NEWS UPDATE : February 2024

February 18 : ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business : Record Store Day
                         The Deluxe Edition vinyl 2LP  / CD reissues

From : Kiss Related Recordings
On Record Store Day April 20, 2024, Culture Factory will reissue Eric Carr's 2011 album "
Unfinished Business" as a Deluxe vinyl 2LP boxset Edition (limited to 5.000 copies) and also on CD (limited to 1.500 copies).
Both versions includes five never-before-released bonus demo tracks.

ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business 2LP reissue 2024Tracklist :

01. Eric Speaks to the Fans
02. Just Can't Wait
03. Troubles Inside You
04. No One's Messin' With You
05. Eric Talks About His Music
06. Carr Jam 1981
07. Eric Talks About His Audition
08. Shandi
09. All Hell's Breakin' Loose
10. Dial L For Love
11. Elephant Man
ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business CD reissue 202412. Eric Talks About Mark St. John
13. Midnite Stranger
14. Eyes of Love
15. Bill Aucoin Talks About Eric
16. Through the Years (Live)
17. I Cry At Night
18. Eric Joking At Rehearsals
Bonus Tracks
19. I Found You (The One I Adore) - The CELLARMEN 1968
20. Down By The River (Salt and Pepper 1973 ?)
21. Get Down (Studio Version) (Creation 1975 ?)
22. Black Magic Woman (Salt and Pepper 1973 ?)
23. Listen To The Music

Unfinished Business - Record Store Day The Deluxe Editon 2LP vinyl Boxset 2LP / CD reissue

last update : 2024-02-28

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ERIC CARR - Unfinished Business 2LP reissue 2024

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