MySpace Stream of the Month " SHAKE CITY " (Tommy Thayer)
From: Kiss Related Recordings
July 21st Eonian Records have released the Tommy Thayer related self titled debut of SHAKE CITY. The album originally was recorded between August 1990 and August 1991, and is produced by Erik Turner and Tommy Thayer, and features two songs co written by Tommy Thayer.
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September 30 : CHINCHILLA covers "Love Gun" for upcoming album
Udo Gerstenmeyer, singer for German metallers CHINCHILLA has issued the following update: "I thought it would be interesting for you, how far the work on our new CD, The Prophecy, has progressed. I have posted three new songs from our upcoming new CD. It's 'Love Gun' from KISS, 'Bloody Sacrifice', and our title song, 'The Prophecy'. These are only pre-productions, but I think they kick ass!!" 

Check out the above mentioned tracks, and find out more about Chinchilla, at the band's MySpace page

September 27 : Bruce Kulick reveals "BK3" tracklist and new site
To celebrate the impending release of BK3, has a new look! This redesign is an ongoing process, but hopefully you like what you see so far. So, enjoy the site's new look, listen to the songs from the BK3 EP on our home page music player, and get ready for the full-length BK3 album coming soon! The album's complete track listing is as follows:

1. Fate
2. Ain't Gonna Die (featuring Gene Simmons)
3. No Friend Of Mine (featuring John Corabi)
4. Hand of the King (featuring Nick Simmons)
5. I'll Survive
6. Dirty Girl (featuring Doug Fieger)
7. Final Mile
8. I'm The Animal (featuring Tobias Sammet & Eric Singer)
9. And I Know
10. Between The Lines (featuring Steve Lukather)
11. Life

B K 3 - album details

September 23 : Bruce Kulick demoes two new songs .... 
Gonna demo two new songs with Tomi from LORDI today. We will rock it for sure.

September 15 : Ace Frehley 'Anomaly' out now !
From: Kiss Related Recordings
Anomaly, the first Ace Frehley solo record in 20 years, is out today! 

Ace Frehley - album details

September 13 : New added interviews with KISS related people
From: continues their year-long KISS special feature with an interview of a KISS-related figure. New added interviews are :
- Lenita Erickson (Singer and one-time collaborator of Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick)
- Bobby Alessi (Paul Stanley collaborator and founding member of ALESSI)
- John Tropea (Guitarist on Peter Criss Solo Album in 1978)

September 11 : Anton Fig's Kiss related single now on iTunes
From: Kiss Related Recordings
Anton Fig this week posted the following on his Facebook page: "I've just released a new single on iTunes called "Know Where You Go". It features Sebastian Bach on vocals with Ace Frehley, Richie Scarlett and Chris Palmero. The single is taken from Anton Fig's 2002 "Figments" album.

ANTON FIG - Figments - album details

September 10 : KISS "Sonic Boom" short samples  available
For those who haven't heard them, check out the "Sonic Boom" discography page at

September 5  : Richie Scarlet works with Peter Criss on new album (?)
From: kissmaskwebzine
KISS Mask News Webzine conducted an interview with longtime Ace Frehley collaborator and musician Richie Scarlett. Among other topics, Scarlett revealed that he recently worked on new tracks with Peter Criss. An excerpt follows below: 

KM: What do you think of Kiss recording a new record? 
RS: If you wanna' go back to the original KISS - I was with Peter Criss almost two weeks ago. I just cut ten tracks on bass. Angel, his original bass player had all the guitars done. So, I came down, did bass on ten tracks for his new album which is going to be released in April 2010. It's a great rock and roll record. I can't tell you how much fun we had for three days. It's kind of ironic going from Ace to Peter - the two rebels of Kiss. They were the attitude of Kiss. 

KM: What are you doing at the moment? 
RS: I am currently on two projects. One is my own solo record which is titled, "My Own Worse Enemy," and features Mike Dettor, legendary drummer who has played with everyone and Marky Ramone, Anton Fig and Steve "Budgie" Werner rounding out the drums. I did all the basic guitar, vocals and wrote every song. It's do out early 2010.

Read to the full interview clicking here.


September 5 : Alice Cooper Interviews Ace Frehley
From: Kiss Related Recordings
On September 3rd Alice Cooper interviewed Ace Frehley on his radio show "Nights with Alice Cooper". Topics are their recent concert performance, Anomaly, touring, the state of rock and roll, Bob Ezrin and Les Paul.
Listen to the full interview clicking here.

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