NEWS UPDATE February 2012

February 22 :  KISS new 'Monster' album mixing & mastering done !
Tommy Thayer recently tweeted: "Listening to final mixes with the guys.”

Although no official statement from the band has been posted yet, June should be the month for releasing the 20th KISS studio album, produced by Paul Stanley and recorded at the Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood LA.

Monster known facts so far:

Released date : June 2012 (TBC)
Tracks : 14 (2 possibly for bonus releases)

song titles :
- Hell or Hallelujah (source G.Simmons/Paul Stanley)
- Born To Be a Sinner (source Paul Stanley)
- Are You Ready (source Gene Simmons)
- Out Of this World (written by Tommy Thayer, source G.Simmons/Paul Stanley)
- Wall Of Sound (source G.Simmons)
- It's a Long Way Down (source Paul Stanley)
- Back To The Stone Age (source Paul Stanley)
- Shout Mercy (source Paul Stanley)

Producer : Paul Stanley
Engineer : Greg Collins
Recording Studio : Conway recording studios, Hollywood, CA.
Mixing Studio : The Nook, Hollywood, CA.

Cover Art & Design: Similar to "Destroyer" painted by another artist (source P.Stanley)

Deuce News - KISS Monster updates

February 19 :  KISS Tribute 'Music From The FAQ V' Coming Soon
From: Kiss Related Recordings / Ypke Dijksta /
At the moment 'Music From The FAQ' is working on their 5th online Kiss Tribute.

In 2008 some members of the KISSfaq forum, who were also musicians themselves, conceptualized an idea for a KISS Faq tribute CD and posted a thread to gauge forum interest. The response was overwhelmingly positive and began receiving many submissions.

With participants having retreated to their respective home studios to polish their tracks, the first compilation was completed and assembled on May 5th 2008.

Music From The Faq (released May, 2008) contains 23 tracks of creative and unique self-produced KISS covers spanning all different eras of the band. While the songs were not produced with the benefit of a big-budget recording studio, the creativity, quality of the material and unique performances shine nonetheless.
A second compilation
Music From The Faq II was put online August 2008 and contains 19 tracks. Music From The Faq III followed February 2009.
The last tribute compilation
Music From The Faq IV is dated from September 2009.

Visit to download the previous 4 KISS tribute compilations.

February 14 :  KISS on Paul McCartney Tribute Album (update)
While Paul McCartney pays tribute to the classic era in his cover album “Kisses on the Bottom“, a number of stars including The Cure, KISS and Alice Cooper will, in return, salute him in an upcoming tribute album. They will cover songs from Mecca’s catalog including the records with The Beatles and Wings or during his solo career.
The album will additionally feature Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Steve Miller, Jeff Lynne, Heart, Wanda Jackson, Ronnie Spector and Corinne Bailey Rae.
The CD is being curated by producer Ralph Sall.

Sall met McCartney while working on Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks‘ movie “The In-Laws” which has several McCartney songs as soundtracks. “It grew out of that experience,” he said. “A good idea goes a long way, but it was important that it be blessed by Paul.”

Sall has been working on the album for two and a half years, but has yet to partner with a label or distributor for the release. Beside working in the studio, he also plans a TV special using footage of the studio sessions and interview with the participating artists.

“It will be a good venue to show appreciation of his catalog,” the music supervisor gushed. “You can tell by the variety of participants that Paul’s music is truly timeless. Whether you’re 8 or 80, everyone loves Paul McCartney.”

February 14 :  JOHN CORABI interviewed on 'From Out Of Nowhere'
From: fromoutofnowheremedia /
The "From Out Of Nowhere" podcast (web site) recently conducted an interview with John Corabi, former lead singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE SCREAM and UNION.

John Corabi originally joined CRÜE in 1992 as the replacement for the group's original singer, Vince Neil, who was fired due to personal differences. With Corabi on vocals, MÖTLEY CRÜE released one critically acclaimed full-length CD, which ended up being a commercial failure in the wake of grunge despite a Top-Ten placing on the album chart. When Neil returned to the fold in 1997, Corabi was left on his own and formed the band UNION with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick.

