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June 18 : JESSE DAMON upcoming "Anthology" album will feature Gene Jesse Damon - Anthology (2023)Simmons co written song(s)
From : Steve Brownlee
Jesse Damon, lead vocalist and guitarist of SILENT RAGE, announces his upcoming release “Anthology.” The album is a download-only best of collection that will also feature a few previously unreleased studio tracks. The release will be available online by mid-August 2023. It will be available on Jesse Damon's website as well as through all of the top download providers. The collection will feature two to three tracks from each of Jesse's 7 solo albums, including “Everybody Loves Somebody,” the rocking anthem co-written by Gene Simmons of Kiss. The final track listing is being finalized and will be announced soon.

Jesse first made his mark in the band
SILENT RAGE. The band was first signed to Chameleon/Capita lRecords in 1987 by industry veteran Steve Brownlee. The Paul Sabu produced album “Shattered Hearts” was the label's best selling "out-of-the-box" album to date. With the success of the independent label release, a copy of the album landed in the hands of none other than Gene Simmons of KISS. He loved the band and in 1989 he signed them to his RCA distributed label, Simmons Records.

The release of their sophomore effort, “Don't Touch Me There”, achieved critical acclaim and rave reviews. It landed at # 1 on Kerrang Magazine’s best seller’s list, followed by a multi-page article. The album also hit the top spot on many other European hard rock and metal album charts and reader's polls.

Silent Rage has since released two more studio albums, the Keith Olsen produced “Still Alive” and “
Four Letter Word,” produced by Gilby Clark and featuring guest appearances by Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) and Bruce Kulick (Kiss). A brand new extensive Silent Rage biography, discography and history page has recently been added to Jesse's website, complete with many unreleased photos of the band with Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bruce Kulick and others.

Jesse Damon is also announcing that he will be working again with Steve Brownlee, who first signed Silent Rage to Chameleon Records and was the executive producer for Jesse's debut solo album. Steve has since also become an album cover artist and has done the artwork for “Anthology,” as well as Jesse's previous three solo albums. He will also be acting as Jesse's booking agent for future West Coast appearances and national festivals.

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last update : 2023-06-30

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