May 22 : Orrin Bolton CD contains a Bruce Kulick penned 1987 song
From: Kiss Related Recordings
Thanx to a KRR visitor with the nickname 'Thayerman', KRR is able to add a Bruce Kulick related release I didn't know about.
In 2000 Orrin Bolton (yep, brother of Michael Bolton) released his album 'Freedom', which contains the song "Call Me When You're Ready", written by Michael Bolton and Bruce Kulick (© 1987, Is Hot Music / Robert Bruce Publishing Ltd. (BMI).


May 19 : Video Of Bumblefoot Jamming KISS Only At
From: has released one more video of a secret gig with GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal from this past April at a private location in New York City.
In addition to the previously issued clips, check out 'Bumblefoot' jamming the KISS songs 'Rocket Ride' and 'Love Gun'
clicking here.

May 16 : MICHAEL SCHENKER - feat. Eric Singer - CD reissue
Store for Music will be releasing a new Michael Schenker cover album entitled
"By Invitation Only" on June 3th. We all know "
Heavy Hitters", a 2005 cover album featuring Michael Schenker and a revolving all-star cast of guest musicians.
In 2008, it was re-released as Michael Schenker solo album under the title "
Doctor, Doctor : The Kulick Sessions". and included 4 additional tracks 'Save Yourself', 'Finding My Way', 'Doctor Doctor' (instrumental) and 'War Pigs'.

This latest re-release entitled "
By Invitation Only" contains all the previous cover tracks supplemented with the Iron Maiden cover 'Run To The Hills' with Robin McAuley.
This is a track originally taken from the Iron Maiden Tribute "
Numbers From The Beast - An All Star Tribute To Iron Maiden".

Just like the previous versions "
By Invitation Only" contains a cover version of  Jimi Hendrix "I Don't Live Today" by Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row), Eric Singer (Kiss), and Tony Franklin (ex-The Firm, Blue Murder) with Michael Schenker.

Michael Schenker - By Invitation Only

May 14 : PRIMEVIL (ex- Venom) covers KISS "God Of "Thunder
From: /
PRIMEVIL — the new band featuring former VENOM members Jeff "Mantas" Dunn (guitar), Antony "Antton" Lant (drums; brother of VENOM frontman Conrad "Cronos" Lant) and Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan (bass, vocals) — has inked a deal with Scarlet Records. The group's debut mini-album, "The Creatures Of The Black", will be released this summer. The CD will feature cover versions of four songs that influenced the members of PRIMEVIL ("Exciter" by JUDAS PRIEST, "God Of Thunder" by KISS, "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" by AC/DC and "Motörhead" by MOTÖRHEAD) plus two brand new original tracks, "The Creatures Of The Black" and "Reptile". A full-length effort will follow sometime in September/October, with a full tour planned for 2012.

PRIMEVIL - official site

May 7 : KISS - Interviews DVD - KRR review
KISS - Interviews DVD 2011From: Kiss Related Recordings
It seems that UK label Wienerworld Ltd. is starting to be one of the main companies these days when it comes to releasing KISS rare interview DVD's. Another DVD entitled "KISS - Interviews" is planned for a May 23 release.
"KISS - Interviews" contains rare and exclusive uncut interviews, plus footage of former band members and also of crew members from the road.

KISS - Interviews (review by Jelle Jansen / KRR)
The first chapter runs about 15 min and contains footage of “the shooting of The Crazy Crazy Nights” promo video, shot on August 8, 1987 at Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. After a short segment of the fans standing in row outside the arena just before the shooting, you'll get to see bout 2 minutes of rare performing footage taped during the shoot. Because of the music rights the backing music heard during this footage has nothing to do with KISS … (I know there circulates a 30 minute video of the shooting in the trading circuit);
This chapter also contains an uncut 8 min. interview with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons taped during the same day . Topics include the ‘upcoming album’, Ron Nevison, planning a tour, the fans.
The 2nd part of the first chapter is a 4 min. interview with Gene Simmons (with his hair in a ponytail) from ca. 1986, which topics incl. Wicked Lester, the first KISS show, shooting of the HBO episode of “The Hitchhiker - OD Feelin'”, Tom Selleck (“Runaway”) … acting vs. his music career…

The second chapter runs about 8 min. and probably is the highlight of this DVD release. Private video footage taped during June and July 1990 on the "Hot In The Shade" tour, which contains rare soundcheck and backstage footage (with a very funny Eric Carr), Bruce Kulick and Gary Gorbett (on a piano) jamming on a blues track backstage (very cool !!), Eric Carr and his girlfriend, while Bruce is peeing (funny!), closing with backstage footage where Gene hangs out with Dana Strum, … and even Eric Singer …

Chapter 3 is an uncut video shoot with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to raise money for The T.J. Martell Foundation, taped ca. 1990 and runs about 4 min.

Chapter 4 is a five and half minute long Paul Stanley interview prior to the “Asylum Tour” 1985. Topics incl. the TV stations not playing the video for “Who Wants To Be Lonely”, “probably the next video will be for “Uh ! All Nite” … ; Paul Stanley in the movies ….; The upcoming tour, and the PMRC.

The final chapter is a 5 minute interview wherein KISS (Ace, Paul, Gene and Peter) announce “The Farewell Tour” taped February 2000, simply because the band “Wanna Go Out On Top! .....

Overall, the total length (37 minutes) of this DVD is maybe a little short. On the other hand you get to see some rare private camera footage from the "Hot In The Shade" tour you probably haven't seen before. The picture quality is okay, especially when you compare these with 80’and 90’s interview video-DVD’s circulating in the trading circuit …
Besides that, it's always interesting to see and hear how the members of KISS handles their answers and quotes years ago, while time learns that over the years the situation is always changing ... (mostly in favor of the fans....)

click here to purchase "KISS - Interviews" from Wienerworld Ltd.

KISS - Interviews DVD 2011

May 1 : KRR's "KISS - Invasion" DVD contest winner
KISS - Invasion DVD 2011From: Kiss Related Recordings /
The winner of last months KRR "KISS MEETS THE PRESS" contest is John Padley. Congratulations, the disc is on your way ...

Below are the right answers on the questions :

1) Which well known Brooklyn, New York born drummer missed
    out on replacing Peter Criss in 1980 to Eric Carr ... but ended
    up drumming with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, to name a few ...?
answer ** Bobby Rondinelli **
2) Which well known Vinnie Vincent song KISS demoed during
     the "Creatures Of The Night" sessions with Paul Stanley on
     lead vocals ... ?
answer ** Back On The Streets **

Have to say that I was a little worried if the questions were not a little to difficult ... Especially the first one, but I'm impressed how many good answers I received with this contest ... (Jelle Jansen)

KISS - Invasion DVD 2011

last update : 2011-05-31

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