John Corabi recently completed work on an acoustic album which he says will include "old songs, new songs and just a sample of things to come." Tentatively due in the spring, the set will contain two versions of the MÖTLEY CRÜE's song "Hooligan's Holiday" — a stripped-back acoustic version and a more elaborate but still acoustic-based band arrangement — as well as a version of the CRÜE's "Loveshine" and even a song by Corabi's first band, ANGORA, which was originally produced by Steve Vai.

In the Podcast FOON talks with John about growing up in Philly, his upcoming acoustic album and more. Plus as an added bonus, the posdcast got an exclusive live John Corabi track that you won’t hear anywhere but on this podcast!

Head over to 'From Out Of Nowhere' Podcast (Audio) clicking here.

Podcast - John Corabi interview

February 9:  "Carnival Of Souls" producer Toby Wright interview
From: Sakis Nikas /
“Carnival of Souls” was an album that divided the KISS fans and caused major controversy in all the forums and the fanzine columns around that time.
The person behind the console was Toby Wright, a producer responsible also for albums by such artists as Alice in Chains, Korn, Sevendust and many others.
“Carnival of Souls” was an album that divided the KISS fans and caused major
I am sure that all the die-hard KISS fans had noticed his name...10 years before “Carnival of Souls”.  Sakis Nikas talked exclusively with Toby Wright via Skype...

Read the interview clicking here.

February 8 : 
The Gene Simmons/Van Halen Connection Alive And Well In 2012

VAN HALEN - A Different Kind Of TruthFrom:
Yesterday Van Halen released their first new studio album with original frontman David Lee Roth in nearly 30 years, "A Different Kind Of Truth." It turns out this isn't your typical comeback album. In addition to penning new songs, Van Halen dug deep into their vaults to unearth songs that were originally featured on the 1976 Van Halen demo tape produced and financed by Gene Simmons.

Specifically, there are four songs on the new Van Halen album with ties to the excellent Simmons-produced recording:

"She's The Woman"
This is the only song of the four recordings to keep its 1976 demo title. The new version is very close to the original, but contains a new middle section as the demo's middle section was recycled for "Mean Street," the opening track on Van Halen's 1981 album, "Fair Warning."

"Outta Space"
Originally titled "Let's Get Rockin,'" the new version retains many elements of the 1976 demo. However, the Facebook reference in the new lyrics is not one of them.

"Big River"
This song is a re-working of "Big Trouble," a favorite demo of many Van Halen diehards. Coincidentally, "Big Trouble" was the title of a song on David Lee Roth's first solo album, 1986's "Eat 'Em And Smile."

"Beats Workin'"
The energetic final track on Van Halen's new album is a revamped version of the original demo "Put Out The Lights."

While the man who "discovered Van Halen" has yet to officially comment on the new Van Halen album, it's a safe bet he'd be all for recycling old demo recordings.
Now if someone would only unearth those Simmons/Van Halen 1977 demo recordings of "Christine Sixteen," "Tunnel Of Love" and "Have Love Will Travel" ...

VAN HALEN 1976 demo

February 7 :  ACE FREHLEY “Anomaly” 2LP Silver Vinyl reissue
ACE FREHLEY - Anomaly  2LP Silver VinylFrom:
Brookvale Records, in partnership with Rocket Science, is proud to announce our next release. We will be releasing the ACE FREHLEY “Anomaly” album on vinyl LP. The vinyl release will be a double album set in special gatefold packaging. The vinyl will be SILVER in color.
We are only making 1000 copies and we will be hand numbering each record. This release will sell out very quickly. Street date for the release is April 10th 2012. You can pre order the record now! If you pre order now we will ship your order on April 9th 2012. The album will also be available at select retailers starting April 10th.

