NEWS UPDATE April 2011

April 26 :  a couple of rare KISS mash ups and remixes
From: Kiss Related Recordings (Thanx to Jiri Fialka)
At the moment there's less news on soon to expect KISS Related Releases, so in between I like to give you the opportunity to check and/or download some KISS mash ups and rare remixes which seems to show up more and more on the internet.

check these out by clicking the titles below :

- "Shout Hello !" (Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette vs. KISS "Shout It Out Loud" acapella mix)
- "I Was Made Just For Show" (Kiss vs. Atmosphere) (very cool reggae mix)
- "I Was Made Of Memories"  by The Bootleague (David Guetta vs. KISS - mash up)
- "I Was Made For Loving Florence"  by KrazyBen (KISS vs. Florence and the Machine -
                                                                       You've Got The Love - mix)
- "If I Was Made For Loving You"  by DanMei (KISS vs. Adam Lambert - If I Had You)

and my favorite one - one of the best mixes I have ever heard (KRR / Jelle Jansen)
- "I Was Made For Loving Virgins"  by Clivester (KISS mixed with Madonna's "Like A
                                      Virgin", La Roux's "Bulletproof" and Lady Gaga's  "Pokerface")

April : KRR's "KISS - Invasion" DVD giveaway contest
KISS - Invasion DVD 2011From: Kiss Related Recordings /
Thanks again to Wienerworld Ltd., KRR is able to giveaway a copy of their latest DVD release "KISS - Invasion".

To win a copy of "KISS - Invasion" all you have to do to enter is send an email to with your name and your answers on the following questions :

1) Which well known Brooklyn, New York born drummer missed
    out on replacing Peter Criss in 1980 to Eric Carr ... but ended
    up drumming with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, to name a few ...?
2) Which well known Vinnie Vincent song KISS demoed during
     the "Creatures Of The Night" sessions with Paul Stanley on
     lead vocals ... ?

The lucky winner will be chosen randomly on May 1.

KISS - Invasion (review by Jelle Jansen / Kiss Related Recordings)
The most interesting part of this DVD release is the uncut version of the Night Flight interview (taped January 1983), which runs about 55 min.
Before the interview with KISS (Vinnie, Paul, Gene and Eric) actually starts, the band jokes around a bit, waiting until the crew is finished ...
After about 5 minutes the interview actually starts; topics include "The early days, forming KISS", highlights and stories about their early live performances, The recording of "Creatures of The Night", Peter Criss decision to leave the band, Ace Frehley, Eric Carr's audition, the writing process with Vinnie Vincent, the auditions for a new guitar player after Ace Frehley left ...and so on.
Personally my favorite part of the interview is when the Gene Simmons is asked about his relationship with Diana Ross ... In some way Gene seems not sure how to respond ... and starts singing "It's My Life" (the song KISS demoed for "Creatures" and later appeared on Wendy O'Williams 1984 album ... Than Paul Stanley takes over, making clear with explaining the difference between the band KISS and the value of having a private life besides KISS ...

The second chapter is a Q&A session with Vinnie Vincent, taped by a private cam at the Atlanta (?) Kiss Expo, March 1996.
Topics during the 19 minute interview are the release of the Euphoria EP, The 1989 signing with Enigma Records for "Guitars From Hell", Vinnie's introduces his wife Diane, music influences, Flying V guitars, Meeting Gene Simmons for the first time ...(note : Vinnie suggests it was early 1981, but that probably was early 1982), the writing and recording process of the "Creatures Of Night" album... The Ankh make up design, working with KISS again in 1991 / 1992 for the "Revenge" album ...

The third and final chapter is edited version of the Night Flight interview (taped January 1983), and runs about 10 min.

KISS - Invasion DVD 2011

April 19 : LIVE 4 WIN - Paul Stanley Tribute - digital download
From: Kiss Related Recordings / / Fabio "Deuce" Mainardi
Italian Paul Stanley Tribute band LIVE 4 WIN recently released a 6 tribute EP, which is now available as digital download for only € 5,00 at

Tracking list :
01. Live to Win (A.Carlsson-D.Child-P.Stanley)
02. Hide Your Heart (D.Child-H.Knight-P.Stanley)
03. Bulletproof (A.Carlsson-H.”Slick” Sommerdahl-P.Stanley)
04. A Million To One (P.Stanley-V.Vincent)
05. Magic Touch (P.Stanley)
06. Tonight You Belong To Me (P.Stanley)

LIVE 4 WIN is a tribute to the legendary KISS front man Paul Stanley, formed by Giacomo Gigantelli (lead vocals, guitars), former Spitfire, Sunsetskool and
Juliet Kiss.
Band mates are other three great musicians, well-known faces in the music and Italian biz with the thousands of hours and miles on the shoulders of playing on stages and in the studio, Gionata Bellei (Coffee Overdrive,
Electric Circus) on lead guitar, Damiano Battaglia (Ecromad) on bass and Roberto Gambarelli (Electric Circus) on drums.
Beginnings of 2011 Roberto Arduini (keyboards) joins the band.

LIVE 4 WIN album details

April 3 : New KISS Album - Update!
Eric Singer said in a interview, that they'll go into the studio on april 4th and that the recording will take up to about 3 months.
Gene Simmons said earlier that they've wrote more than 20 songs and that Paul will produce the album...
Paul Stanley stated in a interview that the follow up to Sonic Boom can be expected in the fall, probably a release in October.

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