and more or less become an American band. In the new music marketing age, that doesn't have to happen." He added: "Canadian labels have been trying to do something like this for years. What's different this time is me. I know how to make things happen."

December 16 :DEE SNIDER, BRUCE KULICK, JOHN CORABI, BOBBY ROCK, RUDY SARZO: 'Monster Circus' Video Footage Available
From: /
Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER), Bruce Kulick (KISS), Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE, DIO) and Dave Kushner (VELVET REVOLVER) are among the musicians who took part in the first Monster Circus performance in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hilton on December 9. The band played a set of some of the greatest songs of all time with a "Las Vegas twist!"

Video footage available at
- We're Not Gonna Take It
- Dream On
- Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
- Paradise City (1)
- Paradise City (2, excerpt)
- Highway To Hell (excerpt)

Kulick last week issued the following recap of the event: "Well, the big day came and went fast, and it was simply amazing. No one really knew what to expect (including me) but the idea of having great players rocking on stage backed by a totally cool Vegas style experience was pulled off without a glitch at the Hilton in Las Vegas on December 9.
"'Monster Circus' was formed by Tony Montana (GREAT WHITE), Rudy Sarzo and John Corabi (ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE). These three asked Bobby Rock (SLAUGHTER, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION) to play drums and myself to join them on stage, with Dee Snider and Dave Kushner as the special guests to play nine classic hits along with a great show that included fire breathers, pyro, dancers and tight rope style performances in a totally Vegas over-the-top manner.
"The Hilton stage, home to Barry Manilow of late but most famous for Elvis Presley from his Vegas years, was simply put an amazing place to perform. Using Elvis's dressing room and getting a tour of some of the private rooms built for Elvis for his famous performances was quite a thrill. 
"The band rehearsed in L.A. for a week and then it was off to Vegas for a day and a half of rehearsal with the dancers etc. It was a miracle how quickly it all came together.
"Admission to the show was free for agents, fans and press alike, all were definitely impressed, and I was very proud of everyone involved. Dee Snider is a great performer, and I was very proud of John and the band for being tight and exciting. 
"The way 'Monster Circus' is set up, the band can have different members rotate in and out depending on the individual players' schedules, and I look forward to a chance to do the show again when possible. So let's hope it gets picked up in Vegas, as it is was a great night and I got to have some fun in a place where Elvis made history. 
"Keep your eyes out for more 'Monster Circus', and I would like to thank everyone involved again for making this a very rewarding experience. Thanks for the invite!"

December 7 : Bruce Kulick appears on another Christmas Album
From: Northern Light Orchestra
Northern Light Orchestra highlights majestic, orchestrated rock music featuring soaring vocals, incredible guitar solos worthy of true “Guitar Hero” status, and pounding rhythms sure to impress and invigorate the baby boomer generation that grew up on what is today classic rock! Combined with the talents of executive producer and longtime record mogul Russ Regan, (responsible for over 800 million record sales with such artists as Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Barry White as well as soundtracks such as Flashdance and Jesus Christ Superstar), NLO is slated to become a seasonal live performance and recording entity that provides the very best in entertainment! 

The brain child of re-mix keyboardist/writer Brian Stewart (Backstreet Boys, Robert Plant, Hall & Oates, Poe) and produced by industry veteran Ken Mary (House of Lords, Trik Turner, Alice Cooper, The Beach Boys), NLO is designed to create a total musical experience combining the powerful drama of Webber and Rice’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” with the emotionally moving musical styles of Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, and Kansas. Vocalists and musicians appearing on NLO have been responsible for the sale of over 200 million albums worldwide and include members and former members of household names such as The Beach Boys, Sly and the Family Stone, Alice Cooper, Survivor, Steely Dan, Firehouse, Megadeth, Sister Sledge, Quiet Riot, Vanilla Fudge, Winger, Bob Carlisle, Guns and Roses, Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss, House of Lords, and Whitesnake just to name a few. Live performances will highlight a spectacular light and video presentation, theatrical movements, as well as incredible musicianship all assembled to tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago. 

