24 K  Japan Import
24 K

Released : January 24th, 2000
Produced by : Mladen
Time : 49:45

01 Black Sheep (3:08) Mladen/Naro
02 Standing In The Middle  (4:28) Mladen/Naro
03 Meeting This Way (4:52) Mladen/Naro
04 After The Show (4:10) Mladen/Naro
05 Gypsy In Me (5:11) Mladen/Naro
06 Broken Promises (3:51) Mladen/Naro
07 Surrender (In the Name of Love) (4:46) Mladen/Criss/Naro
08 Call Out My Name (4:17) Mladen/Naro
09 Masquerade (5:19) Mladen/Naro
10 Now's The Time (5:48) Mladen/Naro
11 Green Motivator * (3:55) Mladen/Naro
11 Stone Heart ** (0:00) Mladen/Naro

* Bonus track on European release
** Bonus track on Japanese release

(ZR1997022) original release 2000 by Z-Records

Europe : Z Records  - compact disc - ZR1997022
Japan  : Marquee/ Victor Entertainment - compact disc - MICP-10163

24 K is : 
Phil Naro (lead and background vocals)
Mladen (guitars, keyboards, Harp) 

additional guest musicians :
Roger Banks (drums)
Billy Sheenan (bass on "Black Sheep")
Stan Miczek (bass)
Chris Sevdalis (keyboards)
Omar Davis (keyboards)
Slav Simonic (guitars)

Produced by Mladen. 
Engineered and mixed by Steve Major at No.9 Audio Group, Toronto, Canada.
Mastered at Soundhouse, Liverpool, England.

Album includes one song co-written by Peter Criss titled "Surrender (In the Name Of Love)". The song also appeared on the Z-Records promo-sampler "The Sacred Room", released December 1999.

In 1991 Phil Naro was the lead singer of CRISS. 
Together they recorded a Five Track demo which includes the following songs; 
01. Bad People Burn In Hell 
02. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn
03. No, I'm Not Afraid 
04. Bad Reputation 
05. Wait For The Minute To R & R 

In 1999 Phil Naro, Stan Miczek and Roger Banks worked with Mark St.John to record the Mark St.John EP, which was released summer 1999 on Loch Ness Monster Records.

extra NOTES  (by Julian Gill) :
"Surrender (In the Name Of Love)"
Another of the early Peter Criss and Phil Naro collaborations during the first line-up of CRISS. This song would be copy written with a second group of Criss/Naro collaborations in May 1991. A power ballad, this sort of material is something completely alien to the type of material one would expect from Peter. Complex, with plenty of time changes, the demo would be sung by Phil and has a plaintive chorus: "No, I'm not afraid, to turn and walk away / I won't let you kill what's inside of me / No, I'm not afraid, you can't make me stay." Phil would recycle the song as "Surrender (In The Name Of Love)," which forms part of the lyrics at the beginning of the song. This would be released on the European version of 24K's "Pure" album in 2000.

According to Phil, "The song was only an idea back in the Peter Criss days and I decided to actually finish the song with Mladen. There is a whole 7-song recording with Peter that him and I did" (melodic.net). Mladen was a guitarist, notable for his work with Von Groove and Triumph, working with Phil on a variety of projects, and his input on Phil's recording of "Surrender (In The Name Of Love)" would get him a co-writing credit on the 24K recording. Phil has also recorded the song with Mark St. John for Mark's 1999 EP. Criss' original demo of the piece runs 4:57. This song would be performed live by the Criss band with vocalist Philip Bardowell, who had replaced Phil Naro. 

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