NEWS UPDATE : September - December 2016

October 27 : ERNEST HUMMINGBIRD app featuring TOMMY THAYER
From : Ernest Hummingbird (facebook)
We are so excited for our world premiere of Ernest Hummingbird on November 14th along with our partner, Tommy Thayer, the lead guitar player from KISS. The premiere includes a storybook app with music by Tommy Thayer and narrated by country music star Darius Rucker. More exciting details about this event to come !!

Full details at

October 14 : Sky Of Forever's album released today, ft. Bruce Kulick
From :
Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick appears on
SKY OF FOREVER’s debut album.
Bruce’s exquisite guitar playing can be heard on the album opener, ”Carry On”.

SKY OF FOREVER is a Helsinki-based melodic hard rock group, featuring musicians from Stratovarius and Tracedawn. Their music is influenced by 1980`s hard rock, melodic metal and the masters of film music – the orchestrations are made by Risto Kupiainen, the conductor of Helsinki City Theatre. The group is led by singer and songwriter Lauri Hannola. Their self-titled debut album is released worldwide via Mighty Music today.

“Carry On” is an uplifting and soulful tune with some 1980’s feeling to it. Sky Of Forever is able to paint the most beautiful melodies after opening the song with a speedball guitar riff. Legendary KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick makes a guest appearance on the song by playing fiery guitar solos. “We wanted to get to the heart of the song, when thinking about the possible guest artist. We were rotating some names of the best rock guitarists and finally decided to contact Bruce’s management. Bruce liked the song and decided to jump in.” “Bruce recorded his solo parts in Los Angeles with the same guitar gear he used back in the KISS days.” “It’s truly an honor to have Mr. Bruce Kulick on Carry On.”, says singer/songwriter Lauri Hannola.


Tracklist :

1. Carry On (featuring Bruce Kulick)
2. One Of These Days
3. Wild Heart
4. Tomorrow
5. Vagabond
6. Summer Rain
7. Divine
8. Sky Of Forever
9. Under Everlasting Sun

SKY OF FOREVER album details

October 4 : Bruce Kulick recording solos for SISTERS DOLL
From : Bruce Kulick (twitter)

SISTERS DOLL website :

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