Northern Light Orchestra (album details)

December 6 : Bruce Kulick " BK3" Studio blog update
From: Bruce Kulick / (studioblog, Days 36 - 39)
These were all short days, so I am putting them all together for all of you. 
Days 36 and 37 were vocals days for me. "Life" is a great tune, that needs a special vocal vibe. You might have noticed I sang it back in March, but it was important to  readdress. 
It was sounding good but first really wanted to get another important songs done, called "I Will Survive". This one I nailed quickly compared to the other tune. I sang the bridge earlier in the year, so Jeremy and I were happy with the vibe. I was doubling and even tripling some parts for special sounds.

The next night we re-addressed "Life". After some heated discussions regarding what can we really expect for the song from my vocal approach, Jeremy put an acoustic guitar in my hand and said... play and sing!!! Well it worked. Of course I was just  making believe I was playing the guitar, as you don't want the guitar in the vocal mike, but my timing for the song came together much quicker so Jeremy and I achieved what we hoped for. Another song done. Phew! On both those nights Jeremy laid down some piano parts, and they really added a cool texture to the songs.

Next trip to the studio, I did vocals for a song called "And I Know". I originally had very sweet lyrics, and the tone of my disc is getting a bit heavy, so I put a bit of a twist on the words, and it was more bittersweet than the original concept. 
Jeremy was happy to hear me singing out, as the rehearsals for Monster Circus has me warming up. Because of my rehearsal schedule, I could only get in for BK 3 recordings in the evenings from 10 till midnight or 1PM. I really don't do well past that, as I wake up pretty early to start my day walking the dog etc. Well, I want to get this done, so I was there to get down to business. I sang the chorus's and bridge and we even did some lyric changes. We will do the verses another night, as we might tweak those lyrics a bit then. 
It is fun to be spontaneous with the words in the studio, and sometimes you even have to finish them in the studio. (Gene did that with us back in Sept.)

My next BK 3 session was with John Corabi. We had worked on this song back in the beginning of the year, and it is very UNION sounding. A great riff and very rock for sure. Only problem, John and are are rehearsing hard for MONSTER CIRCUS and we knew it would be a late start in the studio, and the verse lyrics were NOT finished! 
So we were brave and bold rolling in at 10PM and got the lyrics done in an hour. 
Then John was a real trooper going in and singing the song in a powerful manner.
FINALLY we have it done, as John moved to Nashville, it has been hard to coordinate everything for this important song. Name of the tune is "No Friend Of Mine".

I have some future plans for a special guest guitar hero, and info on that will be when it happens. More info with the next sessions.

PS - I know that when he is not completely happy with something, even one word, Corabi will let it drive him crazy. Well, he kept thinking about the lyrics for "No Friend Of Mine" and asked me if he could grab one more session so we can update that verse and play with the song again anyway. Fortunately the studio (Stagg Street Studio, in Van Nuys) was available for us, and I wasn't too tired to take a few pix of that session. He updated verse one, and then his voice was so strong we just went ahead and sang it all again. John sounded great, and it was a relaxing productive 2 hours of work on a great song. Thank you John!! The UNION fans, won't be disappointed for sure! I am done with my guest vocalists for now, but do have one more surprise that I will let you all know about later on this month.

Bruce Kulick - Studioblog

December 2 : first KISS album pianist interviewed by Rockpages.Gr
From: continues their year-long KISS special feature with an interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Bruce Foster, the pianist behind the excellent middle section of "Nothin’ To Lose" remembers that session in 1973! Here’s an excerpt: You played piano on the now KISS classic tune "Nothin' To Lose". What do you remember from the recordings of that song?

Bruce Foster: Adding piano to "Nothin' to Lose" was an after thought of Richie Wise, the producer. I had finished playing on some Gladys Knight tracks and other artists. Richie was then producing, so he had a chance to hear my range of playing styles, one of which was like classic Jerry Lee Lewis. That may have inspired him to combine that element with "Nothin’ To Lose". I performed that piece as an overdub several days after the initial recording date. I think it was a good call because it really moved the track to a place that everyone seemed to like! I got so carried away on getting the right approach on the barrel house glissandos that my fingers started to bleed. I recall GENE SIMMONS coming into the room & being impressed that there was blood on the piano keys. Whenever I saw him for years after that he would kiddingly inspect my hands to see if I ever figured out how to get the right effect without maiming myself!

Check the recently added interview by clicking the link below.
- Bruce Foster (pianist on KISS 1973 "Nothin' To Lose")

last update : 2008-12-31

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