click here to order your copy of ACE FREHLEY “Anomaly” 2LP Silver Vinyl

ACE FREHLEY - Anomaly - album details

February 2:  KISS Deluxe Edition Of 'Destroyer' Pushed Back To April
The release date of the deluxe 25th-anniversary edition of KISS' classic fourth album, "Destroyer", has been pushed back to April 17. The two-disc set will feature remixes of the original LP by producer Bob Ezrin, outtakes from the 1976 album sessions as well as the LP's original cover art.
Ken Kelly's original version of the album cover for "Destroyer" was rejected by the record company because they felt the scene was too violent-looking. Also, the original version had the members of KISS wearing the "Alive" costumes.
Released in March 1976, "Destroyer" was the second consecutive KISS album to reach the Top 20 in the U.S. The LP was certified gold by the RIAA on April 22, 1976. It was certified platinum on November 11, 1976, the first KISS album to achieve that distinction.

KISS and Related items for sale @ update
From: / Kiss Related Recordings
Recently added titles on KRR's selling site include :

KISS - Psycho-Circus Digital Action Motion Card - rare - USA 1999
KISS - Destruction Textile Poster
music cassette : Kiss - Germany (Casablanca / Phonogram 1974)
music cassette : Hotter Than Hell - Germany (Casablanca / Phonogram 1974)
music cassette : Destroyer - USA (Casablanca / Polygram 1976)
music cassette : Love Gun - USA (Casablanca / Polygram 1977)
music cassette : Gene Simmons - Holland (Casablanca / Phonogram 1978)
music cassette : Ace Frehley - USA (Casablanca / Polygram 1978)
music cassette : Dynasty - France (Casablanca / Vogue 1979)
music cassette : Dynasty - Asia (AUaudio)
music cassette : The Elder - Holland (Casablanca / Polygram 1981)
music cassette : Killers - Holland (Casablanca / Polygram 1982)
music cassette : Creatures Of The Night - Holland (Casablanca / Polygram 1982)
music cassette : Asylum - Holland (Polygram / Mercury 1985)
music cassette : MTV Unplugged - USA (Polygram / Mercury 1996)
music cassette : Greatest KISS - USA (Polygram / Mercury 1997)
music cassette : Carnival Of Souls - USA (Polygram / Mercury 1997)
8-track tape : Alive II (Volume 1 and 2) - USA 1977 (Casablanca NBL8-7076)
8-track tape : Gene Simmons - USA 1978 (Casablanca NBL-87120)
8-track tape : Peter Criss - USA 1978 (Casablanca NBL8-7122)
8-track tape : Dynasty - USA 1979 (Casablanca NBL-87152)
rare vinyl 2LP : KISS - Unmasked - GEMA Records (Canada, Ottawa, January 15, 1983
rare vinyl LP   : KISS - More Metallic Mayhem (Sweden, Gothenburg, October 27, 1984)
LP : PETER CRISS : Out Of Control - Germany 1980 (Casablanca/Phonogram 6302-065)
LP : PETER CRISS : Let Me Rock You - Holland 1982 (Casablanca/Phonogram 6302-194)
Picture disc LP + poster : CRISS : Cat # 1 - 1995 (Tony Nicole Tony Records/ Megarock)
CD : GENE SIMMONS : Speaking In Tongues (Sanctuary / Simmons Records - USA - 2004)
CD : KISS : Unholy - 5 track promo CDs - Polygram / Mercury, USA - CDP 666
VHS : KISS - USA, Houston, The Summit - Sept. 1, 1977 - Special Fanclub Edition - PAL
VHS : KISS - Animalize Live Uncensored - Embassy / Polygram / Channel 5 edition - UK
VHS : KISS - Crazy Nights video EP 1988 - Polygram Music Video / Channel 5 edition - UK
VHS : KISS - Kissaholic Killers (interviews) - Picture Profiles - Profile 02 - UK - VHS PAL
VHS : KISS - Rock 'n Roll Through The Nite (interviews) - Picture Profiles - Profile 09 - UK
SEAN DELANEY Related : GRACE SLICK - Dreams - Holland RCA Records - NL - PL13544

plus some E180 / E240 KISS and related concert video cassettes ......

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