PUSHKING - The World As We Know It
The World As We Know It - Pushking Duets

Expected : February 1, 2011
Recorded : 2009
Produced by : Fabrizio Grossi  
Time : 79:59
(USA / Asian version : does not contain "Nature's Child")
Time : 78:59
(European version : does not contain "That's All That Love Can Do")

01 Intro (0:14) 
02 Night Rider (aka "Love Message") (3:36) Shustarev / Savilov
03 It'll Be O.K. (4:16) Shustarev / Savilov / Komissarov
04 Troubled Love (4:12) Shustarev / Komissarov
05 Stranger's Song (4:11) Shustarev / Savilov
06 Cut The Wire (aka "Darling") (4:18) Shustarev / Savilov
07 My Reflections * (4:17) Shustarev / Komissarov
08 God Made Us Free (3:49) Shustarev / Savilov
09 Why Don't You ? (4:57) Shustarev / Savilov
10 I Believe (3:57) Shustarev / Savilov
11 Tonight (5:59) Shustarev / Savilov
12 Private Own (4:19) Shustarev / Savilov
13 Open Letter to God (4:47) Shustarev / Savilov
14 Nature's Child (4:03) Shustarev / Komissarov
15 I Love You (4:44) Shustarev / Komissarov
16 Head Shooter (3:31) Shustarev / Chumakov
17 Heroin (4:56) Shustarev / Komissarov
18 My Simple Song (4:37) Shustarev / Savilov
19 Kukarracha (4:16) Shustarev / Komissarov
** That's All That Love Can Do (0:00)

 * full title of the song is "My Reflections after seeing The 'Schindler's List' Movie".

(0205686ERE) released 2011 by E.A.R. Music

Europe     : E.A.R. Music - compact disc - 0205686ERE
Europe     : E.A.R. Music - 2 LP - ......

Konstantin "Koha" Shustarev (lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar)
Andrey "Drunia" Kruglov (drums)
Dmitry "Mitya" Losev (guitar, acoustic guitar, slide)
Roman Nevelev (bass)
Oleg "Ivanich" Bondaletov (keyboards, Hohner Clavinet)

Additional musicians :
Eric Ragno (B3 Organ, piano)
Al Perkins (Dobro)
Alex De Eosso (guitar)
Tony Paoletta (steel)
Konstantin Koleshonok (sax)
Fabrizio Grossi (bass)
Anton Vishnyakov (trombone)
Iliya Sergeenko (trumpet)
Vladimir Molodstov (pipe)

Special guest musicians :
Paul Stanley (lead vocals on track 06, 19)
Billy Gibbons (lead vocals on track 02, 03; guitar on track 02)
Alice Cooper (lead vocals on track 04)
John Lawton (lead vocals on track 05)
Graham Bonnet (lead vocals on track 08, 19)
Glenn Hughes (lead vocals on track 09, 12, 19)
Jeff Scott Soto (lead vocals on track 10)
Eric Martin (lead vocals on track 13, 19)
Udo Dirkschneider (lead vocals on track 14)
Dan McCafferty (lead vocals on track 15, 18)
Joe Lynn Turner (lead vocals on track 16, 19)
Jorn Lande (lead vocals on track 17)

Nuno Bettencourt (guitar on track 03)
Keri Kelli (guitar on track 04)
Steve Stevens (guitar on track 05)
Stevie Salas (guitar on track 06)
Steve Vai (guitar on track 07)
Joe Bonamassa (guitar on track 11)
Matt Filippini (guitar on track 12)
Steve Lukather (guitar on track 19)

Konstantin Kokorin (bass on track 12)


Produced by Fabrizio Grossi
except "Troubled Love" co-produced by Keri Kelli.

Mixed by Fabrizio Grossi at Noize Factor, Santa Clarita, California.

Recorded at :
- Noize Factor, Santa Clarita, California
- Downtown Batterie, Nashville, Tennessee
- City Studios, Welwyn Garden City, UK
- Matt's, Beverly Hills, California
- Dobroliot Studios, Saint Petersburg, Russia
- DEE Production studio, Hannover, Germany
- Groove Gallery, Burbank, California
- ... and some personal home studios ...

Sound Engineer : Andrey Deykov.
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering Studios, Hollywood, California.

Extra NOTES  :
Paul Stanley's vocals for the songs "Cut the Wire", also known as "Darling" (CD 2003 "Darling" music by Koha, lyrics by Oleg Savilov) and "Kukarracha" (CD 1996 "V.I.P. music by Koha, lyrics by Koha/Valery Komissarov) are recorded in a L.A. studio on February 18, 2009.
Gabe Reed, an entertainment attorney who represents PUSHKING and who organized Stanley's involvement in the project, stated of the session, "Paul sounded amazing and we are very appreciative that he took the time to contribute to the project."

January 2, 2010 : Paul Stanley related album update :
Russian Rockers PUSHKING Preparing To Release All-Star Album

From: www.pushking.eu / Blabbermouth.net
Russian rockers PUSHKING are putting the finishing touches on the on their new all-star album entitled "The World As We Love It" (formerly known as "Pushking - Duets"). 
The CD was produced by Fabrizio Grossi and is being mastered at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles by Tom Baker, who has previously worked with ALICE COOPER, JUDAS PRIEST, B.B. KING, RAY CHARLES, CHER, CRAZY TOWN, MARILYN MANSON, MÖTLEY CRÜE and VELVET REVOLVER, among others. 

One of Russia's most popular metal/rock bands, PUSHKING has released over 15 albums. The group's new CD, "The World As We Love It", will contain 19 songs covering PUSHKING's entire discography since 1996 and featuring contributions from some of "the greatest vocalists and musicians" from the world rock scene.

"The World As We Love It" will include the following tracks: 

* Night Rider (vocals, guitar: Billy Gibbons) 
* It'll Be O.K. (vocals: Billy Gibbons, guitar: Nuno Bettencourt) 
* Blessing Traveller (vocals: John Lawton, guitar: Steve Stevens) 
* Cut The Wire (vocals: Paul Stanley, guitar: Stevie Salas) 
* God Made Us Free (vocals: Graham Bonnet, guitar: Dobro Al Perkens) 
* Head Shooter (vocals: Joe Lynn Turner) 
* Heroin (vocals: Jorn Lande) 
* I Believe (vocals: Jeff Scott Soto) 
* I Love You (vocals: Dan McCafferty) 
* My Reflection After Seeing The Schindler's List Movie (vocals: Koha, guitar: Steve Vai) 
* My Simple Song (vocals: Dan McCafferty) 
* Nature's Child (vocals: Udo Dirkschneider) 
* Open Letter To God (vocals: Eric Martin) 
* Private Own (vocals: Glenn Hughes, guitar: Matt Filippini) 
* Tonight (vocals: Glenn Hughes, guitar: Joe Bonamassa) 
* Trouble Love (vocals: Alice Cooper, guitar: Keri Kelli) 
* Why Don't You (vocals: Glenn Hughes, guitar: Dobro Al Perkens) 
* Kukarracha (vocals: Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Eric Martin, Paul Stanley, Glenn Hughes; guitar: Steve Lukather) 
* That's All That Love Can Do (bonus track)

The album's producer, Fabrizio Grossi, stated about the project, "I was intrigued by the level of their musicianship and the very open approach they have to their music. Their music includes all the great ingredients of my favorite '70s bands, with QUEEN, ZEPPELIN and PURPLE on top of it."

"The World As We Love It" is expected to be released February 1, 2011.

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