MARCEESE : Hotter Than Hell (2018)  
Hotter Than Hell

Released : December 21, 2018
Produced by : Marceese Trabus
Time : 40:

01 Got To Choose (02:56) Stanley
02 Parasite (03:28) Frehley
03 Goin' Blind (03:50) Simmons/ Coronel
04 Hotter Than Hell (03:57) Stanley
05  Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll (02:40) Simmons /Stanley
06 All The Way (03:34) Simmons
07 Watchin' You (03:51) Simmons
08 Mainline (10:11) Stanley
09 Comin' Home (02:51) Stanley / Frehley
10 Strange Ways (02:55) Frehley

released 2018 by Timezone Records, Germany.

Germany : Timezone Records - compact disc and digital download - TZ1714


Marceese : vocals, guitars, bass guitar, percussion and drum programming.

Produced by Marceese Trabus.
Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Marceese Trabus October 2018 at Zico Recordings Berlin Kreuzberg

Extra NOTES / album Review (by Jelle Jansen)
From : Kiss Related Recordings
After "
Baby Driver" (2013), "Have Love, Will Travel" (2015), "Black Diamond" (2016) and and 2017's "Torpedo Girl", this the 5th KISS Tribute by Berlin folk artist Marceese.
While his previous tribute albums are compilations of various cover versions from the KISS 1974 up to 1980 "Unmasked" album, including the solo albums, this time Marceese decided to re-record the full "Hotter Than Hell" album with new arrangements.
Like I wrote before, I donít have any musical ability with folk music, but compared to Marceese' first two albums (with the Southern whiskey summer night campfire feeling), it seems this 2018 recording has a darker vibe. Still most of the songs are folk, but this time, the album sounds more 60's - early 70's folk with distorted guitars.
Sure, Marceese's folk can be heard in the new arrangements of "Got To Choose", "Hotter Than Hell" (with a cool instrumental part from halfway the song), "Strange Ways" and the Jazzy "All The Way".
"Parasite" 's new arrangement features a drum machine, together with the rhythm guitar makes it sounds funky, while "Goin' Blind" is turned into a dramatic ballad.
The 10 minute long vocal / distorted guitar version of "Mainline" reminds me to the early days of Pink Floyd. "Comin' Home" is turned into acoustic sort Stray Cats Rock 'n Roll song, but really misses Brian Setzer's voice ...
The album's highlights are the dark mid-tempo country version of "Watchin' You", together with the White Stripes (without drums !) sounding  "Let me Go Rock 'n' Roll".

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